Pitts Library Policies

Pitts Theology Library Building and Resources Use Policy

The Pitts Theology Library is part of the Candler School of Theology and a professional library of Emory University. Its primary focus is to support the teaching, research, and service missions of the School of Theology and the University. Therefore, the Library is open equally to all members of the Emory community, and we encourage all library users to model the virtue of hospitality to one another. If you have any questions about the use of the Library’s facilities or collections, you should contact Bo Adams, the Head of Public Services, at rmadams@emory.edu.

Services for Library Users with Disabilities

The Pitts Theology Library seeks to provide equal access to library services and collections for all library users. If you need special assistance, please ask for assistance at the circulation desk. Some services may require advance notice to ensure staff availability (contact information is available at http://pitts.emory.edu/contact). The Pitts Theology Library works in conjunction with Access, Disability Services, and Resources to accommodate reasonable requests for assistance in obtaining, accessing and making use of library resources, materials, and services.

Minor Children in the Library

Minor children must be accompanied by parents and/or caregivers at the Library entrance and at all times while in the Library.

Retrieval Service

Users with disabilities may request assistance in retrieving materials from the stacks at the circulation desk. Depending on staffing levels, this service may not be immediately available. Retrieved material will be held at the circulation desk for the user. We recommend contacting the circulation desk (404.727.4166) in advance for assistance in retrieving materials.

Library Lost and Found Policy

Staff of the Pitts Theology Library work hard to ensure that the library is a welcoming and comfortable place for all to work. Library users can help in this effort by not leaving their belongings unattended in the library. This will discourage theft and makes Library spaces available for use by others. The Library is not responsible for the belongings of library patrons, and items left unattended for significant periods of time will be moved to make space for other patrons. Items left in the library at the time of closing will be moved to the Library’s Lost and Found at the circulation desk. Lost and Found items will be kept for up to one month but then be considered unwanted and so repurposed, given away, or discarded. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact Bo Adams, the Head of Public Services, at rmadams@emory.edu.

Food and Beverages

The consumption of beverages within Pitts Theology Library is limited to liquids carried in spill proof containers or re-sealable drink bottles which must be secured to avoid spills. Snack foods are permitted in general reading areas; please be mindful of noise and odors, and place all trash in a nearby receptacle. Neither food nor beverages are allowed in the Special Collections reading area or at computer work stations. Nearby spots for eating full meals include the Theology Atrium outside of the Library, Brooks Commons in Cannon Chapel, the tables in White Hall, and the tables on Rudolph Courtyard.

Cell Phone Use

The Pitts Theology Library is committed to providing an environment that is conducive for study. To this end, patrons of the library are asked to turn off cell phones and pagers or to set them to “vibrate” when entering the library. If you receive a call while in the building and you must answer the call, please be considerate of others and keep your voice lowered. If your conversation will last more than a few seconds, go outside the library for the call, being sure to take your valuable belongings with you. To report inappropriate cell phone usage, contact a staff member at the nearest service point.

Study Carrels

Study carrels throughout the building are available on a “first-come” basis and are not available for storing personal items or library books. We strongly recommend that you not leave personal valuables (computers, cell phones, etc.) unattended anywhere in the library. Pitts Theology Library is not responsible for the loss or theft of personal belongings.