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Biographical Note

Jonna-Lynn Knauer Mandelbaum, Methodist missionary nurse and nursing educator, was born on November 23, 1946 in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.  She received her bachelor's degree from Lebanon Valley College in 1969, a master's degree in public health from Johns Hopkins University in 1978, and a PhD in education from Georgia State University in 1986.  In 1969 she went to Mozambique to serve as a missionary nurse for the United Methodist Church.  She also worked in Swaziland and Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).  She focused on international health issues throughout most of her professional career.  She worked with nursing programs in Papua New Guinea and the Philippines, and served as the director of nursing programs in Central and Eastern Europe for Project Hope.  Mandelbaum is retired and lives in New Mexico.

Scope and Content Note

This collection consists of the research material and taped interviews of Jonna-Lynn K. Mandelbaum.  The material in the collection was used for research on her dissertation The Missionary as a Cultural Interpreter, which pertains to the Tswana culture in Mozambique.  The collection contains manuscripts, articles, and correspondence from Charles Edward Fuller, Ira E. Gillet, Alf Helgesson, and Mary Rea.  The manuscripts include information on missionaries B. F. Ousley, Mary and Julian Rea, and Erwin H. Richards.  The collection includes tapes and transcripts of interviews with Fuller, Gillet, Helgesson, Mary Rea and other missionaries and individuals who lived in Mozambique and were familiar with the work of Methodist missionaries.  The taped interviews are available in the library but copies cannot be supplied for use outside the library.

1/1   Fuller, [Charles Edward] Articles and papers from1959-1974, n.d.
 Gillet, Ira E.: 
1/2   [Correspondence, articles, transcripts]1985-1986
1/3   This I recall: my growing up1985
1/4   Early years in Africa manuscriptn.d.
1/5   B. F. Ousley's biographyn.d.
1/6   Mary Rea's biography of Julian Reaca. 1978
1/7   E. H. Richard's biographyn.d.
 Helgesson, Alf: 
1/8   The Tshwa response to Christianity1971
1/9   The Tshwa response to Christianity1971
2/1   Helgesson's Tshwa grammarn.d.
2/2   Rea, Mary - Julian and Mary Rea's manuscript, Xeroxed 9-10-85 Collated 1973-1978ca. 1978
2/3   Anderson, Bill and Dorothy1985
2/4   Broughton, Bruceca. 1985
2/5   Dodge, Ralph E.1986
2/6   Duncan, Hall1986
2/7   Fuller, Charles Edward1985-1986
2/8   Fuller, Edna1985
2/9   Greenberg, Dorothy1985
2/10   Greenberg, Harry1985
2/11   Helgesson, Alf1985-1988
2/12   Hough, Dorcas M.1985
2/13   Kemling, Max1985-1986
2/14   Kurtz, Barbara1986
2/15   Lang, Victoria1985
2/16   Mbule, Artur1985
2/17   McKnight, Martha1985-1986
2/18   McKnight, Ted1985-1986
2/19   Mujongue, Chadreque1985-1986
2/20   Nordby, Juel1986
2/21   Rea, Mary1985-1986
2/22   Simpson, Nadine1985
2/23   Simpson, Robert1985
3   Tapes of interviews1985-1986
 Research materials: 
4/1   Richards, Erwin H: Elementary principles of the Sheetswa language1902
4/2   Missionary pamphlets[1929, 1938, late 1930s]
4/3   Cadwallader, E. M.: Procedure for producing native African readers in southern Rhodesia1936
4/4   Documents pertaining to health education1958-1964
4/5   Tsonga language resources1960 and undated
4/6   Miscellaneous published anthropological studies1960, 1971
4/7   Donaldson, Franklin: The Sister Buck Memorial Hospital project in spiritual healing[1966/1967]
4/8   Makhubele, L. L.: Traditional African concepts of illness and healing1969
4/9   Helgesson, Alf: African background and the Christian faith1972
4/10   Knauer, J. L.: A statement on the medical assistant training school at Nyadiri1973
4/11   Rea, Mary P.: Bodine boarding schoool for boys[1973]

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