Computing, Scanning, & Printing


Computers in the lobby by the circulation desk are available for searching the library catalog, databases (such as the ATLA Religion Database), and internet searching. Search results from the library catalog and citations only from databases may be printed free of charge.

A computer lab on the third floor has Macs and PCs, available for word processing and longer searching. The lab computers also have EndNote bibliographic manager, and they also have advanced Bible software (BibleWorks on the PCs; Accordance on the Macs). Each computer is web-accessible for emailing documents through any webmail system and also has writable CD software and USB ports for saving documents. USB flash drives can be checked out from the circulation desk. Patrons must log in to these computers with Emory log-ins; visitors may ask for visitor log-in information, but agree to use computers for academic purposes.  Those not using computers for their intended purposes may be asked to leave.

Computers on the top floor are networked to a printer set up to be used with EmoryCards or copy cards. Printing from one of these computers sends the print job to a queue on the computer next to the printer. You can identify your print job either by file name or by login name for the computer you are using. Select your print job or, if you have printed multiple files, click in the boxes next to your files. Then swipe your EmoryCard and click the print button that appears on the screen. $.08 per page will be deducted from your card.

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Students, faculty, and staff may log in to the Emory Unplugged system through wireless internet access available most reliably in the Durham Reading Room. Visitors may log in to the Emory Guest network by providing an email addres, and they will be able to use a web browser, but will not have access to Emory licensed materials. To print to a library printer using your laptop, download the installer for the Pharos pay-for-print system at the Printing FAQ page.

Once you have download the installer, you can print to the printer in the 3rd floor computer lab.

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In the Durham Reading Room (main reference room) two computers, one PC and one Mac, are equipped with flatbed scanners which each have automatic document feeders. This equipment will facilitate digital imaging of text, graphics, and photographs. To assist with image manipulation and enhancement, the full versions of Adobe Professional and Photoshop software are installed on both machines. Additionally the PC has an optical character recognition program called Omnipage Pro which converts images of text into Word documents.

The computers with scanners are networked to library printers and have internet connectivity. Image files may be transferred by email or burning to CDs which are available free of charge at the circulation desk.

In addition, the photocopier in the Periodicals Room can scan documents and email PDFs or TIFFs to you at no charge.  Directions are posted by the photocopier.

The library has also added a Zeutschel Zeta book scanner, which allows quick and accurate scanning via a top-down image capture at no charge. This machine is located in the Durham Reading Room, just behind the Refence Desk. Users can scan documetns to email or save them to a flash drive.


Pitts library has two copiers available for public use. Located on the periodicals mezzanine and in the back of the reference room, these copiers take the EmoryCard or copy cards only. These copiers cost $.08 per page. The copier in the periodicals mezzanine can also scan to email.

Copy Cards

Copy cards may be purchased from the Pitts Library circulation desk for two or five dollars, or Emory faculty, staff, and students may use funds from an EmoryCard. Funds may be added to either of these cards at White Hall (building beside Pitts Library) and various other locations on campus included the DUC and Woodruff Library.

Microform Materials

Pitts provides one microfilm reader that can read both microfilm and microfiche. It is located in a room next to the microfilm collection on the Mezzanine level (third floor) of the library. This reader is connected both to a printer and to a PC that allows you to save digital copies of pages to a CD-Rom or flash drive.

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