THANGARAJ, M. THOMAS, COLLECTION, 1988-2008 (1998-2008)

MSS 347


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Citation:  M. Thomas Thangaraj Collection, MSS 347, Archives and Manuscripts Department, Pitts Theology Library, Emory University


Biographical Sketch:

Dr. M. Thomas Thangaraj served as the D. W. & Ruth Brooks Associate Professor of World Christianity at the Candler School of Theology, Emory University in Atlanta, GA. After serving as a Minister in the Church of South India in the Tirunelveli area, Professor Thangaraj moved to teach at the Tamilnadu Theological Seminary, Madurai, India from 1971 to 1988, before joining Emory. He was educated at St. John’s College, Palayamkottai, Madras Christian College, Madras, Serampore College in Serampore, W. Bengal, United Theological College in Bangalore at the graduate and post-graduate level. He earned his Doctor of Theology degree from Harvard University. His area of research during his doctoral studies was in the area of relation between Saiva Siddhanta, the South Indian Hindu philosophical tradition, and Christianity, especially concerning the concept of guru. An energetic and prolific academic, Thangaraj lectured in United Kingdom, Philippines, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Myanmar (Burma), Taiwan, and in several places in India and United States. He was also actively involved in programs of inter-religious dialogue both at the national and international level for much of his career.

While teaching at the Tamilnadu Theological Seminary, Professor Thangaraj was associated with the work of the Department of Religion, Philosophy, and Sociology of the American College as a part-time professor, and a lecturer in the programs of the Department of Gandhian Studies of the Madurai-Kamaraj University, especially in the Diploma on Inter-religious Dialogue. He involved himself in the activities of the sub-unit on Dialogue with People of Other Faiths of the World Council of Churches in Geneva, Switzerland. Thangaraj published widely both in English and in Tamil.

Apart from his academic interests, Professor Thangaraj held a keen interest in South Indian music, both classical and popular, and also in the art of hymnody in Tamil. Twenty of his hymns are incorporated in the official hymnbook of the churches in Tamilnadu. He served on the Assembly Worship Planning Committee for the Assembly of the World Council of Churches held in Zimbabwe, Africa in 1998.


Container Listing:

Box 1 Folder 1    Images of Christ – Course Proposal                                      1988

Folder 2    Images of Christ – Correspondence w/ Class                              2001

Folder 3    Images of Christ – Syllabi/Assignments                                  1998-2003

Folder 4    Images of Christ – Dialogue w/Students                                  1998, 2004 

Folder 5    Images of Christ – Lecture Notes                                        1988

Folder 6    Theological Responses to Pluralism – Tillich Article                    1998

Folder 7    Theological Responses to Pluralism – Correspondence w/Class             1998, 2000

Folder 8    Theological Responses to Pluralism – Syllabi                            1998-1999

Folder 9    Theological Responses to Pluralism – Student Qs and Replies             1998

Folder 10   Theological Responses to Pluralism – Lecture Notes                      undated

Folder 11   Doing Theology in the Global Context – Correspondence w/Class           2000, 2002

Folder 12   Doing Theology in the Global Context -- Syllabi                         2000, 2002-2003

Folder 13   Mission in a Pluralistic World – Lecture Notes                          1988-1989, 1993

Folder 14   Mission in a Pluralistic World – Syllabi                                1988-1998

Folder 15   Mission in a Pluralistic World – Class Correspondence                   1997-1998

Folder 16   Mission in a Pluralistic World – Student Correspondence                 1997

Folder 17   Mission in a Pluralistic World – Lecture Notes                          1988, undated

Folder 18   Christian Encounters w/Hinduism – Syllabi and Assignments               1997, 1999

Folder 19   Christian Encounters w/Hinduism – Lecture Notes/Handouts                1989, 1993

Folder 20   Christian Encounters w/Hinduism – Dialogue w/Students                   1997, 1999

Folder 21   Christian Encounters w/Hinduism – Correspondence w/Class                1997, 1999

Folder 22   Trends in Ecumenical Theology – Lecture Notes                           1989


Box 2 Folder 1    Op-Ed                                                                   1999

Folder 2    Original Artwork                                                        1999, 2003

Folder 3    “Danish Churchdays                                                    2001

Folder 4    Sermons/Speeches                                                        1989-2006

Folder 5    Awards/Honors                                                           1983-2001

Folder 6    Notes, Papers, etc. from Study at Harvard                               1980

Folder 7    “Never on a Sunday” – One Act Play                                      undated

Folder 8    Miscellaneous Notes                                                     undated

Folder 9    Publications, Promotions, Bulletins                                     1990-2008

Folder 10   Teaching Portfolio                                                      1999

Folder 11   Letters                                                                 1992

Folder 12   “Self Profile”                                                          1997


Box 3 no folder   Trip w/ Candler Students to India                                       1992

no folder   India Travel Seminar Photos                                             1997

      no folder   Envelope w/Unlabeled Photos                                             undated

      no folder   Record – “Nenjin Naatham                                              undated

      no folder   Six Cassette Tapes – Bound Together w/Printed Comments                  undated

      no folder   Sinsinawa Lectures” Lectures 2-5                                       undated

      no folder   Two CDs – “Light of Christ”, and “At Thy Feet”                          undated

no folder   Six CDs – “Christian Spirituality in the Global Context”                undated

no folder   VHS Tape – “University Worship”                                         undated

no folder   VHS Tape – “Danish Church Days – Bands Apart”                           undated

no folder   VHS Tape – “2001 Student Forum of the United Methodist Church”          undated

no folder   VHS Tape – “Thomas Candler Service (India)”                             undated

no folder   VHS Tape – “God and Goddesses Fair”                                     undated

no folder   VHS Tape – “Dr. Thangaraj CFUMC Part 1”                                 undated

no folder   VHS Tape – “INDIA – An Advance Seminar in Christian Mission”            1997



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