Selected Lectures

The following list contains selected lectures and presentations delivered at Pitts Theology Library or Candler School of Theology. Some are text-based and others are audio-visual; the format is noted in brackets.

Erb, Peter C. "A Question of Sovereignty: The Politics of Manning's Conversion" (1996) [Text]

Leaver, Robin A. "Elisabeth Creutziger, the Magdeburg Enchiridion, 1536 and Reformation Theology" (1995) [Text]

Marshall, Robert L. "Luther, Bach, and the Early Reformation Chorale" (1995) [Text]

Meeks, Wayne A. Christ is the Question. The Alonzo L. McDonald Family Chair Lectures (2004)

  • "'Does Anybody Know My Jesus?' Between Dogma and Romanticism" [PDF]
  • "Memory and Invention: The Making of Jesus Christ" [PDF]
  • "A Story to Think With: From Crucifixion to Metaphor" [PDF]
  • "Is Jesus the Last Word? Christ is the Question" [PDF]

Roetzel, Calvin. "Ernst Käsemann Remembered" (2015) [MP3]

Witte, John Jr. "Freedom of a Christian: Martin Luther's Reformation of Law and Liberty" The Alonzo L. McDonald Chair Lecture. (2006) [PDF] [MP3]