The Harness

Book Title: Des menschen begin, midden en einde : vertoonende het kinderlyk bedryf en aanwasch in eenenvyftig konstige figuuren, met goddelyke spreuken en stichtelyke verzen / door Joannes Luiken ; met het leven van den autheur

Author: Luiken, Jan, 1649-1712

Image Title: The Harness

Scripture Reference:

Description: In this scene set outside the city walls, a mother steadies her toddler with a harness to teach him to walk. The Dutch artist and poet Jan Luiken (1649-1712) was responsible for drawing and etching this emblem and for the brief poem that accompanies it (below). The attendant Scripture texts are Psalms 31:8, 66:8-9, 116:6-9; and Isaiah 45:15.

The Power unseen,
Does more than all that’s seen.

Thus the little one takes steps,
Still, she is not alone,
But is, secretly, held fast:
Should the Invisible hand not hold us,
Who knows how we, in body and soul,
Would in our walking also fall.

(Translation by Josephine V. Brown, with editorial assistance from William G. Stryker)

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