Papers, 1840-1932.


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CITATION: Mary Louisa Georgina Petrie Carus-Wilson Papers, MSS 018, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University.

Biographical Note

Mary Louisa Georgina Petrie (birth date unknown) was born in Yorktown, Surrey, England, to Colonel Martin Petrie and his wife Eleanora Grant Macdowall Petrie. She was educated and received her B.A. from University College in London. In the late 19th century she founded and edited a magazine entitled The College by Post in addition to publishing numerous articles in a variety of popular, Christian, and women's journals and newspapers. During her career she published nine books on missionary activity and Bible study and delivered several hundred lectures and speeches. Her book, Clews to the Holy Writ, published in 1892, promoted the novel scheme of studying the Bible in its historical order.  She also wrote Irene Petrie: Missionary to Kashmir, 1900, a biography of her only sister who died while on a missionary journey. Mary Petrie married Charles Ashley Carus-Wilson, a professor in Montreal, in 1892. Thereafter she used the name Mrs. C. Ashley Carus-Wilson on all her publications with the exception of The Sunday at Home, on which she used the name Helen Macdowall. Macdowall was the name of her mother's family. Charles and Mary Carus-Wilson had three children, Louis, Martin, and Eleanora, of which only Martin and Eleanora survived her death. Mary Louisa Georgina Petrie Carus-Wilson died on November 19, 1935 leaving to her children the home in Kensington that she inherited from her father.

Scope and Content Note

The papers of Mary Louisa Georgina Petrie Carus-Wilson cover the date span 1840-1932. The collection consists of six series: Correspondence, Addresses and Journals, Copybooks, Literary Works, Memorabilia and Miscellaneous Material. The first series, Correspondence, consists of a few letters and short notes regarding speaking engagements, 1890-1914. The second series, Addresses and journals, contains a list of visitors to her home in Hampstead, 1899; address books, 1901 and 1911; and an account of expenses incurred on a tour of the continent, 1885. Series three, Copybooks, 1867-1900, contains notes on and excerpts from various works. The most substantive series is Literary Works. In this series are several of Carus-Wilson's published works from journals, 1887-1920; a few pamphlets and broadsides, 1894-1909; and lists of all the speeches, lectures and writings she accomplished from 1882 to 1932. Memorabilia from several members of her family are contained in series five including works by her father, Martin Petrie; her mother, E.G. Macdowall; her sister, Irene Petrie; and her sons, Martin and Louis. In the final series is an undated calling card of her husband's, and an undated note, signed by Mary, leaving her home in Kensington to her son Martin and daughter Eleanora.

The papers offer the researcher an in-depth look at the literary life and thoughts of a prolific and influential English Christian woman whose expertise in the field of missions and mission work were acknowledged by many of her contemporaries. Furthermore, Carcus-Wilson deals with subjects such as education, the study of the Bible, and women in the English empire, all of which would be useful to a theologian, sociologist or student of English church and social history. What the collection lacks, however, is information on the personal life of the English author.

I. Correspondence
1/1    Correspondence; 1890-1914. Correspondents include the Scottish
       Schools of the Christian Women's Education Union, Burgess Hill
       Vicarage, Ethel Barton, C.D. Suel of the Church Missionary
       Society and M.A. Rolleston.
II. Addresses and Journals
1/2    Visitor's List to home in Hampstead; 1899.
1/3    Address Book; 1901. Bound.
1/4    Address Book; 1911. Bound.
1/5    Address Book; n.d. Bound.
1/6    Address Book; n.d. Bound.
1/7    Journal of Expenses incurred on Tour of the Continent; 1885.
II. Copybooks
1/8    Notes on Lectures concerning the History and Literature of
       Turkey; 1867. Bound.
2/9    Collection of Poems and Essays; 1876-1887. Several authors
       including Mary Carus-Wilson.
2/10   Copybook; 1878. Poems and excerpts by several authors, bound.
2/11   Notes and articles on Robert Browning and his Poetry; 1888-1900.
IV. Literary Works
2/12   Published Articles in Various Journals; 1887-1920. Several
       articles authored by Mary Carus-Wilson and arranged
       alphabetically. Included in this folder are articles from
       The British Weekly, The Chart, Christian, Christian Links,
       and Christian Women's Education Union.
2/13   Published Articles in Various Journals; 1887-1920. Included
       in this folder are articles from Church Family Newspaper,
       The Church Missionary Gleaner, Church Missionary Intelligencer,
       Church Missionary Review, Church of England League Gazette,
       and Church Worker.
2/14   Published Articles in Various Journals; 1887-1920. Included
       in this folder are articles from The Churchman.
2/15   Published Articles in Various Journals; 1887-1920. Included
       in this folder are articles from College by Post.
2/16   Published Articles in Various Journals; 1887-1920. Included in
       this folder are articles from Daybreak, The Dial, The
       Fortnightly Leaflet, The Friend, Girls' Own Magazine, Girls'
       Own Paper, and The Guardian.
2/17   Published Articles in Various Journals; 1887-1920. Included
       in this folder are articles from India's Women, Israel,
       Living Water, Manchester Church Congress, McGill Fortnightly,
       and Mission Field.
2/18   Published Articles in Various Journals; 1887-1920.  Included
       in this folder are articles from Montreal Daily Herald, Montreal
       Diocesan Theological College Magazine, Mother's Companion, and
       Mothers in Council.
2/19   Published Articles in Various Journals; 1887-1920.  Included 
       in this folder are articles from Nurses Near and Far, Open Doors,
       Our Own Gazette, Pan Anglican Congress, Parents' Review, Quiver,
       and Rays of Light.
2/20   Published Articles in Various Journals; 1887-1920. Included
       in this folder are articles from School: A Monthly Record of
       Education Thought and Progress and The Sunday at Home, in
       which Carus-Wilson uses the pen name Helen Macdowall.
3/21   Published Articles in Various Journals; 1887-1920. Included
       in this folder are articles from Time and Talents News.
3/22   Published Articles in Various Journals; 1887-1920. Included
       in this folder are articles from Woman at Home, Woman's Work,
       Women Workers of Canada, Workers, and The Young Woman.
3/23   Miscellaneous Articles and Broadsides; 1894-1914.
3/24   Pamphlets: Chronological Scripture Cycle; n.d. Published by
       The College by Post.
3/25   Pamphlets: Sunday School Missionary Lesson numbers 51, 56
       and 61; 1909.
3/26   Pamphlets: Goads and Nails, The Imperial Aspect of Missions,
       The Prospect of India Becoming a Christian Country, A Call to
       the Colleges, and Women Colleges in Britain; 1899-1908.
3/27   List of Writings; 1882-1932.  Manuscript list compiled by
       Mary Carus-Wilson.
3/28   List of Lectures and Speeches; 1883-1930.  Manuscript list
       compiled by Mary Carus-Wilson.
V.  Memorabilia
3/29   Printed Invitations and Announcements; 1915-1931.
3/30   Military History Notes of Captain Martin Petrie; ca. 1859.
       Martin Petrie was Mary Carus-Wilson's father.
3/31   Military Forces of the Nations of Europe by Captain Martin
       Petrie; 1861.
3/32   Geography Notes of E.G. Macdowall (later Mrs. Martin Petrie);
       1820. E.G. Macdowall was the mother of Mary Carus-Wilson.
3/33   A Highland Adventure, pamphlet by Irene E.V. Petrie;
       ca. 1890. Irene Petrie was the sister of Mary Carus-Wilson.
3/34   "Our visit to Ports Mouth", essay by Martin Macdowall
       Carus-Wilson; ca. 1909. Martin Carus-Wilson was the son of
       Mary Carus-Wilson and her husband Charles Ashley Carus-Wilson.
3/35   The Royal Engineer Journal containing an article on Earth
       Current Telegraphy by Louis Carus-Wilson; 1920. Louis
       Carus-Wilson was the son of Mary and Charles Ashley Carus-Wilson.
3/36   Officers of the Royal Engineers on the Active and Retired
       Lists; 1921. Contains the name of Louis Carus-Wilson.
3/37   Photographs and sketches by Captain L.C. Carus-Wilson
       (Louis) on voyage from Birkenhead to Port Said, Egypt; n.d.
VI. Miscellaneous
3/38   Note signed by Mary L.G. Carus-Wilson leaving her freehold
       property known as Hanover Lodge to her two surviving children,
       Martin and Eleanora Carus-Wilson; n.d. Calling card of
       Mr. Charles Ashley Carus-Wilson, her husband; n.d.

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