Building and Facilities

History of the Building

The Original Pitts Building
The Original Home of the Pitts Theology Library

For its first 99 years, Pitts Theology Library was housed in the oldest building on the Emory Campus, constructed in 1915. The School of Theology originally occupied the top floor, and the university chapel occupied what is now the Durham Reading Room. The original library for the School of Theology was held in the room that contained our periodical collection most recently. 

Our new location finished construction in the summer of 2014.  Its opening completes a planning process that began 16 years ago.  Our home now provides an elevator, wireless access, expanded seating options, and enhanced accessibility, as well as proximity to the classrooms and staff offices for the Candler School of Theology.

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Access to the Building

There are 3 ways to enter the building leading to the library. For library guests who are unable to climb stairs, access on the 1st and 3rd floors is possible; enter the first floor of the Rita Anne Rollins Building from Dickey Drive and take the elevator to the second floor.  Pass through the second floor to the library entrance.  From the 3rd floor, enter the Atrium from Randolph Courtyard and take the elevator to the second floor, where the library entrance exists.

Library staff are available to retrieve books for patrons who are unable to do so themselves. Please inquire at the circulation desk for assistance.


There is one men's and one women's restroom on each floor, near the elevators.

Food and Beverages

The consumption of beverages within Pitts Library is limited to liquids carried in spill proof containers or re-sealable drink bottles which must be secured to avoid spills.  Snack foods are permitted in general reading areas; please be mindful of noise and odors, and place all trash in a nearby receptacle.  Neither food nor beverages are allowed in the Special Collections reading area or at computer work stations.  Nearby spots for eating full meals include Brooks Commons, the tables in White Hall, and the many benches outside the library.

Cell Phone Use

The Pitts Theology Library is committed to providing an environment that is conducive for study. To this end, patrons of the library are asked to turn off cell phones and pagers or to set them to “vibrate” when entering the library. If you receive a call while in the building and you must answer the call, please be considerate of others and keep your voice lowered. If your conversation will last more than a few seconds, go outside the library for the call, being sure to take your valuable belongings with you. To report inappropriate cell phone usage, contact a staff member at the nearest service point.

Study Carrels

Study carrels throughout the building are available on a “first-come” basis and are not available for storing personal items or library books. We strongly recommend that you not leave personal valuables (computers, cell phones, etc.) unattended anywhere in the library. Pitts Theology Library is not responsible for the loss or theft of personal belongings.

Lecture Hall

The Lecture Hall on the 3rd floor of the library offers space for special events, including the library's annual Reformation Day.  It offers seating for up to 64 people in a lecture hall style or up to 46 people at tables.