Pitts Collections

Collections The collection of the Pitts Theology Library holds more than 600,000 volumes.  The library typically adds over 7,000 new volumes to its collection annually.  The primary emphasis in collection development is on materials related to the development of Christian history and thought. The library also acquires materials in contiguous areas that are related to the history of other religious traditions, the interpretation of Jewish and Christian scriptures, the history of Christianity, the development of Christian theology, and the practice of Christian life and ministry. 

The reference collection of the library is housed on the 2nd floor (the entry level) of the library, to the right after you pass the circulation desk. This collection provides quickly accessible resources related to the library’s areas of emphasis. Copies of key texts and major reference works, such as lexicons and dictionaries, are available in this area. The reference collection also contains a representative selection of biblical commentaries