JOHNSON, LUKE TIMOTHY, Papers, 1977-2003

MSS 346


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Citation: Luke Timothy Johnson Papers, MSS 346, Archives and Manuscripts Department, Pitts Theology Library, Emory University.


Biographical Sketch

Luke Timothy Johnson (born November 20, 1943) is the R. W. Woodruff Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins at Candler School of Theology and a Senior Fellow at the Center for the Study of Law and Religion at Emory University. Professor Johnson's research interests encompass the Jewish and Greco-Roman contexts of early Christianity (particularly moral discourse), Luke-Acts, the Pastoral Letters, and the Letter of James.He often lectures at universities and seminaries worldwide. He is a noted critic of the Jesus Seminar, often taking stances against Burton Mack, Robert Funk and John Dominic Crossan in discussions of the "historical Jesus." He attempts to set out more balanced and critical observations on this hotly debated topic by emphasizing the importance of tradition, experience and belief.In other areas, he disagrees with Vatican teaching. For example, he has publicly declared his support for women's ordination and homosexual partnerships.


A native of Park Falls, Wisconsin, Johnson was educated in public and parochial schools. A Benedictine monk and priest at St. Joseph Abbey, St. Benedict, LA, from 1963 to 1972, he received a B.A. in Philosophy from Notre Dame Seminary in 1966, a M.Div. in Theology from Saint Meinrad School of Theology in 1970, an M.A. in Religious Studies from Indiana University, and a Ph.D. in New Testament from Yale University in 1976. He has also taught at St. Meinrad, Saint Joseph Seminary College, Yale Divinity School, and Indiana University. He belongs to several professional associations and holds a number of editorial positions.Johnson married Joy Randazzo in 1974 and is stepfather to six children and father of one.


Scope and Content Note

The Luke Timothy Johnson Papers are housed in four archival boxes arranged chronologically into one series comprising a total of eight folders and 16 notebooks.


Series I: Course Notes

The Course Notes series comprises of all material relating to Johnsonís courses.Syllabi from all Johnsonís courses as well as class notes and lexical translations are included.While the syllabi and lexical translations are easily read, the actual class notes, written by Johnson, are almost illegible except for the keen observer.


Container List


Series I: Course Notes

Box 1††††

Folder 1†††††††††††††††† Syllabi, 1978-2003

Folder 2†††††††††††††††† English Exegesis of the Gospel of Mark (Yale), 1976

Folder 3†††††††††††††††† Greek Exegesis of Romans (Yale), 1977

Folder 4†††††††††††††††† Greek Exegesis of First Peter (Yale), 1978

Folder 5†††††††††††††††† Greek Exegesis of First Peter (Yale) (Contíd), 1978

Folder 6†††††††††††††††† Reading of I John: New Testament Greek (Yale), 1978

Folder 7†††††††††††††††† English Exegesis of the Letter to the Hebrews (Yale), 1979

Folder 8†††††††††††††††† Methods and Madness in New Testament Studies (Yale), 1981


Box 2

Notebook††††††††††††† Development of Jesus Traditions (Indiana), 1985

Notebook††††††††††††† Paul and His Influence on Early Christianity (Indiana), 1985

Notebook††††††††††††† Introduction to the New Testament (Indiana), 1987

Notebook††††††††††††† The Christian Church in New Testament Times (Indiana), 1988

Notebook††††††††††††† The Church in New Testament Times (Indiana), 1990

Notebook††††††††††††† Moral Teaching in the World of the New Testament (Indiana), 1991


Box 3††††

Notebook††††††††††††† The Letter of James in Hellenistic Wisdom Traditions (Indiana), 1991

Notebook††††††††††††† The Historical Jesus (Indiana), 1992

Notebook††††††††††††† Letters to Paulís Delegates (Indiana), 1992

Notebook††††††††††††† The Church in New Testament Times, 1992

Notebook††††††††††††† The Gospel According to Matthew (Emory), 1993

Notebook††††††††††††† Luke Ė Acts, 1994


Box 4

Notebook††††††††††††† The Holy Spirit in the Apostolic Age, 1996

Notebook††††††††††††† New Testament Theology, 2003

Notebook††††††††††††† Greek Lexical Translations of the New Testament, undated

Notebook††††††††††††† Hebrew and Greek Lexical Translations of Genesis 12, undated