Resource Spotlight: Oxford Bibliographies

Have you ever had to do a project or assignment on a new topic or one you know very little about? Are you looking for introductory online resources apart from Wikipedia? Emory Library systems, including Pitts Theology Library, provides an easy to use resource for learning about a new field or topic! Oxford Bibliographies Online provides expansive, annotated bibliographies, written by leading scholars, on almost every subject under the sun. The bibliographies contain an overview of the subject and highlight the most important books, monographs, articles, and essays on the topic before proceeding to more specific bibliographies.

Just search “Oxford Bibliographies” on the Emory Databases page to find a list of the major fields covered from Biblical Studies to Hinduism to Philosophy. Once you find the field you want – say Biblical Studies – you can do a quick alphabetical search for the figure, book, or topic you have in mind. You can navigate through the bibliography using the “In This Article” box on the left-hand side of the page. Once you find a helpful book or article, simply copy and paste it into DiscoverE to find it in the Emory catalogue.  Each entry also lists suggested related articles, so that if you are browsing the bibliography on the Book of Genesis, topics like Adam and Eve and the Pentateuch are only one click away.

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