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James F. Hopewell
Papers, 1953-1984

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Creator:Hopewell, James F., 1929-1984.
Title:James F. Hopewell Papers, 1953-1984
Call Number:Manuscript Collection No. 080
Extent:23.25 cubic feet (44 boxes)
Abstract:Consists of the papers of James F. Hopefwell, Professor of Religion and the Church at the Candler School of Theology, Emory University.
Language:Materials in English.

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Restrictions on AccessUnrestricted with the following exception: Selected surveys — restricted.
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ProcessingProcessed by Cynthia Crouch with assistance from Dr. Barbara G. Wheeler, 1986.

Biographical Note

Minister and faculty member of the Candler School of Theology, James Franklin Hopewell was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on August 5, 1929. He married Ruth Yvonne Cecil on July 27, 1951. The Hopewells had three children: James William, Paul Cecil, and Anne Ruth. Dr. Hopewell attended the University of Cincinnati from 1947 to 1951. From 1951 to 1954 he attended the Episcopal Theological School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he received a Bachelor of Divinity degree, cum laude. In 1958 Hopewell received his doctorate in the History of Religions from the Department of Religion of Columbia University.

Dr. Hopewell is noted for his contributions to the development of theological education in developing countries. In 1954 he was ordained in Liberia to the priesthood of the Episcopal Church. He served as Professor of Bible and Comparative Religion at the Cuttington College and Divinity School in Suacoco, Liberia from 1954 to 1960, and as the Dean of the Divinity School and Vice President of Cuttington College from 1958 to 1960. As the Associate Director (1960-1964) and later, as the Director (1964-1970) of the Theological Education Fund Committee of the World Council of Churches, Hopewell traveled extensively, visiting theological faculties in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. He also was instrumental in the formation of theological schools in Nigeria, the Malgache Republic, Indonesia, Korea, and numerous other countries.

Before coming to Emory University, Hopewell was Professor of Religion in Contemporary Sub-Saharan African Society at the Hartford Seminary Foundation in Connecticut for two years. In 1972 he received an appointment as Professor of World Religions at Emory University, and in 1974 he became the Director of the Institute for Church Ministries (now the Claudia A. Rollins Center for Church Ministries). Hopewell founded the Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit in Cumming, Georgia, in 1974 with the assistance of lay persons and served as its first vicar. Three years later, he was appointed Professor of Religion and the Church at the Candler School of Theology.

Dr. Hopewell published numerous articles, book reviews, and essays and contributed to several books including "The Jovial Church," in Building Effective Ministry: Theory and Practice in the Local Church, edited by Carl Dudley; "Ghostly and Monstrous Churches," Christian Century (1982); "Protestant Theological Education in Latin America," Lutheran World (1968); and "Mission and Seminary Structure," International Review of Missions (1967). At the time of his death, Dr. Hopewell was working on a book entitled Congregations: Stories and Structures. Dr. Barbara G. Wheeler of Auburn Theological Seminary in New York edited the text, and the book was published posthumously in 1987 by Fortress Press.

After a long struggle with cancer, Dr. Hopewell died in October 1984.

Scope and Content Note

The papers of James F. Hopewell consist of correspondence, subject files, printed materials, rough drafts and reference materials relating to his writings and research projects. Also included are syllabi, notes, and other materials relating to the courses which he taught, and minutes and reports of the Theological Education Fund Committee of the World Council of Churches for 1958-1969 and 1974.

The bulk of the papers relate to his writings, especially his book, Congregations: Their Structures and Stories. These files include bibliographies, notes, outlines, and several drafts of the book. Most of the general correspondence, arranged chronologically from 1976 to 1984, was written to Dr. Hopewell in his capacity as a faculty member of the Candler School of Theology. Correspondence relating to a specific file, such as a class, a professional society, or a review, remains in the pertinent file. Material relating to his classes at Emory University are arranged by the title of the course: History of religions/world religions, Ministry 300, and Sociology of religion, followed by other ministry courses, courses taught at locations other than the Candler School of Theology, and non-credit courses offered at Emory University. Dr. Hopewell's papers include very little personal correspondence or items.

Dr. Barbara G. Wheeler provided invaluable assistance in outlining and clarifying Dr. Hopewell's papers. In most instances, her notes and comments have been retained in the box/folder list and are indicated with her initials bgw. The following outline describes the arrangement of Dr. Hopewell's papers.

Outline of Contents

  1. General Correspondence
  2. Personal Papers
    1. Vitae, schedules, faculty reports, etc.
    2. Memos on Candler curriculum
    3. Memberships, participation in groups
      1. Professional societies
      2. The Association of Theological Schools: Issues Research Group
    4. Handbooks
  3. Printed Materials
    1. Missions and world religions
    2. Beliefs, congregations
  4. Literary Productions
    1. Research notes
      1. Pre-sabbatical year (before 1978)
      2. Sabbatical year (1978/1979)
      3. Reports on sabbatical
      4. Topical
        1. Setting/world view
          1. (1) General presentations
          2. (2) Interview guides
          3. (3) Variables and their sources
          4. (4) World characteristics
          5. (5) Test instrument
            1. (a) Test versions
            2. (b) Scoring sheets
            3. (c) Displays
            4. (d) Judging of adequacy of answers
          6. (6) Test results
            1. (a) Candler students
            2. (b) Data from churches
            3. (c) Comparative frequencies
        2. Character/ethos
        3. Plot
      5. Confidential field notes
        1. From continuing education courses
        2. From Hopewell's research in churches
      6. Early notes
        1. College
        2. Seminary
        3. Graduate school (Columbia University, 1956-1958)
    2. B. Book
      1. Early versions and their sources
        1. Outlines for early versions
        2. Introduction/first section
          1. (1) Manuscripts and typescripts
          2. (2) Sources: own works/notes
          3. (3) Sources: works of others
        3. Setting/world view
          1. (1) Manuscripts and typescripts
          2. (2) Sources: own works/notes
          3. (3) Sources: works of others
        4. Plot
          1. (1) Manuscripts and typescripts
          2. (2) Sources: own work/notes
          3. (3) Sources: works of others
        5. Ethos/character
          1. (1) Manuscripts and typescripts
          2. (2) Sources: own works/notes
          3. (3) Sources: works of others
        6. Ministry
      2. Hopewell's last revision
        1. Outline
        2. Introduction
        3. Setting
        4. Character
        5. Plot
        6. Critique and notes
      3. Final revision
      4. Complete typescripts
    3. Other writings
      1. Unpublished papers
      2. Published papers
      3. Reviews
  5. Theological Education Fund Committee
  6. Courses
    1. History of religions/World religions
      1. General
      2. Annual course files
      3. World Religions courses taught at Hartford
    2. Ministry 300
      1. General: protocols for paper, articles, notes for presentations
      2. Annual files
    3. Sociology of Religion
      1. General materials
      2. Annual files
    4. Other ministry courses
      1. General materials
      2. Annual files
    5. External presentations
      1. General materials
      2. Course/presentation files, 1976-1985
    6. Congregational analysis materials
      1. General
      2. Introduction
      3. Setting
      4. Ethos/character
      5. Plot
      6. Lectures

Container Listing


I. General Correspondence

1/1                               1969-1981
1/2                               1982
1/3                               1983, February-March
1/4                                         April
1/5                                         May-August
1/6                                         September-November
1/7                                         December
1/8                               1984, January-February
1/9                                         March
1/10                                       April-May
1/11                                       June-August

II. Personal Papers

A. Vitae, schedules, faculty reports, etc.
1/12-14                         Vitae
1/15                              Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta
1/16                              The Holy Eucharist: Rite Two
1/17                              Holy Spirit Episcopal Church, Cumming, GA
1/18                              Personal schedule; faculty report
1/19                              Tenure assessment
1/20-21                         Faculty report to Dean
1/21a                            Announcement of death and memorial services.

B. Memos on Candler curriculum
1/22                             Charts
1/23                             The Rollins Center Research Fellows Program
1/24                             Introductory Praxis Courses
1/25                             Ministry for the Eighties
1/26                             Chapel use
1/27                             Professional Studies Committee
1/28                             Various faculty papers

C. Memberships, participation in groups
                                  Professional societies
1/29-39                                 Foundation for Theological Education in Southeast Asia
1/40                                      Society for the Scientific Study of Religion
1/41                                      The Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada
1/42                                      Religious Research Association

                                   The Association of Theological Schools: Issues Research Group
1/43-46                                  Basic Issues Program
1/47                                       Basic Issues Group, meeting in Chicago, April 1982
1/48-50                                  Basic Issues Group, meeting in New Harmony, IN 1983
1/51-52                                  Basic Issues Group, meeting in New Harmony, IN 1984
1/53                                       Vocational Clarification as the Integration of Self in Ministry, written by Ardith S. Hayes, May 28, 1982
1/54                                       "Rump Session" 1981-1982

D. Handbooks (from a disassembled notebook)
1/55                                 Emory University Faculty
1/56                                 Clergy Manual
1/57                                 Criteria for promotion and tenure, Candler School of Theology
1/58                                 Division of Religion
1/59                                 Candler School of Theology Faculty
1/60                                 Institute for Church Ministries

III. Printed Materials

A. Missions and world religions
1/61-65                            African Independents
1/66                                 African music
1/67                                 Afro-American/Africa relations
1/68                                 All African Conference of Christians
1/69                                 Art
1/70                                 Atlanta House of Islam
1/71                                 China
1/72                                 Christian laymen abroad
1/73                                 Christian Literature Fund
1/74                                 Christian theology in Africa
1/75                                 Church mission relationships
1/76                                 Church studies
1/77                                 Connecticut Valley African Colloquium
1/78                                 Indians in Africa
1/79                                 Joint Action for Mission
1/80                                 Judaism
1/81                                 Kenya
1/82                                 Medical institutions
1/83                                 Militant Islam
1/84                                 Mission education
2/1                                   Missionary studies and study centers
2/2-3                                Missionary training and personnel
2/4                                   Mozambique
2/5                                   Nigeria
2/6-7                                Research agencies
2/8                                   Rural missions
2/9                                   Theology of mission
2/10-11                            Urban and industrial missions

B. Beliefs, congregations
2/12                                 Dudley, Carl
2/13                                 Hoffman--Servants of God
2/14-21                            Wheeler, Barbara G.
2/22                                 People's Temple
2/23                                 James Hillman and Gregory Bateson
2/24                                 Search questionnaire
2/25-26                           Faith development
2/27                                 Kavanaugh, Adam
2/28                                 Hauerwas, Stanley

IV. Literary Productions

A. Research notes
       1. Pre-sabbatical year (before 1978)
                  (see also Card files, box 14)
2/29-31                          Case studies
2/32-35                          Bibliography

        2.  Sabbatical year plans, notes, and critiques
                   (see also Card files, box 15 and Oversized bibliography, box 36)
2/36-39                          Research design: Congregational Belief Systems
2/40-42                          Research materials
2/43-46                          Historical Congregational Cradle
                                            (critically important file: source of many post-sabbatical ideas.  Shows juncture. bgw)
2/47                               Codebook (contains important frequencies from Cumming bgw)
2/48                               Belief range (Cumming United Methodist Church frequencies)
2/49                               Belief range (Cumming First Baptist Church frequencies)
2/50                               Medians (median figures for BUMC, Mission Church of God, Corinth Methodist Church,
                                            Corinth Baptist Church)
2/51                               CBS interviews
2/52                               Equivalencies
2/53                               Book--Two examples
2/54                               Belief range - ECOHS
2/55                               Belief range study
2/56-58                          Book--World view
2/59-60                          Romans--Mark (note: first evidence of use of Talcott Parsons  bgw)
2/61                               Mobley (note: critique of advisors on Emory faculty)
2/62                               Neville--Brewer--etc. (note: critique of advisors on Emory faculty bgw)

          3. Reports on sabbatical (notes and papers from a meeting held in December 1979, to review Sabbatical work.
                   See also Audio-cassettes #2-3)
2/63-66                          December 1979 meeting, Indianapolis [papers, reports, etc.]
2/67-68                          AP/RNS/Ministry & Mission (News report on sabbatical research and reactions)

          4. Topical
               a. Setting/world view
                   (1) General presentations
2/69                               Congregational analysis, Cumming report (Lecture in SPE 301, 1979)
2/70                               Talk before the clergy of the diocese of Atlanta, 1980
2/71                               Ministry theory (lecture)
2/72                               Chapter 2 setting (1983 book version "Setting")
2/73                               World view--belief patterns (fragment "Belief range interviews")
2/74                               World plots
2/75                               The World View of a Congregation
2/76            (2) Interview guides
                   (3) Variables and their sources
2/77                               World view--old categories
2/78                               New variables
2/79                               World view--old definitions
2/80                               Variables--transparencies
2/81                               Christ and world view
2/82                               Carl Jung and variables
2/83                               Canonic material
2/84                               Ivan D. Kovacs--variables
2/85              (4) World characteristics
                     (5) Test instrument
                            (a) Test versions
3/1                                Version 1979 world view tests "The Study of Your Congregation"
3/2                                Version 1 late 1979
3/3                                Revision (version 1 to version 2)
3/4                                Version 2
3/5                                Version 2 (Category test with Auburn continuing education group, January 1982)
3/6                                Version 3 printed
                             (b) Scoring sheets
3/7                                 Scoring--template (version 1)
3/8                                 Score analysis (version 1)
3/9                                 Score sheet narrative (version 1) (Hopewell sometimes used Northrop Frye's narrative
                                            equivalents for his world view categories bgw)
3/10                               Score sheets (version 2)
3/11                               Score sheets (version 3)
                             (c) Displays (see also Displays, Box 36)
                                              (Pyramids used initially--Diamonds used later)
3/12                               Pyramid--single
3/13                               Pyramids
3/14                               Pyramid transparencies
3/15                               Pyramid transparencies--First Baptist Church, Corinth, and First Methodist Church, Corinth
3/16                               Pyramids
3/17                               Pyramids
3/18                               Display
3/19                               Big diamond--narrative/world view
                              (d) Judging of adequacy of answers
3/20                               Judging version 2
3/21-22                         Belief ranges-judges version 1
                      (6) Test results
                              (a) Candler students
3/23-24                         James F. Hopewell's personal scores
3/25                              Junior world view, 1982 (used world view II)
3/26                              Junior world view, 1983
3/27                              Second year students' world view, 1983
3/28                              Student world view, 1981
3/29-32                         Junior world view, 1980
3/33-34                         Junior world view, 1980
3/35                              Attitude shifts in Candler students
3/36                              Student world view, April 1982
3/37-38                         Junior class world view test results
                                (b) Data from churches
3/39                               Central Congregational United Church of Christ Institute Course, September 1980
3/40                               World view scores Congregational Ed. Churches, 1980
3/41                               Mission Church of God world view range
3/42                               3 Savannah Baptist churches--world view II, 1982
3/43                               Episcopal Church of the Epiphany--world view range
3/44                               Belief range--miscellaneous
3/45                               St. Anne's Episcopal Church, Atlanta
3/46                               Diocese of Antigua world view
3/47                               St. Bede's world view
3/48                               Mississippi pastors
                                (c) Comparative frequencies
3/49-50                         World view scores summary
3/51                               Narrative settings of congregations
3/52                               World view scores-variations according to sex
3/53                               Response frequencies
                  b. Character/ethos
3/54-56                          Early formulations of ethos
3/57                               CA marked mythic pattern
3/58                               Method
3/59                               Old ethos transparencies
3/60                               Episcopal diocese of Atlanta Task Force Consultation
3/61                               Briarcliff Methodist Church "Briar Rose--transparencies"
3/62                               Grecian religion (Columbia University class notes; filed with ethos material)
3/63                               Hellenistic-Roman religion
                  c. Plot (no files)

The category of plot was created late, by splitting off Parsons' functional imperatives from world view, where Hopewell used them originally. (See "Ministry theory lecture" under IV.A.4.a.(1) Research Notes: Setting/World View). Sources for "Plot" are indicated under "Book" IV.B.1.d.(2) and (3) "plot sources." Interestingly, though  created last, plot became the capstone section of the book and the one Hopewell counted on for its transformative possibilities. bgw
         5.  Confidential field notes
               a. From continuing-education courses
3/64                               Susquehanna Valley, 1983
3/65-68                         Candler--continuing-education stories, 1983
3/69-75                         Candler--continuing-education stories, 1984
                b. From Hopewell's research in churches
                       (see also Card files, boxes 16-17)
3/76-81                         "Briar Rose" Briarcliff United Methodist Church (pertains to ethos)
3/82-85                         "Daedalus" (pertains to ethos)
3/86                               Empiric spirituality
4/1-7                             "Wiltshire" United Methodist Church (pertains to ethos--"Jovial Church" in
                                            Building Effective Ministry. Plot in Twelve of book)
4/8-9                             Report of Congregational Studies Institute Field Group to All Angels Episcopal Church,
                                            New York City, July 1984 (see also VI. E. External presentations)
4/10-11                         First Baptist Church, church directory, constitution & by-laws
4/12-13                         Journal
4/14-15                         Cumming United Methodist Church--statistics and roll
4/16-19                         Cumming United Methodist Church--bulletins
4/20                              Cumming United Methodist Church--themes
4/21-27                         Charge conference--Cumming
4/28                              Baptist materials
4/29                              Baptist data
        6.  Early notes (see also Card files, boxes 18-22)
                a. College
                b. Seminary
4/30-31                         OT 222 Psalms 1953 (Course taken at Episcopal Theological School)
4/32-39                         The New Covenant commonly called the New Testament of our Lord and
                                              Savior Jesus Christ translated out of Greek
4/40-42                         #1 (notebook)
4/43-45                         Exposition of the Psalms (notebook)
               c. Graduate school (Columbia University, 1956-1958)
4/46                              Hinduism and Buddhism
4/47                              Mesopotamian religion
4/48                              Zoroastrianism
4/49                              Primitive religion
4/50                              Buddhism
4/51-54                         Comparative religions
4/55                              Chinese religion
4/56                              Shintoism
4/57-59                         African art
4/60                              Hinduism
4/61                              Egyptian religion
4/62                              Canaanitic religion
4/63                              Judaism
4/64                              Shamanism
4/65                              The Histomap of Religion by John B. Sparks
4/66-70                         Introduction to the study of economics

B. Book
        1.  Early versions and their sources
              a. Outlines for early versions (also critiques and publishing possibilities)
4/71-74                         Book outline
4/75                              Westminister Press
4/76                              Critique
4/77                              Book--general
              b. Introduction/first section
                       (see also Card files, box 23)
                   (1) Manuscripts and typescripts
4/78                              Book--Embodiment
4/79                              Book--Introduction/poem
4/80-81                         Book--Preface
5/1-3                             Discovering the body
5/4-5                             Corporate story-past
5/6                                Chapter One--Draft
5/7-13                           Chapter One--Earlier
5/14-17                         Corporate story--current rewrite
5/18-19                         Creatures
5/20-21                         Chapter One
5/22-24                         Dwelling
                   (2) Sources: own works/notes
5/25                               Sixteen squares
5/26                               Narrative analysis
5/27                               Knower-Know boxes
5/28                               Revised theology
                   (3) Sources: works of others
5/29                               Ethnographic inquiry in congregations
5/30-34                          Melvin D. Williams
5/35                               Church administration courses
5/36                               Other typologies
5/37                               (Elhard) story
5/38                               Clifford Geertz
5/39                               Don Browning overview/story
5/40                               Computer/structure
5/41                               Narrative and social studies
5/42                               James Fernandez--dramatic fallacy, syntagmatic-paradigmatic
5/43                               Stephen Crites, "The Narrative Quality of Experience"
5/44                               Stephen Crites, "Angels We Have Heard"
5/45                               James Hillman, "The Fiction of Case History: A Round"
5/46                               Sallie TeSelle, "Autobiography: The Unity of Life and Thought"
[Folders 5/47-51 include materials collected to illustrate Pepper's four "world hypotheses"]
5/47                               Work/modify mechanism
5/48-49                          Identity/identity formism
5/50-51                          System/order organicism
                c. Setting/world view (see also Card files, box 24)
                    (1) Manuscripts and typescripts
5/52-59                          Chapter 2 Setting rewrite
5/60-63                          Chapter 2 versions
5/64-69                          Chapter 2 setting
5/70-74                          Setting
                     (2) Sources: own works/notes (see also research notes IV.A.4.a)
6/1                                 "Worlds" characteristics November version
6/2                                 Belief range interviews
                     (3) Sources: works of others (see also research notes IV.A.4.a)
6/3-4                              Mary Douglas: Natural symbols
              d. Plot (see also Card files, box 25)
                    (1) Manuscripts and typescripts
6/5                                 Chapter 3 Plot--outline
6/6-8                              Chapter 3 Plot--drafts
6/9-12                            Chapter 3 Plot--earlier versions
6/13-15                          Chapter 3 Plot--previous
6/16                               Holston--Plot (used in Holston D. Min. Course SR 313 1983)
                    (2) Sources: own works/notes
6/17                               Sanctity
6/18                               Congregational signals grid (blank)
6/19                               Systems problems
6/20                               Plot--basic congregational struggles
6/21                               Basic congregational imperatives, March 1983
6/22                               Congregational economy
6/23                               Congregational plot tensions
6/24-25                          Chapter 3 plot resources
6/2                                 Wiltshire: notes from own copy for book (not in original files; contributed by
                                            Ruth Hopewell from book at home)
                   (3) Sources: works of others
6/27                               Time line
6/28                               Ted Kachez--script & performance
              e. Ethos/character (see also Card files, box 26)
                   (1) Manuscripts and typescripts
6/29-30                          Chapter 4 Character
6/31                               Chapter 4
6/32                               Chapter 4 Character--earlier versions
6/33-35                          Chapter 4 Character--versions & notes
6/36                               Holston--character (used in Holston D. Min. course SR 313 1983)
6/37                               Character critique
                   (2) Sources: own works/notes (see also research notes IV.A.4.b)
6/38-39                          Mythic patterns
6/40                               Churches through the looking glass
6/41                               Wiltshire Methodist Church--case study
6/42                               Totem
6/43                               Leviathan
6/44                               Monster
6/45                               Ghost
6/46                               Jovial church
6/47                               Three congregations
6/48                               Submerged myths--ethos lecture
6/49                               Book--ethos
6/50                               Narrative-evoking questions
                   (3) Sources: work of others (see also research notes IV.4.b)
6/51                               Corporate story narrative
6/52                               Cupid & Psyche
6/53                               Rene Girard
6/54                               Myths (Hamilton/Bettelheim)
6/55                               Dictionary of fabulous beasts
6/56-57                          Idiom/daemon
6/58                               Stith-Thompson
6/59                               Briarcliff United Methodist Church--follow-up
6/60                               Social character and myth
6/61                               Richard Bondi
               f. Ministry (source materials for a section, closing, briefly considered and soon abandoned. bgw)
6/62                              Therapy
6/63                              Chapter 5 Theology of the finite--finitude & mystery
6/64                              Chapter 5 Interfaith dialogue

        2. Hopewell's last revision
6/65     a. Outline
              b. Introduction (Chapters 1-3)
6/66                              New introduction
6/67-69                         Dwelling--manuscript
6/70                              Critique
6/71                              Chapter 1 The Thick Gathering
6/72                              Chapter 1 revised manuscript
6/73-74                         Chapter 1 earlier drafts
6/75-76                         Chapter 2 materials
6/77                              Chapter 2 Househunting (models)
6/78                              Chapter 2 latest manuscript
6/79                              Chapter 3 manuscript
6/80                              Chapter 3 Hero Trinity
7/1                                Hero Trinity data
7/2                                Hero Trinity
              c. Setting
7/3                                Chapter 5 manuscript
7/4                                Chapter 5 world view categories
7/5-6                             Chapter 6 paroikia and oikoumene
7/7                                Chapter 6 Figure G
              d. Character
7/8-9                            Chapter 7
7/10                             Chapter 8 Three congregations
7/11-12                        Chapter 8
7/13-14                        Chapter 9 Storytelling
              e. Plot
7/15-16                        Chapter 10
7/17                             Chapter 10 manuscript
7/18-20                        Chapter 11 Christ and eros
7/21                             Chapter 11A Character of eros
7/22                             Chapter 11C Plot of Christ and culture
7/23                             Chapter 11D The larger liturgy
7/24                             Chapter 12 Wiltshire's world (resources)
7/25                             Chapter 12A Isolation of church
7/26                             Chapter 12B Isolation of member
7/27                             Chapter 12C Isolation of the Holy
7/28                             Wiltshire's world story manuscript
              f. Critique and notes
7/29                             Congregation--illustrations
7/30                             Troeltsch, etc.
7/31                             New Harmony, Indiana meeting in July 1983 (This meeting was attended by
                                            Dr. Hopewell, R. Lynn, D.S. Wisely, E. Farley, B. Wheeler and D. Kelsey.
                                            See also Audio-cassettes, #4-5)
          3. Final revision
7/32                             Acknowledgements
7/33                             Outline
7/34                             Chapter one
7/35                             Chapter two
7/36                             Chapter three
7/37                             Chapter four
7/38                             Chapter five
7/39                             Chapter six
7/40                             Chapter seven
7/41                             Chapter eight
7/42                             Chapter nine
7/43                             Chapter ten
7/44                             Chapter eleven
7/45                             Chapter twelve
          4. Complete typescripts
7/46-54                        June/July 1983
7/55-57                        Spring/summer 1984
                                      March 1984 (see Volume #17)

C. Other writings
        1. Unpublished papers
7/58                              "The African Mind," Spring 1957
7/59-65                        :Muslim penetration into French Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia before 1850" (thesis 1958) (typescripts)
7/66                              "Muslim penetration into French Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia before 1850" (copy by University Microfilms)
1/85                              "The Adaptation of Theological Education," 1956-57
1/86                              "The Fate of the Subordinate Culture," 1956-57
1/87                              "The Poro Mask," 1956-57
        2. Published papers
8/1-2                             "Beastly Education for Ministry," The Auburn News, Spring 1984
8/3                                "The Case of the Hidden Body," Ministry & Mission.
8/4                                "Churches Through the Looking Glass."
8/5-7                             "A Congregational Paradigm for Theological Education," Theological Education, Autumn 1984.
8/8                                 Dictionary of Pastoral Care and Counseling, ca. 1982.
8/9-11                           "Ghostly and Monstrous Churches," The Christian Century, June 1982.
8/12-23                         "Identity," Handbook on Congregational Studies, 1983-1984.
8/24-27                         "The Jovial Church: Narrative in Local Church Life," Building Effective Ministry, 1983. (See also Volume #10 )
8/28                              "Sense Your Church's Total Language," Ministry & Mission, August 1982.
                                           "The Strange Faith Next Door," Ministry & Mission.
8/29                              "Symbols and Signals in Wiltshire: Ethnographic Approaches to Wiltshire United
                                            Methodist Church," paper presented March 1982.
8/30                              "A Symposium on Research for the Professional Doctorate," The Journal of Pastoral Care, December 1973.
8/31                              "The Whole Church Catalog: where to get tools for congregational study and intervention."
                                            Washington, D.C.: The Alban Institute, Inc., 1984.
8/32                              "Zwischenbilanz eines okomenischen Fonds," Evangelische Missions Zeitschrift, 1966.

8/33   3. Reviews

V. Theological Education Fund Committee

8/34-39                         1958-1960
8/40-45                         1961
8/46-52                         1962
9/1-8                             1963
9/9-17                           1964
9/18-27                         1965
9/28-35                         1966
9/36-44                         1967
9/45-54                         1968
9/55-65                         1969
10/1-6                           1974

VI. Courses

A. History of religions/World religions
        1. General  (see also Card files, box 27)
10/7                              SPE 301 syllabus
10/8                              SPE 301/84 transparencies
10/9                              SPE 301/84 stratification-political order
10/1                              transparencies
10/11                            AV--Buddhism (see also Slides, box 36)
10/12-13                       WR 301 speakers
10/14                            Zen center
10/15-18                      World religions bibliography
10/19                            Popular Hinduism (slide presentation)
10/20                            "The Long Search"
10/21                            Islam
10/22                            WR 301 resources
10/23                            WR 301 reserve books

        2. Annual course files
10/24-25                      WR 301 1984
10/26                            WR 301 1983
10/27                            WR 301 1982
10/28                             Final examination 1981/1982
10/29-30                       WR 301 1981
10/31                             WR 301 1980
10/32-34                       HR 301 1978
10/35-40                       HR 301 1977
10/41-43                       HR 301 1976
10/44-45                       HR 301 1974
10/46-50                       HR 301 1973
10/51                            HR 400 Islam, guided reading 1976
        3. World Religions courses taught at Hartford (see Card files, box 34)

B. Ministry 300
        1. General:  protocols for paper, articles, notes for presentations
10/52                             Ministry theory paper
10/53                             Grade sheet
10/54                             Minister/pastor (articles)
10/55                             Prophetic ministry
10/56                             Introduction (transparency)
10/57                             Sanctuary lecture (transparency)
10/58                             Ministry in mission (transparencies)
10/59                             Ministry in the congregation
10/60                             Identity lecture (transparencies)
        2. Annual files
10/61-62                       1983, Fall
10/63-67                        1983, evaluations
11/1                                1983, discussion groups
11/2                                Black improvement response, 1982
11/3-5                             1982
11/6-8                             1981
11/9                                1981, future possibilities
11/10-11                         1980, Fall
11/12                              1979, roll
11/13-18                         1979, Minister in the Church and World (also MIN 300)

C. Sociology of Religion (in his files and on cards Dr. Hopewell used the code "CA"--congregational analysis--to
                refer to these courses)
                (see also Card files, box 35)
        1. General materials (See VI. F.)
        2. Annual files
11/19-21                         Holston Conference D.Min. course, Fall 1983-1984
11/22                              SR 313 1983, syllabi
11/23                              SR 313 1983, congregational analysis
11/24                              SR 313 1983, student reports
11/25                              SR 313 1983, test on concepts
11/26-28                         SR 443h congregational analysis graduate course, Spring 1981
11/29-32                         SR 313 1981, Fall
11/33-35                         SR 313, D.Min. course in Mississippi, 1980, Fall
11/36-40                         SR 313 1979

D. Other ministry courses (see also Card files, box 35)
        1. General materials (see VI.F.)
        2. Annual files
11/41-45                         SR 913 1980 (this is "Daedalus Church" in the book)
11/46-51                         CC 917 1980, Spring, Institute for Church Ministries (source of "Briar Rose" myth portion of book. bgw)
11/52-54                         PM 911 1978, Spring, Ministry through diversity (This is "the course that died,"
                                                referred to in the book and in Hero Trinity accounts "passion" unpublished
                                                papers and lectures. bgw)
11/55-58                         M 921 1977, Fall, Ecumenical social ministry
11/59-62                         M 349 1977, Summer (taught with Manfred Hoffman)
11/63-69                         HR 951 1977, Spring (early institute course. shows pre-sabbatical ideas about beliefs. bgw)
12/1-4                             HR 809 1976, Fall, "Neo-Pentecostal Movement" (important record of pre-sabbatical treatment
                                                of belief systems. bgw)
12/5-7                             HR 809 1976, Fall, course structure
12/8-10                           HR 309 1976, Summer, "The Pentecostal Experience" (Institute for course furnished certificates for participation)
12/11-17                         HR 851 1976 (early institute course shows pre-sabbatical ideas about congregational beliefs. bgw)
12/18-21                         PM 393 1975, Summer (this seminar was taped at the Protestant and Television Center)
12/22                              PM 393 1975, Spring
12/23-27                         PM 393 1974, Summer

E. External presentations (non-Candler courses and workshops, and non-credit courses and workshops at Candler)
        (see also Card files, box 34)
        1. General materials
12/28                               Course syllabi (for a variety of congregational analysis courses, credit and non-credit)
        2. Course/presentation files, 1976-1985
12/29                               Church of the Brethren, October 1985 (scheduled before his death)
12/30                               Episcopal Divinity School, January 1985 (scheduled before his death)
12/31                               Communicating with a congregation, the Center for Continuing Education, Candler, 1985 (canceled)
12/32                              Academy for Parish Clergy, 1984 (never occurred)
12/33                              Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, 1985 (cancelled)
12/34                              West Ohio School of Ministry, August 1984 (Mark Cole took Hopewell's place)
12/35-39                         Congregational Studies Institute, July 1984
12/40-41                         Communicating with a congregation, continuing-education seminar, 1984
12/42-43                         McCormick Theological Seminary, Center for Congregational Ministries in Metropolitan
                                                Midwest, 1983 (session conducted by speaker phone while Hopewell was in Emory Hospital)
12/44-45                         Candler Continuing Education Week, 1984 (the Monday, 2 January session at Hopewell's home
                                                may be the source of the stories in Chapter 10 of the book. Notes on stories told by participant
                                                and "analysis of actions of plot" are in these folders. bgw)
12/46                              United Church of Canada, Toronto, November 1983 (cancelled due to lack of registration)
12/47-53                         Project One, Presbyteries of New Jersey and New York, October 1983 and June 1984
12/54-56                         Candler Continuing Education, May 1983
12/57                              Auburn Theological Seminary, staff meeting, 25 April 1983
12/58                              Society of Church Business Administrators, 22 March 1984
12/59                              St. Bartholomew's Church, Atlanta, 13 March 1983
12/60                              Wofford College, 28 February 1983
12/61                              Lilly Endowment, meeting with foundation staff, Robert Lynn, Jacqui Burton, Susan Wisely,
                                                Charles Blair, Fred Hofheinz, 15 January 1983
12/62-63                         Candler Continuing Education, January 1983 and May 1983
12/64-65                         Susquehanna Valley Presbytery, 4-5 November 1982, 24-25 February 1983, and 19-20 May 1983
12/66                              Conference of the Diocese of South Carolina, 22-24 September 1982 (not held)
12/67                              Georgia United Methodist Pastor's School, Macon, 16-19 August 1982
12/68-69                         Diocese of Barbados, Antigua, July 1982
12/70                              Seminary week at Lake Junaluska, 5-9 July 1982
12/71-73                         Auburn Theological Seminary, 21-25 June 1982 (second session)
13/1                                 St. Luke United Methodist Church, Memphis, Tennessee, 22 March 1982
13/2                                "Detecting the Plot of Your Congregation," first United Methodist Church, Jefferson, Georgia, 14 March 1983
13/3-6                             "Understanding the Narrative of a Congregation," Auburn Theological Seminary, 4-8 January 1982 (first session)
13/7                                 Conference on the professional model of ministry and beyond, Hendersonville, North Carolina,
                                                25-28 October 1981 (Hopewell did not attend. bgw)
13/8-10                            St. Bede's Episcopal Church, Atlanta, 11-18 October 1981, (world view and ethos)
13/11                               Nashville Area Pastor's School, Nashville, 11-14 August 1980
13/12-14                          Continuing Education Course, Candler, May 1980
13/15                               Science and religion, study seminars, October 1976
13/16 I-20                      Coalition Ministry, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, June 1976 (important for pre-sabbatical view of ministry. bgw)

F. Congregational-analysis materials (These materials were in current use by Dr. Hopewell, at the time of his death, in
            congregational-analysis-courses and workshops. bgw)
        1. General
13/17                              Psalms (used as opening or closing prayers for sessions. bgw)
13/18                              Worship forms
13/19-21                         Wiltshire Methodist Church--case studies
        2. Introduction (see also IV.B.1.b.)
13/22                              Househunting lecture (book chapter used to open presentations. bgw)
13/23                              House cards
        3. Setting (see also IV.A.3.a and IV.B.1.c)
                  [usual order of a world-view presentation:
                       --test administered
                       --floor exercise: display on floor, using ropes or tape, of world view positions, using Hopewell's
                            hospital plight (see Chapter 4) as illustration
                       --category definitions
                       --self-placement of participants in world view categories
                       --test scoring
                       --comparison of test to self-placement results bgw]
13/24                             Map of meaning (floor display)
13/25                             Characteristics
13/26                             World-view orientations (floor display)
13/27                             Revised world-view category definitions
13/28                             Narrative settings (comparison of mean scores of several congregations used in book
                                            with different initials for churches bgw)
13/29                             Belief range interviews
13/30                             World-view test version 2
13/31                             Score sheets (used to score 1982 belief range questionnaire bgw)
13/32                             World-view test, recent
13/33                             Big diamond [used to plot world-view (belief range) scores bgw)
        4. Ethos/character  (see also IV.A.3.b and IV.B.1.e)
13/34                             Ethos analysis (These sheets were xeroxed and cut horizontally in half.  Copies of each half sheet
                                            were passed to participant as each ethos topic, e.g."Mood," was introduced by telling
                                            congregational stories and their associated myths. bgw)
13/35                             Ethos transparencies
13/36                             Value patterns
        5.  Plot (see also IV.B.1.d)
13/37                             Plot (floor display)
13/38                             Congregational symbols and signals (older version)
13/39                             Congregational symbols and signals (newer version)
                                              (Note further evolution of plot categories in book, Chapters 10-12  bgw)
13/40                             Sample of spatial symbols (observation guide)
        6.  Lectures (Drawn from last Hopewell draft of book. bgw)
13/41                             Hero journey
13/42                             SR 313/1983 narrative
13/43                             SR 313/1983 listening for narrative
13/44                             SR 313/1983 methods of observation
13/45                             SR 313/1983 crisis and world view
13/46                             SR 313/1983 categories of world view
13/47                             SR 313/1983 models of congregations
13/48                             SR 313/1983 community of language

Items separated:

Audio-cassettes (in box 36)

#1     "Church and Community."  Panel discussion with Jim Waits, James Hopewell, and Ted Runyon, held 10 August 1976.

#2-3   Meeting of Lilly foundation, held December 1979, to review Dr. Hopewell's sabbatical work, attended by C. Dudley,
            M. Cole, R. Lynn, C.E. Nelson, J. Carroll, L. Mead, M. Williams, B. Wheeler, D. Bass, et al. bgw

#4-5   New Harmony meeting held in 1983, attended by Edward Farley, David Kelsey, Robert Lynn, D. Susan Wisely.  bgw

#6-9   DuBose lectures:
               Lecture 1 Induced Myths
               Lecture 2 Induced Myths
               Lecture 3 World Plots
               Panel discussion

Card files (separated from the series listed below)
Box 14    IV. Literary Productions
                        A. Research notes
                               1. Pre-sabbatical year (ministry theory)

Box 15     IV. Literary Productions
                        A. Research notes
                               2. Sabbatical year (notes)

Box 16     IV. Literary Productions
                        A. Research notes
                               5. Confidential field notes
                                    b. From Hopewell's research in churches
                                               (Cumming First Methodist and First Baptist field research. Important world view file &
                                                assorted materials. bgw)

Box 17      IV. Literary Productions
                        A. Research notes
                               5. Confidential field notes
                                    b. From Hopewell's research in churches
                                               (Cumming First Methodist and First Baptist field research. Important ethos file. bgw)

Box 18-22  IV. Literary Productions
                           A. Research notes
                                 6. Early notes
                                      c. Graduate School (Box 22 appears to be dissertation notes.  bgw)

Box 23      IV. Literary Productions
                        B. Book
                             1. Early versions and their sources
                                  b. Introduction/first section

Box 24      IV. Literary Productions
                        B. Book
                             1. Early versions and their sources
                                  c. Setting/world view

Box 25      IV. Literary Productions
                        B. Book
                             1. Early versions and their sources
                                  d. Plot

Box 26      IV. Literary Productions
                        B. Book
                             1. Early versions and their sources
                                  e. Ethos/character

Box 27      VI. Courses
                        A. History of religions/World religions
                             1. General

Box 28-33   VI. Courses
                         A. History of religions/World religions
                                3. World religions courses taught at Hartford

Box 34         VI. Courses
                           B. Ministry 300
                                 1. General (also rudimentary notes for SPE 301 complete "Jovial Church" presentation. bgw)
                           E. External presentations

Box 35         VI. Courses
                           C. Sociology of Religion
                           D. Other ministry courses

Displays (4 rolls, in box 36)
       "Africa including the latest discoveries," drawn and engraved by Sidney Hall.
                    Published by A. Constable & Co., Edin(borough), 1819.

Oversized bibliography (related to IV.A.2, in box 36)


401Portrait of James F. Hopewell, ca. 1976.
402-64Conference on the Congregation, held March 1982 and sponsored by the Rollins Center for Church Ministries. Among the participants are Dr. Hopewell (2-13), Carl Dudley (14-18), Robert Evans (19-23), Wade Clark Roof (24), and Carl Siegenthaler (25). (see also Slides)
4065The Most Reverend Juhanon Mar Thoma, ca. 1963.


361History of religions "Buddhism presentation" (slide tray)
362Asian religions. "Buddhism in Southeast Asia" (notebook of slides)
363Conference on the Congregation, held March 1982. 15 loose slides related to photographs 2-64.


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