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Biographical Note

English Catholic author and poetess, Maude Dominica Mary Petre was born in Essex, on August 4, 1863. The daughter of Arthur and Catherine Petre, she was a member of a family distinguished by its loyalty to the Roman Catholic Church. She was among a number of Roman Catholic writers, philosophers, and theologians who sought to find a synthesis between the claims of religion and scientific reasoning. This movement became known as Modernism. Pope Pius X in his encyclical Pascendi of 1907, and the subsequent legislation of the Holy See effectively suppressed the Modernist movement. Although Petre remained in communion with the Church, she never lost her attachment to the Modernist leaders. Maude Petre died in London on December 16, 1942, while she was working on a new book on the significance of Alfred Loisy. Among her many books and articles reflecting her thoughts are Where Saints Have Trod, 1903; Catholicism and Independence: Being Studies in Spiritual Liberty, 1907; Autobiography and Life of George Tyrrell, 1912; Reflections of a Non-Combatant, 1915; Democracy at the Crossroads, 1918; Modernism: Its Failures and its Fruits, 1918; and, My Way of Faith, 1937.

Scope and Content Note

These papers of Maude Dominica Mary Petre comprise a collection of handwritten notes and essays entitled "A Week End Book of Thought and Prayer," a copybook of poems and translations, and eight loose miscellaneous poems and translations. "A Week End Book of Thought and Prayer" centers around the theme of the relationships between Man, Christ, and God. From its subject matter and approach, "A Week End Book of Thought and Prayer" appears to have been written during the 1920's and 1930's. This collection of notes and essays also includes Maude Petre's outline (in folder 1) for this work. The folder list, for this inventory, follows her outline of the essays. Two essays are not included on the outline; but, remain in their original order among the essays and are indicated by [ ].

The copybook contains some poems and translations written in Maude Petre's hand between 1926 and 1928. These poems and translations also center around religious themes and issues. Among the works included in the copybook are "Adesta Fidelis," "Placane Christe servalis," "Pange Lingua Gloriosi Corporis Mysterium," and "Alma Redemptoris Mater."

Eight miscellaneous poems and translations are included with these papers. Six were published between 1909 and 1932. The other two are handwritten and undated. These poems and translations have been arranged alphabetically.



                                     A Week End Book of Thought and Prayer
1/1                                    (Outline)
1/1                                    Beginning
1/1                                    God and Man

1/1                           I.   Man the Finite--God the Infinite

1/1                          II.   Littleness and Immensity

1/2                           I.   Advent
1/2                                Our Destiny
1/2                                Expectation
1/2                                The Meaning of Life
1/2                                The Soul
1/2                                [The Person]

1/3                         II.   Christmas

1/3                        III.   The Old Year

1/3                        IV.   Epiphany
1/3                                Stars
1/3                                Light
1/3                                Hidden Life
1/4                                Time and Eternity

1/4                         V.   Lent
1/4                                Suffering
1/4                                Humility
1/5                                Self-hatred
1/5                                Life a Pilgrimage

1/5                        VI.   Passiontide(?)
1/5                                The Passion
1/5                                Abandonment
1/6                                Seeking
1/6                                Exile
1/6                                Martyrdom
1/7                                The Cry of the Inarticulate

1/7                       VII.   Eastertide
1/7                                The Resurrection
1/7                                Eternal Life
1/8                                Death
1/8                                Adoration

1/8                     VIII.   Whitsuntide(?)
1/8                                Vision
1/8                                The Music of the Spheres
1/9                                The Apostolic Spirit
1/9                                Wisdom
1/9                                Spiritual Harmony

1/10                      IX.   Christ
1/10                              The Eucharist
1/10                              The Schoolmaster in Christ
1/11                              Obedience
1/11                              Mt. Thabor
1/11                              Beauty

1/11                       X.   All Saints--All Souls
1/11                              All Saints
1/12                              Immortality
1/12                              Other Worldiness
1/12                              Is Life Worth Living

1/13                      XI.   The Church
1/13                              The Church
1/13                              Dogmatism
1/13                              Spiritual Communism
1/14                              Truth and Controversy
1/14                              Darkness and Light
1/14                              Spiritual Solidarity
1/14                              True Kingship

1/15                     XII.   The Neighbors
1/15                              [Home]
1/15                              Am I My Brother's Keeper
1/15                              Love and Hatred
1/15                              Conclusion
1/15                              Man and God

1/15                         I.   Religious Insensibility

1/15                        II.   The Lovely Trail
1/16                              Copybook, 1926-1928
1/17                              Miscellaneous poems and translations
1/17                              "Alma Redemptoris Mater," (transl.) 1932.
1/17                              "Ave Maris Stella."
1/17                              "A Dancing Song to the Mistral Wind," The Nation, May 15, 1909,
1/17                                      p. 249.
1/17                              "In the South," The Nation, April 17, 1909, p. 93.
1/17                              "Pange Lingua Glorisi Corporis Mysterium," (transl.) 1931.
1/17                              "Salus Infirmorum," The Nation, December 14,  1912.
1/17                              "When peace comes back."
1/17                              1 untitled translation beginning "A foolish life..."

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