Papers, 1893-1942.


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CITATION:  Bishop William Newman Ainsworth Papers, MSS 283, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University.

Biographical Note

William Newman Ainsworth was born in Camilla, Georgia on February 10, 1872. Ainsworth graduated from Emory College in 1891 and was admitted into the South Georgia Conference. At the age of 37 he accepted the position as President of Wesleyan College, where he served for three years. He was elected a Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South in 1918 and he served until 1938. During this time he represented the church in many national and international conferences. His Episcopal duties covered Conferences and Missions in Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, Cuba, China, Japan, and Korea.

Ainsworth was married to Miss Mary Nicholson in 1893, and together they had two sons. Bishop Ainsworth died on July 7, 1942.

Scope and Content Note

This collection consists of clippings, correspondence, sermons, and papers from throughout the life and work of Bishop Ainsworth.  Included are items from his presidency at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia, as well as from his time as Bishop in the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. The clippings cover much of Bishop Ainsworth’s work on prohibition, including a major run-in with Mayor James L. Key of Atlanta, as well as many articles published in Christian Advocates throughout the southeast. There is a scrapbook included that mostly consists of items relating to his appointment as Bishop. The bulk of the collection consists of sermons, most of which are untitled and undated. Topics covered in the sermons include prohibition, evangelism, John Wesley, the state of the country/world, and evolution. There are also a multitude of special occasion sermons delivered at commencements, annual conferences, and various holidays. Also, included in the collection are memoirs for Bishop Ainsworth after his passing. 

Box/Folder      Description                                  		Dates
1/1		Certificates and licenses				1893-1930
1/2 General 1899-1942
1/3 Letters to the editor(s) 1933-1938
1/4 Mission work in Orient and Russia 1929
1/5 Christian Advocate articles by Ainsworth 1918-1941
1/6 Christian Advocate articles by Ainsworth –
photocopies 1918-1941
1/7 Mayor Key of Atlanta 1933
1/8 Mayor Key of Atlanta – photocopies 1933
1/9 Miscellaneous 1925-1938
1/10 Miscellaneous – photocopies 1925-1938
1/11 Missionary work in China 1930
1/12 Missionary work in China – photocopies 1930
1/13 Prohibition 1907-1933
1/14 Prohibition – photocopies 1907-1933
1/15 “Crises in Human Life” and “Four Great
Sinners” n.d.
1/16 “Crises in Human Life” and “Four Great
Sinners” – photocopies n.d.
1/17 “Father, Mother, Boys, and Home” 1907
1/18 “Father, Mother, Boys, and Home” –
photocopies 1907
1/19 “Four Sermons on Religious Doubt” 1906
1/20 “Four Sermons on Religious Doubt” –
photocopies 1906
1/21 Miscellaneous 1908-1930
1/22 Miscellaneous – photocopies 1908-1930
1/23 “Sermon for Aged” and “Confederate Sermons and
Addresses” 1903-1906
1/24 “Sermon for Aged” and “Confederate Sermons and
 Addresses” – photocopies 1903-1906
1/25 “Sermons on general themes” 1905-1907
1/26 “Sermons on general themes” – photocopies 1905-1907
1/27 “Sermons on politics” 1932
1/28 “Sermons on politics” – photocopies 1932
1/29 “Ten Commandments series” 1905-1907
1/30 “Ten Commandments series” – photocopies 1905-1907
2/1 Memoirs 1942
2/2 Memoirs – clippings 1942
2/3 Memoirs – clippings – photocopies 1942
4/1 Scrapbook 1899-1918
4/2 Scrapbook – photocopies 1899-1918
4/3 Scrapbook – loose clippings 1894-1924
4/4 Scrapbook – loose clippings – photocopies 1894-1924
4/5 Scrapbook – loose letters 1918
4/6 Scrapbook – loose miscellaneous materials 1904-1938
2/4 Incomplete n.d.
2/5 New Testament n.d.
2/6 Old Testament n.d.
2/7 “After Death – What?” n.d.
2/8 “What a Man Owes __________” n.d.
Special Occasions:
2/9 Addresses n.d.
2/10 Annual Conferences n.d.
2/11 Colleges and commencements n.d.
2/12 Funerals/Memorial services n.d.
2/13 Holidays n.d.
2/14 Miscellaneous n.d.
3/1 Pastor’s school n.d.
3/2 China n.d.
3/3 Christ n.d.
3/4 Evangelism n.d.
3/5 Evolution n.d.
3/6 John Wesley n.d.
3/7 Methodist Church n.d.
3/8 Miscellaneous n.d.
3/9 Prohibition n.d.
3/10 State of the Country/World n.d.
3/11 The Preacher himself n.d.
3/12 Alabama Conference of MEC, South 1928, n.d.
3/13 Bishop James Cannon, Jr. controversy 1931
3/14 Bishop James Cannon, Jr. controversy –
photocopies 1931
3/15 Wesleyan College Board of Trustees 1912-1942

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