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Papers, 1963-1997

Descriptive Summary
Creator:Boers, Hendrikus, 1928-2007.
Title:Hendrikus Boers papers, 1963-1997.
Call Number:Manuscript Collection No. 325
Extent:11.76 cubic feet (24 boxes)
Abstract:Consists of correspondence, drafts of writings and outlines of lectures, and other papers that document Boers’ lengthy career as a New Testament scholar, educator, and leader at Candler School of Theology.
Language:Materials in English and German.
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Restrictions on AccessSeries 1-3 are unrestricted. Series 4 and 5 are restricted. Please consult the archivist for details.
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Biographical Note

Hendrikus Wouterus Boers was born in Ermelo, South Africa, on 3 February 1928. He attended the University of Pretoria (B.A. 1952, M.A. 1955, B.D. 1956) and the University of Bonn (Doctor of Theology, 1962). After completing his doctoral degree, Boers accepted an appointment as Assistant Professor of New Testament at Candler School of Theology. He was promoted to Associate Professor in 1969, and later attained the rank of Professor. While at Candler, Boers served administrative roles in both Candler and the Graduate Division of Religion in the New Testament Department, in the Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree program, and in the Master of Theological Studies (MTS) degree program. After he retired in 1997, Boers held the title Professor Emeritus.

Boers has published widely. His books include The Diversity of New Testament Christological Concepts and the Confession of Faith (1962), What is New Testament Theology?: The Rise of Criticism and the Problem of a Theology of the New Testament (1979), Who Was Jesus?: The Historical Jesus and the Synoptic Gospels (1989), The Justification of the Gentiles: Paul's Letters to the Galatians and Romans (1994), and Christ in the Life of the Believer: In Place of a Christology of Paul (2005).

Boers lived in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife, Ida. They have three children. Hendrikus Boers passed away in 2007.

Scope and Content Note

The Hendrikus Boers papers document Boers' lengthy career as a New Testament scholar, educator, and leader at Candler School of Theology. They include correspondence with Emory colleagues, other scholars, and publishers; drafts of writings and outlines of lectures, and files related to the administration of the New Testament Department and several degree programs in Candler and in the Graduate Division of Religion in Emory University. The papers are organized into five series:

Series 1: Correspondence, 1963-1997 (Arranged alphabetically by last name).
These files contain Boers' correspondence with other Biblical scholars, Emory colleagues, publishers of his work, and former students. Both incoming and copies of outgoing letters are included. Some of the correspondence is in languages other than English; most notably, German and Afrikaans. Files in this series are arranged alphabetically by correspondent's last name, or by start of name for publishers and other corporate entities.

Series 2: Writings and Lectures, undated (arranged alphabetically by title).
In this series are manuscript drafts of writings by Boers, including detailed outlines for lectures delivered to his classes. There are several folders of introductory lectures on the New Testament. Other topics include issues in the interpretation of the New Testament, Christology of the New Testament, and the message of Jesus. Files are arranged alphabetically according to the titles supplied by Boers.

Series 3: Research, 1967, 1988 (arranged chronologically).
This series consists of two folders of correspondence, proposals, and supporting materials for grant and scholarship applications filed by Boers. Included are applications for an American Association of Theological Schools research grant awarded for the 1968-1969 academic year and an Emory University Research fund grant awarded for 1989-1990. This series is arranged chronologically.

Series 4: Administrative Files, 1963-1996 (arranged alphabetically by folder title).
The files in this series document Boers' role as an administrator in Candler School of Theology. Included are correspondence, committee minutes, reports, and other documents related to the administration of the New Testament Department, and the MDiv and MTS degree programs (including the Honors programs for each of these degrees). There are detailed files on admission of students to the New Testament Department, including candid evaluations of both successful and unsuccessful applicants. Because of this and other confidential student information found throughout the files, the series is restricted.

Series 5: Classes, 1970-1997 (arranged alphabetically by title).
This series is comprised of files related to classes taught by Boers. Most notable is CP 400, an interdisciplinary seminar held on topics in theology and religious studies. This series is restricted because of the presence of student writings and other confidential materials.

Container Listing

Series 1: Correspondence, 1963-1997
11Abingdon Press1992
12Albrecht, Timothyundated
13Altizer, Thomas1968-1984
14Ault Stiflung1994-1997
15Aune, David1988
16Beker, Chris1981-1994
17Betz, Dieter1967-1993
18Biblical Theology Bulletin1984-1986
19Blount, Brian1989-1993
110Blumenthal, David1977
111Bosch, David1992-1993
112Brammer, Ross1983
113Braun, Herbert1968-1991
114Brown, Delwin1974-1982
116Carrez, Maurice1987-1988
117Cesar, Ely1982-1984
118Chevallier, Max-Alain1987-1990
119Cobb, John1991
120Collins, Adela1986-1989
121Collins, John1989-1991
122Cook, John1985-1990
123Combrink, Bernard1981-1989
124Craddock, Fred1979-1986
125Crawford, Robert1991
126Crim, Keith1975-1987
127Culpepper, Alan1980-1983
128Dahl, Nils1976-1977
129Dowd, Sharyn1982-1987
130Duling, Dennis1979-1983
131Dykes, David1982-1990
132Egger, Wilhelm1989
133Elliott, Neil1990
134Engels, Elmar1969-1980
135Fehderau, Harold1978
136Flynn, Tom1983-1984
138Fowler, Jim1985-1986
139Funk, Bob1970-1990
140Furnish, Vic1987-1994
141Garrett, Sue1987-1993
142Gerstenberger, Erhard1978-1994
143Gray, Rebecca1989
144Greimas, A.J.1986-1987
145Grimes, Joseph1981-1983
146Gunderson, Gary1987
147Gutgemanns, Erhardt1976-1977
148Hadidian, Dikran1978-1982
149Hansen, Walter1983
150Harper and Row1987-1989
151Harrill, Albert1994
152Hays, Richard1982-1986
153Hedrick, Charles1980
154Hellholm, David1979-1984
155Hester, Carl1979
156Hester, Jim1976-1984
157Hurtado, Larry1979-1982
159Jalmo, Gun1981
160-61Jennings, Ted1980-1992
162Jewett, Robert1979-1985
163Johnstone, William1991
164Journal of Religion1988
165Kaufmann, Gordon1973-1979
166Kio, Stephen1983-1987
167Kitzberger, Ingrid Rosa1988-1993
168Klaiman, Miriam1983
169Koester, Helmut1979-1980
170Kraftchick, Steve1984-1993
171Kraftchick, Steve1994-1997
172Krois, John1989
173Kuiper, Gerard1971-1989
21Laney, Jim1969-1989
22Leclerc, Ivor1972-1992
23Letis, Ted1989
24Lord, Gerald1989
25Louw, Johannes1976-1992
26Ilamas, E.1980
27Longacre, Robert1978-1985
28Lowen, Jacob1974-1990
29Lorenzmeier, Theodore1972-1982
210Louw, J.R.1987
211Mack, Burton1979-1982
212Malbon, Elizabeth Struthers1983-1984
213McCant, Jerry1989
214McKnight, Ed1980-1983
215Miller, E.J.1985
216Miller, Max and Julene1981
217Mickiewicz, Dennis1981, undated
218Moore, Steven1989
219Morgan, Robert1983-1985
220Naude, Byers1991
221Nida, Eugene1973-1974
222New Testament Studies1974-1988
223Ogden, Schubert1975-1979
224O'Grady, John F.1992
225Olsson, Birger1981-1985
226Perkins, Pheme1991
227Perrin, Norman1971-1976
228Perspectives in Religious Studies1983-1986
229Pesch, Otto1989
230Peterson, Norman1981-1986
231du Plessis, Paul1984-1990
232Polzin, Robert1980-1988
233Pregeant, Russell1980
234Quarterly Review1983
235Rebell, Walter1984-1990
236Rensberger, David1990
237Richard, Earl1983
238Rich, William1972-1978
239Roetzel, Cal1995
240Rollmann, Hans1980-1982
241Rudolph, Kurt1980-1986
242Saliers, Don1984
243Sanders, Jack1966-1989
244Scroggs, Robin1986
245Sebba, Gregor1973-1982
246Scanlin, Harold P.1986
247-49Schoenborn, Paul1963-1993
250Schottroff, Luise1969-1983
251Schwarzwaller, Klaus1979-1980
252Scobie, Charles1990
253Smith, Moody1983-1985
254Solle, Dorothee1972-1980
255Spencer, Richard1978-1980
256Stendahl, Krister1973-1976
257Strecker, Georg1973-1994
258Talbert, Charles1979-1987
259Tannehill, Bob1979-1984
260Theology Today1987
261du Toit, Andre1974-1992
262Tomasello, Mike1982
263Tucker, Gene1973-1990
264United Bible Societies1975-1988
265Via, Dan1980-1983
266Verner, David1982-1983
267Vielhauer, Philipp1972-1978
268Voeglin, Eric1980
269Volek, Jaroslav1969-1970
270Vorster, Willem1976-1993
271de Waard, Jan1983-1987
272van der Walt, I.J.1984
273Weber, Ted1970-1993
274Westerholm, Stephen1991
275White, John L.1974-1980
276Wuellner, Wilhelm1976-1983
47Correspondence and Response to H.D. Betz’s “Origens”1993
48Correspondence and Notes on Festschrift for Prof. Wilhelm Vorster – U. of S. Africa 
49Correspondence and Notes on Festschrift for Andre du Toit – U. of S. Africa1989
410Correspondence and Notes on Festschrift for Lars Hartman – Uppsala U. 
411Notes on Prof. Jean Delorme “Festschrift” – Lyon, France1993
415Copies of Correspondence Btw. Von Harnack and Barth 
51Responses to Boers’ Festschrift 
52Notes on Festschrift for Prof. Keck-Yale 
57Correspondence re: Justification of the Gentiles1990-1992
510Correspondence with CBQ1988-2001
512Gregor Sebba – Emory – Notes on “Creativity” Lectures1986
513Wilhelm Bousset – Jesus Prediqt in Ihrem Gegensatz Zum Judentum – Notes 
62Correspondence Btw. Wilhelm Bousset & Paul Wernle 
105Correspondence with Dr. George Brink, Capetown, SA 
106Confidential Unpuplished Paper by Jacob and Anne Loewen: “Report to the Commission on Home Ministries of the General Conference Mennonite Church”1992
107Correspondence with Erhard Gerstenberger, University of Marbury, Germany 
108Correspondence with Jean Delorme, Lyon, France 
1011Correspondence with CADIR1986
113Correspondence with Pastor and Mrs. Schoenborn - Wuppertal, Germany 
114Correspondence with Hendrickson Press 
115Gregor Serba Memorial Service1985
116Correspondence with Helen Serba 
117Correspondence with Emory-Candler Dean Waits 
118Correspondence with Dr. Werner Kahl, Germany 
121Correspondence with Dr. Leander Keck, USA 
122Correspondence with Dr. Wolfgang Harnisch, Germany 
123Correspondence with Wm. Beardslee #1 
124Correspondence with Wm. Beardslee #2 
125Correspondence with Dr. George Lyons 
126Correspondence with Dean Kevin Lagree - Candler 
127Correspondence with Dr. Carl Holladay 
128Correspondence with Dr. Bernard Lategan, RSA 
129Correspondence with Dr. Gerd Ludemann, Germany 
133Correspondence for Pauline Seminar – 1972 SBL 
135Correspondence with Dr. Brian Blount 
136Correspondence with Dr, Ulrich Schoenborg 
137Correspondence with Dr. Katrina Poetkar 
138Correspondence with Ernst Käsemann 
142Info for Rudolph Bultmann 
143Correspondence with Drs. Helmut & Erica Reihlin 
144Correspondence with Rev. Judy Hardy 
145Correspondence with Dr. Robert Meyers 
146Correspondence with Dr. Luke Johnson 
147Correspondence with Dr. Abe Melherbe 
148Correspondence with Dr. Thomas Schmeller 
149Correspondence with Pastor Peter Pienaar 
1410Correspondence with Dr. Steven Kraftchick 
1411Correspondence with Andre du Toit 
1412Correspondence with Dr. Thomas Alitzer 
1413Correspondence with Prof. Johnnie Roberts 
1414About Beyers Noude, S. Africa 
1415Correspondence with Dr. Mark Nomos 
1416Correspondence with Erika Dinkler Von Schubert 
1417Correspondence with Father Armond Veilleux 
1418Correspondence with Dr. Daniel Patte 
1419Correspondence with Dr. David Hellholm 
1420Correspondence with Prof. Dieter Luhrmann 
1421Correspondence with Prof. Ik Soo Park 
1422Correspondence with Prof. Brooks Holifield 
1423Correspondence with Dr. Theodore Jennings 
1515Correspondence with Prof. Folker Siegert 
1516Correspondence with Marianne Braun, re: Herbert Braun Papers1992
188Correspondence with Gerhard Sellin - Germany 
189Correspondence with John Hayes 
195Correspondence with Peter Tomson 
196Correspondence with Jan Van Der Wat 
1920Correspondence with Hans Dieter Betz 
Series 2: Writings and Lectures, undated
277Christology of the New Testamentundated
278Contemporary Issues in New Testament Interpretationundated
279The Hellenistic Background of the New Testament Churchundated
280In Search of the Message of Jesusundated
1514Semiotic Analysis Discussion at Lyon, France 
161Paper: ”Syntax and the Interpretation of Texts “ – SBL New Orleans 
162Albert Camus’ own Review of The Stranger 
163Paper: “Universality of Faith” 
164Herbert Braun Papers 
165Bultmann Paper: “Der Stil Der Paulinschen Prediqt” - Gottingen, Germany 
166Ernst Lohmeyer Paper : “Galileaa und Jerusalem” 
167Dieter Luhrman: “Synopse der Q - Uberlieferung” 
168Abraham Malherbe: “1Thes. As a Paranetic Letter” 
169Foucault: “Nietzsche, Freud, Marx” 
1610Ernst Kaseman – “What I have Unlearned in 50 Years” 
1611J.C.H. Lebrahm – “Ein Streit Um Die Hebraische Bibel” 
1716MTS Program Expansion1974
181Thesis Guidelines – MDiv Honors and MTS Programs 
1810Andre du Toit – Paper in Afrikaans 
1811Jim Waits – “The Care of the Earth” 
1812Thomas Schmeller Papers 
1813Dorothee Solle – Paper in Honor of Elie Wiesel’s 60th Birthday 
1814Luise Schottroff – “How My Mind has Changed” 
1815Gregor Serba Papers 
191Hans Rollman Paper 
192Kurt Rudolph Paper 
193Notes on Semantic Domains and Componental  Analysis of Meaning 
194Beyers Naude Paper 
197Sermon:  “What God did not Do” 
198Sermon: “Where Christianity is Real” 
199Sermon by Boers in Madagascar
1923TIME  Magazine1966 – “Is God Dead?” 
1924Review of Crossan: “The Historical Jesus” 
Series 3: Research
38Emory Research Fund1988
32Scholarships, Sabbatical1967
41Review of Froancois Bouvoun’s “Nouvel Age et Foi Chretiene”1993
42Reveiws of “Who was Jesus?” Includes Correspondence 
43Reviews of “What is New Testament Theology?” 
44Article: “The Problem of the Identity of Theology and of Religious Studies and the Foundations of Modern Physics”1973
45“The History of Jesus and the Myth of Christ”1989
46Book Reviews 
412Chrisitan Beker – “Festschrift”1991
413Dr. George Lyons – Comments on Galatians 
414Articles for Dictionary of Biblical Interpretation 
53Boers – “Faith and the Priority of the Jews in Romans”1985
54Texts on Paul from Marbury, Germany1990
55Nils Alstrup Dahl – Yale – Paper Read at SBL - Galatians 
56Notes – Interpretation of Romans 
58Notes – Geschicte Und Die Religious – Geschichtliche Schule 
59Notes – The Meaning of Christ in the NT 
511Prof. Patte – Vanderbilt – The Interface of Semiotics and Faith 
64Humanities in the Bible – SBL1971-1974
65“Obedience v. Autonomy in Paul” 
66SNTS – Cambridge1988
67Book Reviews by H. Boers 
68Interpretation Paper “Where Christology is Real” 
69Humanities in the Bible – SBL1971-1974
61Photos of Members of Geschichte Und Die Religions Geschichteliche Schule 
63Herbert Braun:  Book “Gerichtsgedanke und Rechtfertigung Slehre” 
71Boers’ Notes on Christology 
72Application for Guggenheim Fellowship1988
73American Coucil of Leanred Societies – Grant Application1988
74SBL – New Orleans1990
75SBL – Chicago1988
76SBL – Boston1987
77SNTS - Gottingen1987
78SNTS – Birmingham, England1997
79Faculty Reports1976-1997
101Letters of Recommendation1971-2003
102Sabbatical Project1974-1975
103ATS Grant Applications1995
104Grant Applications1980
109SBL – “Strructuralism”1978
1010SBL – Romans Symposium1979
111SBL – Pauline Seminar1973
112Sabbatical Project1968-1969
131Promotion Papers1976
132Beardslee’s Contribution to NT 
1341972 SBL Pauline Seminar Papers 
139Sermons by Rev. Paul Gerhard Schoenborn 
1310Unpublished Articles by Rev. Paul-Gerhad Schoenborn 
141Application for NEH Fellowship1988
1612Notes: Semantic, Transcultural Translation 
1613Notes: Romans Interpretation 
1614Notes: Romans 4  and the Significance of Paul’s Reasoning 
1615Notes: Romans 4:8-22 – A Semiotic Analysis 
1616Notes: Foundations of Paul’s Thoughts 
1617Notes: The “Christian” Miracle Story 
1618Notes: Components of Language 
1619Notes: Four Redeemer Myths 
171Notes: Historical Criticism v. Prophetic Proclamation 
172Notes: Historical Criticism and the Bible 
173Notes: History and the “Religionsgeschichtliche Schule” 
174Notes: The Historical Jesus and the Myth of Christ 
175Notes: Faith and the Priority of the Jews 
176Notes: Reflections on the Gospel of Mark 
177Notes: Language Usage and Matthew 1:18-2:23 
178Notes: Psalm 16 and the Historical Origin of the Christian Faith 
179Notes: John 4 Commentaries and Papers 
1710Notes: Polarities and NT Though 
1711Notes: Contemporary Meaning in the NT 
1712Notes: Cohesion and Coherence in John 4 
1713Notes: Bultmann and the Function of Language 
1714Notes: Discourse Structure and Macro-Structure in John 4 
1715Notes: Demythologizing in Reverse 
182Notes: John 4 Quatations 
183Notes: Jesus and John the Baptist 
184Notes: Jews and Gentiles in Roman Macro-Structure 
185Notes: NT Community in South Africa 
186Notes: John 4 Papers 
187Notes: Metaphor Articles 
1910Paper: “On Being a Jew” 
1911Notes: Structure in Romans 
1912Articles on Paul, Galatians, and Romans1978-1989
1913Structure of Romans 
1914A Semiotic Analysis of Romans 4:18-22 
1915“Reflections on Structural Features of Galatians and Romans 
1916Notes – A Reading Through Romans 
1917Obedience and Autonomy in Paul’s Thought 
1918Journal Entries re: Macro-Structure of Romans 
1919Genesis 15:6 and the Discourse Structure of Galatians 
1921Understanding of Faith and Works in Romans 
1922Discourse Analysis of Romans 
Series 4 – Administrative Files
154Boers Peer Reviews1991-1992
155Candler School of Theology1994-1995
156Linguistics at Emory1994
157Grade Rolls1992-1996
158CST Computer Problems1995
159Class notes Romans/Journal Entries
1510Candler School of Theology1992-1993
1511Grade Rolls1990-1992
1512Correspondence, SNTS1972-2001
1513All About NT Dept.1994-2000
206Faculty Research Luncheons1985-1987
207Faculty Research Luncheons1988-1989
208Faculty Research Luncheons1990-1994
209Faculty-Student Seminars1988
2010Graduate Forum1978-1979
2011Graduate School Restudy1971
2012JD/MTS Degree Planning1986-1987
2013MDiv Honors1976-1977
2014MDiv Honors1977-1978
2015MDiv Honors1978-1979
2016MDiv Honors1980-1981
2017-18MDiv Honors1982-1983 [2]
2019MDiv Honors1983-1984
2020MDiv Honors1984-1985
2021MDiv Honors1985-1986
2022MDiv Honors1986
2023MDiv Honors1986-1987
2024MDiv Honors1987-1988
2025MDiv Honors1989-1990
2026MDiv Honors1991-1992
2027MDiv Honors1993-1994
2028MSM/MTS Program, Organization1986-1988
Series 5 – Classes, 1970-1997
281-82Introduction to the Study of the New Testamentundated
31-2Introduction to the Study of the New Testamentundated
33Introduction to the Theology of the New Testamentundated
34-5John's Gospel, Notesundated
36Old Testament Studiesundated
37Pauline Seminar, I Thess.undated
710NT Exams1980
711NT Exams1984
712Class Notes – NT Interpretation1976
713Class Notes – Christology1982
714Class Notes - NT Theology1994
81Class Notes – NT 361 – Jesus1993
82Class Notes – NT 363 – Theology of Paul1991
83Class Notes – NT 317 – Romans1994
84Class Notes – RLNT 770 – History of NT Interpretation1983-1988
85Class Notes – NT 317 – Romans1997
86Class Notes – NT 317 – Romans1993
87Class Notes – RLNT 770 – History of NT Interpretation1994
88Class Notes – RLNT 721 – Romans1993
89Class Notes – RLNT 720 – Seminar on Paul1995
810Class Notes – RLNT 770 – History of NT Interpretation1990
91Class Notes – RLNT 721 – Romans1991
92Class Notes – RLNT 770 – History of NT Interpretation1992
93Class Notes – NT 361 – In Search of Jesus1985
94Class Notes - NT 361 – In Search of Jesus1987-1992
95Class Notes – NT 367 – NT Theology1984
96Class Notes – NT 383 – NT Theology1992
97Class Notes – NT 385 – Meaning of the NT1986
98Class Notes – NT 383/367 – NT Theology1988 & 1990
99Class Notes – NT 317 – Romans1991
910Class Notes – RLNT 464 – Linguistics1976
911Class Notes – RLNT 770 – History of NT Interpretation1986-1988
151Class Notes - RLNT 7219 – Romans1987
152Class Notes – RLNT 789 – Linguistics1988
153Class Notes – Linguistics – Directed Studies1994

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