Weekly Workshops


Weekly workshops are sessions designed by Pitts librarians to help students, faculty, and community members learn the skills and tools of research. Each topic is taught twice per week. Unless otherwise noted, both Tuesday and Wednesday sessions are held in RARB 250, right next to the large lecture hall in the main Candler building. Lunch is available to the first ten people who register, but you are always welcome to attend without registering. If you have any questions about these workshops, please get in touch with a reference librarian!

As always, you can view past workshops by clicking on this link.

Research 101 (Sept. 11th and 12th)

There are a number of resources at Pitts that can help streamline your preparation for tests and papers! This workshop will explore ways to identify and then use these resources to save you time. Let us help you produce your best work!

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Decoding Databases (Sept. 18th and 19th)

During your time at Candler, you will write close to 100 papers. This workshop will help you to save time and carry out your research with greater ease. We will explore strategies for finding and evaluating reference works, books, and articles in two core databases: the DiscoverE library catalogue and ATLA.

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The Great Citation Race (Sept. 25th and 26th)

Citation is central to academic writing, but can be tedious. In this workshop, we will look at how to cite in Chicago style (with reference to the Turabian and SBL styles). At the end, we will put what we’ve learned into practice through a citation race with prizes.

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Zotero (Oct. 2nd and 3rd)

  • Introduction to Zotero: This workshop will introduce you to the citation management tool Zotero (http://www.zotero.org), which many Candler students and faculty use to keep track of resources, take notes, and generate citations. This workshop is appropriate if you have not yet used Zotero, or need a refresher in the basic features of this wonderful tool!

  • Advanced Zotero Use and Troubleshooting: Have you downloaded Zotero, dabbled a bit, but still aren’t sure if you’re using this tool to its fullest potential? Do you have specific questions about multiple languages, varied citation styles, and glitches? This advanced Zotero workshop will present a few Zotero tips to begin and then will be an open floor for trouble-shooting. Used well, Zotero can help you track, manage, and preserve all your academic work—all the way from seminar papers to dissertations!


Beyond ATLA: Research in Primary and Quantitative Sources (Oct. 16th and 17th)

Many Candler classes require research in areas beyond theology, and as much as we love it, ATLA is not the answer to every research problem! This workshop will teach you how to find and use non-theology sources, especially primary sources for history projects and quantitative-heavy sources for ethics or pastoral care projects!

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Organizing Your Ideas: How to Write a Persuasive Argument (Oct. 23rd and 24th)

There comes a moment in the paper-writing process when you pause, look at all the research you’ve done and think: what is it I’m actually trying to say? This workshop will help you organize yourself, integrating the research you’ve done with your own thoughts in a way that is persuasive and strategic. You’ll leave with some concrete plans on how to make a convincing argument in your next history, ethics, or pastoral care paper!

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Introduction to Exegetical/Biblical Resources (Oct. 30th and 31st)

This session will introduce you to the biblical studies resources in the Reference collection! You can use these works to prep for exams and sermons, and you’ll be well-prepared to enter the second semester exegesis courses with firm footing.

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