Finals at Pitts

Extended Hours
During Finals, the Library will be open later than normal. Please visit to see all of the Library's Hours. Please note that the building locks soon after the library closes, so all students will need to leave the Candler School of Theology building complex when the library closes. There are 24-hour study spaces on campus, particularly the Woodruff Library

During Finals, the Library will implement a silent study space throughout the building. We ask that all patrons respect their colleagues and go outside the Library for conversations.

During Finals, the Library becomes a popular study place for all members of the Emory community. As a part of the Emory community, the Library is open to all Emory faculty, students, and staff. During Finals, we often welcome many new Emory patrons to the library. We encourage all to extend hospitality to one another, sharing tables and assistance in the space, while alerting the Library staff to any problematic behavior. For our policies for building use, please visit

Due to higher Library traffic, we need to make extra efforts to keep the space clean for our patrons and safe for our books. So, please remember our food and drink policy, which allows only small snacks that don’t create a mess or odors and only drinks in spill-proof containers. In addition, we ask that you clean up after yourselves and alert staff to any spills or clutter needing attention.