Jesus Greets Nathanael

Book Title: D. Haymonis episcopi Halberstatten. episcopi homiliarum, nunc tertio dilligentissime excusarum. Pars hyemalis, additi sunt sermones aliquot pulcherririmi eiusdem Haymonis in epistolas canonical, omnibus iam iterum ab initio ad ipsa archetypa dilligentissimè collatis, quod prudenti lectori facile subolebit

Author: Haimo, of Auxerre, d. ca. 855

Image Title: Jesus Greets Nathanael

Scripture Reference:

Description: Nathanael and Philip approach Jesus, who greet Nathanael in a way that causes him to believe Jesus is the Son of God, the King of Israel. This image may also be found in 1534 Eck B V1.

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