Printing at Pitts

This page offers demonstration videos and answers common questions about printing at Pitts. Most computers in Pitts Theology Library are connected to the EaglePrint printing system (exceptions are lookup terminals on the first and second floor). These printers are located on the first floor of the library, at the bottom of the main stairs, and on the second floor, near the Information Commons computers. You can also print to this system using a laptop. 


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Printing from your Laptop or Library Computer Adding Money on your EmoryCard


1. How do I print at the library?

2. How can I print from a laptop?

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3. How much does printing cost?

4. How long will my print job stay in the print queue?

5. Can I print double-sided from the EaglePrint system in the library?

6. Can I print in color at the Pitts Theology Library?

7. I am an Emory Healthcare employee. Can I print?

8. I don't have any money on my EmoryCard (or I don't have an EmoryCard).  What can I do?

9. I am an Emory alum; can I add money to my alumni card?