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 Biographical Note

Armen Jorjorian, Episcopal priest and clinical pastoral educator, was born in Chicago in 1919. After receiving degrees from Northwestern University (B.A., 1944) and Seabury-Western Theological Seminary (B.D., 1946), he enrolled in a Ph.D. program at Columbia University. Jorjorian planned to teach in the field of systematic theology; however, while working on his doctoral dissertation, he accepted a position as chaplain at Riker's Island, New York. This marked the beginning of his interest in clinical pastoral education (CPE) and a profound shift in his ministry. In his own words, Jorjorian "[laid] aside the abstract concerns of theory in favor of the practical and immediate needs of people in stress."

Jorjorian was ordained an Episcopal priest in New York in 1946. From 1947 to 1955, he held the positions of Staff Chaplain at the New York Protestant Episcopal City Mission Society, Protestant Chaplain at Bellevue Hospital, and Senior Staff Chaplain and Supervisor of Clinical Pastoral Education at Riker's Island. He began his first clinical pastoral education program with eight students in 1953.

In 1955, Jorjorian moved to Houston to design a CPE program at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital. At St. Luke's (and later at Texas Children's Hospital), he held the position of Religious Director and Chaplain. He remained in Houston through the 1960s, and was an original member of the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education's executive committee. Jorjorian was also involved with the American Association of Pastoral Counselors as a Diplomate. He lectured and wrote extensively, and served on the editorial board of the Journal of Pastoral Care.

In 1972, Seabury-Western Theological Seminary chose Jorjorian as President of the Corporation and Dean of the Seminary. He held these positions until his death on December 30, 1973.

Jorjorian and his wife, Jean, had four children.

(Source of biographical information: "Pastor and Prophet: A Story of the Life and Work of Dr. Armen Jorjorian, D.D.," Rev. Robert Leas, Series 2, Box 4, Folder 18.)

Scope and Content Note

Armen Jorjorian's papers include articles, lectures, workshop presentations, project files, and an unpublished book manuscript. There are also a few files containing writings by others - most notably, a biographical paper on Jorjorian written by Rev. Robert Leas in 2005. Leas's paper was written following a detailed examination of Jorjorian's writings. It offers an interpretive overview of his life and ministry. Also included is one folder of case material from Jorjorian's work in pastoral counseling. This folder is restricted.

The papers are organized into four series. The first, Writings and Lectures by Jorjorian, contains drafts and final copies of articles, speeches, lectures, papers, and other writings. Series 1 also includes a draft of Jorjorian's unpublished book, The Pastoral-Prophetic Ministry. This book draws heavily on Jorjorian's previous writings. The second series, Writings by Others, includes Leas's biographical sketch, along with a few papers collected by Jorjorian. The third series is comprised of Jorjorian's files on workshops, conferences, and numerous special projects in the field of pastoral care. The fourth series contains Jorjorian's case material, and is restricted.

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Container Listing
			Series 1: Writings and Lectures by Jorjorian, 1946-1972
1	1		Abortion, Viewpoint Interview, undated
1	2		Amarillo Address, 1964 Apr 11
1	3		"Boredom and Freedom," Mid-Summer CPT Conference, Austin TX 19673 
1	4		Canterbury Lecture Series, 1965
1	5		"The Chaplaincy Ministry in Spiritual Care," Texas Conference of Catholic 
			Hospitals, Houston TX 1968 Mar 29
1	6		"Children: Retarded or Deprived," Interdisciplinary Conference, 1967 Mar 1
1	7		"Christian Doctrine of Man" and Other Papers, Comments, 1960-1965, 				
1	8		"The Common Dilemma Facing Pastors and Psychiatrists," Houston State 
			Psychiatric Institute, 1963 Feb 25
1	9		"Concept Consciousness, Task Consciousness, and Self Consciousness," 
			Journal of Pastoral Care, 1965 Summer
1	10		"Contributions of the Episcopal Church to Ecumenity Through Pastoral Care 
			and Education," Pastoral Psychology, 1966
1	11		"Counseling the Catholic," Review for Pastoral Psychology, 1960
1	12		"Crises and Spiritual Opportunities in Operating Room Nursing," 
			Association of Operating Room Nurses, Shamrock TX, 1959 Feb 9
1	13		"Crises and Spiritual Opportunities in Operating Room Nursing," Hospital 
			Topics, 1959 Apr
1	14		"The Crisis of Change and Our Response as Persons," Research Hospital, 
			Kansas City MO, 1972 May 12
1	15		"Denominational Role in the Institutional Ministry and Chaplaincy 
			Training," Lutheran Consultation on CPE, Chicago IL, 1966 Nov 3-5
1	16		"Doctrine of Man," Rice University, 1959 May 9
1	17		Ember Day Lecture, 1963-1964
1	18		"An Episcopal Supervisor's View of the Summer Quarter of Clinical Pastoral 
			Training," 1962 Aug 20
1	19		"Expressions, Methodologies, and the Function of Pastoral Care," CPE 
			Group, Houston TX, 1970 Summer
1	20		"The Factor of Christian Maturity in Readiness to Supervise Clinical Pastoral 
			Training," SW Regional Accreditation Meeting, Houston TX , 1961 Apr 21
1	21		"Foundation Assumptions for Coordinating Medical and Religious Insights 
			in Healing," Bellevue Hospital, 1954
1	22-23		"From the Chaplain," Intercom, 1959-1966
1	24		"How Important is the Sexual Factor in Marriage?," Texas A&M University, 
			1956 Apr 23
1	25		"Identity and Anxiety," UCF Retreat for Lamar Tech Students, 1962 Oct 5-6
2	1		Lectures to Chaplains in the Texas State System, Buchanan Dam TX, 1964 
			Sep 14-16
2	2		Letters to the Editor and Editorial Comments, 1961-1971
2	3		"Man's Three Ways of Being-in-the-World and in-the-Church," undated
2	4		"Meaning and Character of Supervisory Acts," 1967
2	5		"Meaning and Character of Supervisory Acts," Journal of Pastoral Care, 
2	6		"Means of Redemption - Doctrine of Man - Middle Age," undated
2	7		"Means of Redemption," Presentation, 1958 Jun 26
2	8		"Metaphysical Presuppositions for Clinical Pastoral Work," 1968
2	9		"Ministering to the Spiritual and Physical Needs of the Cancer Patient," 
			American Cancer Society, Dallas TX 1968 May 10
2	10		"Ministry at the Point of Death," School of Theology, Sewanee, 1970 Oct 6-7
2	11		"Ministry at the Point of Death," St. Luke's Journal, undated
2	12		"Ministry of Unreward," St. Luke's Auxiliary, 1965 Jan 25
2	13		"Ministry to the Sick: An Interfaith Practice," B'nai B'rith, Houston TX, 
			1962 Feb 1
2	14		"My Devotional Manual," 1946
2	15		"Near Life, Near Death, Near God," Comment, 1957
2	16		Nurses' Graduation, Jefferson Davis School of Nursing, 1956 Aug 3
2	17		"The Nurse's Spiritual Ministry to Protestant Patients," Nursing World, 1955 
2	18		"Obligations and Opportunities of the Ministry of Mercy," Council of 
			Churches Annual Meeting, 1962 Nov 18
2	19		"Opportunities for a Religious Ministry at All Saints' Hospital," Fort Worth 
			TX, 1956 Oct 5
2	20		Outlines and Materials for Various Talks, undated
			The Pastoral-Prophetic Ministry, undated
3	1			Outline and Drafts
3	2			Chapter 1, "Faith and Accountability"
3	3			Chapter 2, "The Human Situation and Accountability"
3	4			Chapter 3, "The Ministry of Reconciliation"
3	5			Chapter 4, "The Factor of Participation in Pastoral Care"
3	6			Chapter 5, "The Practice of Religion and the Maintenance of 
3	7			Chapter 6, "The Clinical Method in Medicine and Pastoral Care"
3	8			Chapter 7, "Pastoral Opportunities in the Crossroads of Human 
3	9			Chapter 8, "Pastoral-Prophetic Understanding of the Ten 
3	10			Chapter 9, "Confession - Penance and Absolution"
3	11			Chapter 10, "The Sense of Devotion and Worshipful Experience"
3	12			Epilogue, undated
3	13		Pastoral Theology Lectures, 1954-1956
3	14		"Personal and Professional Value Judgments in Nursing," University of 
			Texas School of Nursing, 1965 Jun 9
3	15		"Philosophy and Practice of the General Hospital Ministry," 1963 Oct 4
3	16		"Physicians and Pastors: Friends in Fiction or Fact," Oklahoma State 
			Medical Society Meeting, 1964 May 3
3	17		" 'Preparation' of Christianity in the Ancient World," undated
4	1		"A Protestant's Viewpoint of Man," Delaware Council of Churches, 1962 
			Nov 18
4	2		"Reflections Upon and Definition of Pastoral Counseling," Pastoral 
			Psychology, 1972 Spring
4	3		"Relationships Between Pastoral Counseling and Psychotherapy," Texas 
			Institute of Child Psychology, 1969
4	4		"Religion as Asset in a Psychiatric Patient," Editorial Comment, Journal of 
			Pastoral Care, 1968	
4	5		"Some Contributions of a Clergyman to a Psychiatric Treatment Team," 
			Baylor College of Medicine, 1965 Sep 13
4	6		"Some Reflections on the Future of the Summer Quarter of Clinical Pastoral 
			Training," Journal of Pastoral Care, 1959
4	7		"Ten Commandments as a Description of Reality and Their Implications for 
			Morality," Baylor College of Medicine, 1964 Oct 23
4	8		"Theological Foundations and Implications of Clinical Pastoral Ministry," 
4	9		"Theological Orthodoxy and Clinical Awareness in Pastoral Work," undated
4	10		"Theology for Pastoral Work," Council for Clinical Training Conference, 
			1959 Oct 26
4	11		"Three Meditations for Advent," 1958
4	12		"Towards a More Spiritual Social Work," Texas Women's University, 
			Denton TX, 1957 May
4	13		"Unified Plan for Providing Supervision for Members of the Helping 
			Professions Doing Psychotherapy or Counseling in Church-Related or Low-
			Cost Clinics," undated
4	14		"Volunteer Service," St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital, 1961 Jan 23

			Series 2: Writings by Others, 1958-2005
4	15		"The Chaplain and the Organ Transplant Team," Ralph S. Carpenter, 1970
4	16		"The Episcopal Church's Ministry of Healing," 1958, 1964
4	17		"Group Poop," undated
4	18		"Pastor and Prophet: A Story of the Life and Work of Dr. Armen Jorjorian, 
			D.D.," Rev. Robert Leas, 2005

			Series 3: Workshops, Conferences and Projects, 1953-1970
4	19		Chaplains' Workshop, Buchanan Dam TX, 1963-1964
4	20		Conference on Ethics in Medicine and Technology, Houston TX, 1968 Mar 
4	21		Conference on Spiritual Healing, St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital, Houston TX 
			1956 May 24
4	22		Council of Clinical Training and Virginia Theological Seminary Joint 
			Conference, 1953 Feb 27-28
4	23		Council for Clinical Training in the Southwest, Incorporation, 1957 Feb 12
4	24		Criss Award, DeHartog Nomination, 1966-1967
4	25		Diocesan Commission on Alcoholism, 1957
4	26		Diocesan Commission on Euthanasia, 1968-1969
4	27		Episcopal Church Conference, Evergreen CO, 1959
5	1-2		First International Symposium on the Socio-Medical Aspects of Organ 
			Transplantation in Human Beings, Houston TX, 1970 Mar 8-11
5	3		Healing Committee, 1959
5	4		Laboratory on the Church and Group Life, Brea Canyon CA, 1959 May 25-
			Jun 6
5	5		Memphis Medical Center, Consultation and Research Project, 1965
5	6		Ministry in Perspective, Leakey TX, 1962
5	7		Non-Medical Care of Hospital Patients, Interdisciplinary Conference, 1967 
			Mar 12
5	8-9		Pastoral Care Workshops, Houston Council of Churches, 1957-1962
5	10		Seminar or Group Therapy Research Project, 1956
5	11		Urban Pilot Project, 1965-1967
5	12		Workshop for Volunteer Chaplains of Riverside Hospital, 1968 Feb 1-2

			Series 4: Case Materials, 1956-1963
5	13		Case Materials, 1956-1963 [RESTRICTED]            

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