Courses Taught by Pitts Librarians

Pitts Reference librarians teach a full 3-hour course each semester. In the Fall, we offer “Research as a Theological Practice” (RE670A). This course will familiarize students with the research process, including writing formal academic papers and “translating” that information for a non-academic audience. This is a great course for any student planning a large-scale rearch project, like an MTS or ThM thesis. It's also perfect for students who want to spend time working on their academic writing. Perhaps most importantly, this class can offer students a space to think about academic work as a vital part of spiritual and vocational development. For more information, contact Sarah Bogue. 

In the Spring, we offer “Hacking Ministry: The Work of the Church in the Digital Age” (RE670B). This course will introduce students to tools for podcasting and digital marketing, as well as web and graphic design. While learning to use these tools, we will consider various definitions of technology, examine the church’s historical and theological response to technological innovation, and ask how the tools employed shape the practice of ministry. For more information, contact Bo Adams.