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Biographical Note

Earl David Clarence Brewer was born in Ansonville, North Carolina, on May 26, 1914, the son of John A. and Lydia Brewer. He attended Rutherford Jr. College from 1930-32 and received the degree of B.Ph. Brewer went on to Emory University, and in 1937 he received a BD. In 1947 he graduated from Duke University with a MA, and in 1951 he received a Ph.D from the University of North Carolina. Brewer married Ethel Kerr on August 28, 1938 and they had two children, Krista and David.

Brewer's career with the Methodist Church started in 1938 as a minister with the Western North Carolina Conference. He was ordained as a deacon in 1940 and as an elder in 1942. Then, in 1946 Brewer joined the faculty of Emory University. He was appointed as a professor of Sociology and Religion at the Candler School of Theology in 1956. Also, Brewer was the Director of Research in Religion of South Appalachian Studies under a Ford Foundation Grant in 1958-59. In 1982 he was named Charles Howard Candler Professor of Sociology of Religion, and in 1985 he assumed Faculty Emeritus status.

Dr.Brewer died at 79, on 16 June 1993 at Emory University Hospital of complications after heart surgery.

Scope and Content Note

This collection consists almost entirely of papers written by Earl D.C. Brewer. Among these papers are sermons, and lectures given in his classes and seminars. There are also many lectures written and delivered at various conferences and symposia. The rest of the collection is made up of research papers and studies. The collection is arranged alphabetically by the title of the paper, sermon, or lecture. The dates of the papers range from 1949-1984. At the end of the collection, the researcher will find a file containing a euology commerorating the death of Dr. Brewer in 1993.



1/1       "Appalachian Region and Religion," January

1/2       "The Bible in the Bible Belt,"  May 18, 1972.

1/3       "A Brief Commentary on the Attached Table,"
1/4       "A Brief Statement About the Role of Research
          in Theological Education,"  November, 1972.

1/5       "A Brief Statement of the Sect-Church
          Typology," 1963.

1/6       "A Brief Statement on the Place of
          Theological Schools in the over-all Strategy
          of Methodism," October, 1951.

1/7       "The Challenge to the Methodist Church of the
          Changing Cultural Conditions in the
          Contemporary American Countryside," 1964(?)
          [marked in pen]

1/8       "Change and the Quality of Life,"  March 13-14, 1972.

1/9       "Changes in Religion Over the Generations,"

1/10      "Chapel Talk," n.d.

1/11      "Chapel Talk;  Seminary as Community," March
          24, 1960.

1/12      "Chapel Talk; Whose Leaven in What Lump?"
          January 14, 1965.

1/13      "Chapel Talk; Communion Meditation," December
          8, 1965.

1/14      "Chapel Talk," October 16, 1969.

1/15      "Chapel Talk; Stories and Songs,"  November
          8, 1973.

1/16      "Chapel Talk,"  January 25, 1983.

1/17      "Chapel Talk;  Seminary as Exile,"  January
          19, 1984.

1/18      "Christian Values and Rural Society,"  1960.

1/19      "The Church and Community Change,"  1965.

1/20      "Church Extension Strategy,"  July 4, 1962.

1/21      "The Church in Challenge and Response,"  June
          30-July 1, 2, 1964.

1/22      "The Church in the South,"  1965.

1/23      "Church Planning Strategies in Appalachia," 
          October 29, 1970.

1/24      "Circuit Churches," n.d.

1/25      "A Comparison of Churches in the Buford
          Teaching Parish (Georgia) and the Westfield
          Parish Development Project (Connecticut),"

1/26      "Conditions and Changes, Crises and
          Challenges for Methodism in Town and Country
          America," July 10, 1963.

1/27      "Congregational Futures:  Divine and Human,"

1/28      "Constructive Plans and Programs for
               Training in the Southern Mountain Area,"

1/29      "A Cooperative Research Process Within the
          National Council of Churches,"  September 30,

1/30      "Crises and Challenges of the Local Church
          and Christian Parish,"  n.d.

1/31      "The Crisis of Methodism in Town and
          Country," 1962.

1/32      "A Critique of Research Documents in the H.
          Paul Douglass Collection,"  October 2, 1970.

1/33      "Elementary Forms of Everyday Life and
          Religion," December, 1970.

1/34      "Evaluation in the Planning-Action-Research
          Process," October 28, 1968.

1/35      "Everyday Life and Transcendence,"  October

1/36      "Exploring Religion in Everyday Life," 
          October 16, 1973.

1/37      "Exploring Religion:  Some Intimations and
          Indications,"  January, 1973.

1/38      "Exploring the Seminary as Transcending
          Community,"  October, 1975.

1/39      "Ferment in the Mix of Ministry Formation," 
          March, 1974.

1/40      "The Future of Religion and Ministries," 

2/1       "The Future of Religioning and Aging as
          Transcending Processes,"  1980.

2/2       "Futures for Churches of Small Membership,"
          July 18-21, 1983. 

2/3       "The History and Future of Theological
          Education for the Small Town and Rural
          Community," September 27, 1983.

2/4       "Inclusiveness in Local Methodism,"  1966.

2/5       "Informal Group Leadership Operations," 

2/6       "Introductory Statement on the Development of
          Rural Sociology and the Major Textbooks in
          Rural Sociology,"  September, 1951.

2/7       "Life Stages and Spiritual Well-Being," 
          August 14-18, 1978.

2/8       "Linking Church Data and Academic Research,"
          November 9, 1979.

2/9       "Meditation on Four Breads,"  1980.

2/10      "Methodism and the Candler School of
          Theology," October 23, 1959.

2/11      "Methodism and Society--A Bicentennial
          Vision," January, 1984.

2/12      "Methodism in the Space Age,"  1960.

2/13      "The Methodists in Southern Appalachia," 

2/14      "Mississippi Conference Council on
          Ministries," n.d.

2/15      "The Negro and Population Characteristics," 

2/16      "The North Alabama Annual Conference
          Futures,"  n.d.

2/17      "Pathways Toward a Dynamic Structural Pattern
          of the Local Church,"  December 5-6, 1966.

2/18      "Planning Within the Methodist Circuit
          Pattern,"      n.d.

2/19      "The Planning-Research-Action (PRA) Process
          With Application to Parish Mission and
          Ministry," 1970.

2/20      "A Praying-Planning Process Toward
          Church/Community Futures,"  1983.

2/21      "Private Housekeeping and Public Ministry in
          New Congregations,"  June 19, 1968.

2/22      "Problems of Communication and the Strategy
          of Churches,"  June 12, 1954.

2/23      "Protestant Denominations' Policy Response to
          Aging,"  November 1, 1981.

2/24      Radio Talk,  taped August 21, 1963.

2/25      "Reaction to Keynote Address,"  1969.

2/26      "Reflections on Reports and Renewal,"  July
          15-19, 1980.
2/27      "Reflections on Theological Education," 
          April 16, 1984.

2/28      "Religion and Aging,"  1979.

2/29      "Religion and Atlanta International," 
          January 7, 1976.

2/30      "Religion and Churches in Suburbia,"  1959.

2/31      "Religion and Socialization," n.d.

2/32      "Religion and the Southern Revolution," 
          March 5, 1965.

2/33      "Religion and Theology:  Research and
          Planning," 1976.

2/34      "Religion in Custom and Change in the
          Mountains," February 14, 1958.

2/35      "Religion in Elementary Forms of Everyday
          Life," September, 1972.

2/36      "Religion in the Southern Appalachians," 

2/37      "Religioning and Planning,"  1975.

2/38      "The Religioning Process in Future Forms of
          Ministries in the Military,"  May 9-11, 1977.

2/39      "Religious Attitudes and Social Change in
          Southern Appalachia,"  n.d.

2/40      "The Religious Situation in the South," 
          April 16, 1963.

2/41      "A Report of A Symposium on Transcendence and
          Mystery in Modern Life,"  1972.

3/1       "Reports of the Nine Study Groups," September
          1-9, 1949.

3/2       "Research Documents in the H. Paul Douglass
          Collection," Review of Religious Research. 
          Vol 13, number 2, Winter 1972.

3/3       "Rethinking Human Rights in United
          Methodism," n.d.

3/4       "Revisionsing Congregational Development," 

3/5       "The Role of the Rural Minister,"  1960.

3/6       "Sect and Church in Methodism,"  Social
          Forum, Vol. 30, number 4, May 1962.

3/7       "A Seminary Professor (Sociologist) Looks at
          Methodist Periodicals,"  April 24, 1963.

3/8       "The Small Membership Church:  A Summit
          View," 1979.

3/9       "Social Determinates of Religion," n.d.
3/10      "Social Indicators and Religious Indicators,"
          October 26-28, 1972.

3/11      "The Social Setting of the Southland,"  1967.

3/12      "Social Theory and Theology,"  n.d.

3/13      "Social Trends and Transformation,"  n.d.

3/14      "Some Background Considerations in Planning
          Stategies of Leadership Development," 
          January 21, 1969.

3/15      "Some Challenges Facing the Church in Modern
          Urban Culture,"  1964.

3/16      "Some Characeristics of Young People in the
          Southern Appalachian Region,"  July 9, 1965.

3/17      "Some Exploratory Work on Research into the
          Nature of Religion in Everyday Life," 
          October, 1971.

3/18      "Some Facts About Methodism,"  July 28, 1961.

3/19      "Some Ideas Aout Religious Leadership in the
          1980's and Beyond,"  April, 1979.

3/20      "Some Issues Facing the Church in the
          Southeast," November 4-8, 1964.

3/21      "Some Major Issues Facing the Division of the
          Local Church," January 5, 1966.

3/22      "Some Notes on Theory,"  n.d.

3/23      "Some Social Characteristics of the South,"
          November 4-8. 1964.

3/24      "Some Suggestions About Future-oriented
          Research in Religion,"  1970.

3/25      "Some Ways of Visioning the Future,"  1980.

3/26      "The Southern Region - A Laboratory for
          Ecumenical Christian Mission?"  1966.

3/27      "Spiritual Well-Being and the Quality of
          Everyday Life,"  1975.

3/28      "A Study of Employment of Women in
          Professional or Ececutive Positions in the
          Churches at a National Level,"  n.d.

3/29      "Studying Changes and Visioning Futures with
          Application to Churches and Communities," 
          Winter 1979.

3/30      "Suggestions Regarding Town and Country Work
          in the Southeast,"  October 21, 1963.

3/31      "Toward a Sociology of American Catholicism,"

3/32      "Toward Understanding Elementary Forms of
          Everyday Life and Religion,"  1970.

3/33      "Transcendence and Mystery in Everyday Life,"
          March 1972.

3/34      "A Transcending Planning Process,"  1983.

3/35      "United Methodism in the Future of the
          Southeast in Town and Country,"  August 14,

3/36      "The Virginia Annual Conference Futures," 

3/37      "Vision and Rapid Social Change,"  January
          30, 1973.

3/38      "WAGA" (material to be used in book review
          over WAGA-TV), n.d.

3/39      "What's New and What's Next with Small
          Membership Congregations?"  1975.

3/40      "Where are we in our Environment?"  n.d.

3/41      "Whither Town and Country Methodism by
          1975?", March 12, 1956.

3/42      "Woman's Clubs and Community Organization and
          Planning," 1950.

3/43      "A Working Paper for the  Southern
          Appalachian Consultation,"  November 12-14,

3/44      "A Working Paper for the Staff Consultation
          of the Division of National Missions of the
          Board of Missions of the Methodist Church,"
          October 28, 1963.

3/45      "A Working Paper on the Study of the
          Methodist Churches in the North Georgia
          Conference," October 26, 1963.

3/46      "A Working Paper on the Town and Country
          Methodist Parish of the Future," 1956.

3/47      "World Religions and Emerging World
          Community: An Optimistic Scenario,"  July 20-25, 1980.

3/48      Obituary, eulogy and church program from
          Dr.Brewer's death. June, 1993.

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