Portrait of Enrico Dandolo

Book Title: Fasti ducales ab Anafesto I. ad Silvestrum Valerium Venetorum ducem cum eorum iconibus, insignibus, nummismatibus publicis, & privatis aere sculptis: inscriptionibus ex aula M. Consilii, ac sepulchralibus. Adiectae sunt adnotationes, ad vitam cuiusque principis, rerum, quae omissae fuerant; studio Ioannis Palatii ...

Author: Palazzi, Giovanni, b. 1640?

Image Title: Portrait of Enrico Dandolo

Description: A portrait of Venetian Doge Enrico Dandolo (1108-1205), who reigned from 1192 to 1205. Dandolo infamously redirected the Fourth Crusade from Muslim-held Jerusalem to the Christian lands of Zara and Constantinople. Dandolo’s coat of arms is divided horizontally into halves of different color.

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