OGLE, GEORGE E., 1929-
George E. Ogle papers, 1945-1981.


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CITATION:  George E. Ogle papers, MSS 332, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University.  

 Biographical Note

George Ewing Ogle, Methodist missionary, labor activist, and educator, was born in Pitcairn, Pennsylvania, on January 7, 1929. He was educated at Maryville College (B.A., 1951), Duke University (B.D., 1954), and the University of Wisconsin (M.S. 1966, Ph.D.). Following his graduation from Duke, Ogle was ordained in the Evangelical United Brethren Church and traveled to South Korea as a Methodist missionary. From 1954-1957 he taught high school English in Taejon and Kongju. He returned to the United States in 1957, where he studied labor relations at Roosevelt University and was a member of the West Side Christian Parish, an interdenominational, interracial ministry in Chicago. He married Dorothy Lindman in 1959.

In early 1960, the Ogles left for South Korea as missionaries. Later that year, they were assigned to begin mission work among the workers of Inchon, an industrial port city; the result of this work was the Inchon Urban Industrial Mission program. Except for furloughs in 1965-1966 and 1971-1973, during which he completed an M.S. and a Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin, George Ogle remained in South Korea until December 1974. In 1973 he was appointed to the position of lecturer at the College of Commerce, Seoul National University. All four of George and Dorothy Ogle’s children were born in South Korea and educated in Korean schools.

On December 14, 1974, George Ogle was deported to the United States after speaking out against the imprisonment of eight men accused of having Communist ties. Several months later he was joined in the U.S. by his wife and children. Ogle accepted a teaching position at the Candler School of Theology, which he held for seven years. He went on to serve as a lobbyist for the United Methodist Church in Washington, D.C., then led an interdenominational social justice group in Illinois before retiring.

Ogle is the author of three books: Liberty to the Captives: The Struggle against Oppression in South Korea (1977), South Korea: Dissent within the Economic Miracle (1990), and How Long O Lord: Stories of Twentieth Century Korea (2002).

Sources of biographical information:

Burns, Matthew. “Defying Injustice in Korea.” Duke Magazine. Volume 89, no. 5. July-August 2003. Retrieved from http://www.dukemagazine.duke.edu/dukemag/issues/070803/depmini-ogle.html on November 27, 2006

“Twenty Years of Faithful Military Service Ends in Deportation: The Case of the Rev. George E. Ogle.” Series 4, Box 2, Folder 18. George E. Ogle papers, MSS 332, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University.

Scope and Content Note

The papers of George E. Ogle include writings, correspondence, subject files, news clippings, periodicals, subject files, and other documents. The bulk of the materials relate to Ogle’s service as a missionary in South Korea during the 1960s and 1970s, as well as his ongoing research and writing on South Korea. Of particular interest to Ogle were economic issues and the labor movement in South Korea.

The papers do not document the years after Ogle left his teaching position at the Candler School of Theology. Although there are research files from his tenure at Candler, there is little evidence of his teaching activity at the school. The papers provide no coverage of Ogle’s subsequent position as a lobbyist for the United Methodist Church, nor of his position as head of an Illinois social justice group prior to his retirement.

Although there is a series of documents in Korean at the end of the collection, researchers should be aware that Korean language materials are located throughout Ogle’s papers. Documents in Korean that were intermingled with English-language documents within a single folder were left in place during processing. In addition, folders of Korean-language materials with folder titles in English which identified them as belonging to a particular series have been filed with that series. Series 6 at the end of the collection contains Korean-language materials from unlabeled folders. See the container list below for more detailed information on Korean-language materials found in series 1-5.

Researchers should also note that, although Ogle used the terms South Korea and Republic of Korea interchangeably throughout his papers, the term South Korea has been used for consistency in this finding aid.

Series Descriptions

Series 1: Writings by Ogle, 1961-1978, undated. .33 cubic feet. Arranged alphabetically.
Included are a copy of Ogle’s 1966 M.S. thesis, Development of the Korean Labor Movement; a chapter titled “Industrial Relations in South Korea” from an unidentified book; a report titled Impact of Foreign Invested Firms on Industrial Relations in Korea; a Korean text with the English title Church and Industrial Society; a 1971 manuscript titled On Becoming the Body of Christ; and several other articles, papers, and lectures.

Series 2: Inchon Urban Industrial Mission, 1962-1972, undated. .67 cubic ft. Arranged alphabetically.
Files related to George Ogle’s mission work among industrial laborers. Included are staff meeting records, files on the mission’s internship program, reports, and files on mission activity in a railroad car shop and a steel mill. Several folders consist entirely of materials in Korean.

Series 3: Deportation from South Korea, 1974-1975. .33 cubic ft. Arranged alphabetically.
Documents related to Ogle’s deportation from South Korea in December 1974. Included in the folders titled “Documents re: Deportation” is background information on the arrest and imprisonment of eight men whom the South Korean government claimed had ties to the Communist party. Ogle’s decision to speak out against their imprisonment was a major factor leading to his deportation. Of particular interest are letters written by George Ogle to his wife and children on the day of his deportation, as he sat in an upstairs room of their home. There are also letters from Dorothy Ogle and the children to George during their period of separation following the deportation. One folder contains information on George Ogle’s post-deportation trip to Japan in February 1975.

Series 4: Subject Files, 1945-1981, undated. 3.07 cubic ft. Arranged alphabetically.
Topics reflect Ogle’s interests in South Korea and the labor movement. They include the history of South Korea, South Korean economic development, the relationship between religion and labor, collective bargaining, foreign investment in South Korea, government policy, labor law, the relationship between the government and unions, and South Korean political prisoners. There are also several folders on the People’s Revolutionary Party.

Series 5: Periodicals and News Clippings, 1974-1980, undated. 1.1 cubic ft. Arranged alphabetically.
News clippings, primarily from South Korean news sources, on topics of interest to Ogle. This series also includes issues of numerous periodicals on Korea, such as Korea Week, Korea Bulletin, and Korea Newsletter.

Series 6: Materials in Korean, 1967-1978, undated. .33 cubic ft. Not arranged.
Materials in Korean from unlabeled folders, which could not be placed in series 1-5.

Box	Folder		Description/Dates

			Series 1: Writings by Ogle, 1961-1978, undated

1	1		Church and Industrial Society, Text in Korean, undated
1	2		Development of the Korean Labor Movement, M.S. Thesis, 1966	
1	3		Impact of Foreign Invested Firms on Industrial Relations in Korea, 
1	4		“Industrial Relations in South Korea,” Book Chapter, undated
1	5		Mission to Labor and Industry, Writings by Ogle, 1961-1967, undated
1	6-7		On Becoming the Body of Christ, 1971
1	8-9		Papers and Addresses, 1975-1978, undated
1	10		Untitled Manuscript, undated

			Series 2: Inchon Urban Industrial Mission, 1962-1972, undated

1	11		Critiques, undated
1	12-13		Internship Program, 1962-1968, undated
1	14-18		Materials in Korean, 1967-1972, undated
1	19		Mission in Railroad Car Shop, 1968-1969
1	20		Mission in Steel Mill, 1968-1969
1	21		Nehemiah Club, 1962-1966
1	22		Reports, 1962-1963
1	23		Reports, Report by Mission Intern, 1971
1	24		Staff Meetings, 1962
1	25-26		Writings, undated		
1	27		Seoul-Inchon Plan for Mission: Mission to Labor and Industry, 

			Series 3: Deportation from South Korea, 1974-1975

2	1		Deportation Notice and Power of Attorney Documents, 1974
2	2-5		Documents re: Deportation, 1974-1975
2	6-7		Documents re: Deportation in Korean, 1974-1975
2	8		Letters to Dorothy Ogle and Children at Time of Deportation, 1974
2	9		News Clippings re: Deportation, 1974-1975
2	10		Trip to Japan, 1975 February 9-16
2	11		Writings re: Deportation by Dorothy Ogle and Children, 1974-1975
			Series 4: Subject Files, 1945-1981, undated

2	12		Agriculture, undated
2	13		American Military Government, undated
2	14		Amnesty International Materials on South Korea, 1974-1975
2	15		Annotated Bibliography, undated
2	16		Bartlett, Peggy, Papers, 1981
2	17		“The Bible and Social Participation,” Korean Manuscript, undated
2	18		Biographical Material on George Ogle, circa 1975
2	19-20		Case Studies, 1953, 1969-1970, undated
2	21		Case Studies, 1971, undated 
2	22-23		Case Studies, undated
2	24		Case Studies, Korea, Documents in Korean, undated
2	25-26		Church and State in the Republic of Korea, 1973-1976, undated
2	27		Collective Bargaining Agreements, 1973
2	28		Conflict, undated
2	29-30		Congressional Record Subcommittee Reports re: Republic of Korea, 
2	31-32		Corporate Issues in South Korea, 1974-1977, undated
2	33		Department of State Information on South Korea, 1975
2	34		Development Model and Policy, 1967, undated
2	35-36		Economic Development, 1945-1968, undated
2	37		Editorials, Commentaries, and Analyses of the South Korean 
			Situation, 1974-1976
3	1-3		Editorials, Commentaries, and Analysis of the South Korean Situation, 
3	4		Employment, undated
3	5		Entrepreneurs, undated
3	6		Ethics, undated
3	7		Evaluation, undated
3	8		Exports, 1971, undated
3	9		Farms and Agriculture, undated
3	10		Federation of Korean Trade Unions, 1964-1971, undated
3	11		Foreign Aid, 1945-1960
3	12		Foreign Investment and Trade, 1966, undated
3	13-14		Foreign Investment in Korea, 1972-1974, undated
3	15		Government Enterprises, undated
3	16		Government Policy, 1964-1971, undated
3	17-19		Human Rights in Korea, Reports, Newsletters, and Writings, 1974-
			1978 [includes index]		
3	20		ILO Study of Hanguk Machine Industrial Co., undated
3	21		Industrial Growth, 1970, undated
3	22		Japan, undated
3	23		Jesus and Freedom, Korean Text, undated
3	24		Kerr, Michael, Request for Court of Inquiry, 1975
3	25		Kim Chi Ho’s Declaration of Conscience, Excerpts, 1974
3	26		Korea Bibliography, undated
3	27		Korean History, 1971, undated
3	28		Korean Labor, 1974
3	29		Labor and Human Rights in Korea, 1975-1976
3	30-31		Labor and Human Rights in Korea, 1976-1978		
3	32		Labor and Human Rights in Korea, Documents in Korean, undated
3	33-35		Labor and Human Rights in Korea, Stories of, 1971-1974
3	36		Labor Cases, 1974, undated
3	37		Labor Force, 1956-1970
3	38		Labor Law, 1963-1970, undated
4	1		Labor Law, 1967-1970, undated	
4	2		Labor, Notes, undated
4	3-4		Labor, Problems in Korea, Materials in Korean, 1974, undated
4	5		Labor Statistics, 1970-1974, undated
4	6		Local Union, undated
4	7		Military Coup, undated
4	8		Miscellaneous
4	9-11		Miscellaneous [materials from unlabeled binder]
4	12-13		Miscellaneous [unlabeled binder with news clippings, etc.]
4	14		Modernizers, Notes, undated
4	15		National Geographic Article by Peter White, undated
4	16		North Korea, 1967, undated
4	17		North Korea, 1974-1975
4	18		Opposition Party, Labor Party, 1970, undated
4	19		People’s Revolutionary Party Case #1, Materials in Korean, undated
4	20		People’s Revolutionary Party Case #1, Materials in Korean and 
			English, 1974-1975
4	21		People’s Revolutionary Party Case #2, 1974-1975
4	22		People’s Revolutionary Party Case #3, 1974-1975
4	23		People’s Revolutionary Party Incident, Letters to White House, 1977
4	24		Planning, undated
4	25		Please Listen America: The Struggle for Human Rights in South 
			Korea, Volume 1, 1963-1975
4	26		Politics, President, and Party, 1973, undated
4	27-28		Political Prisoners in South Korea, 1974-1975
4	29		Population Statistics, 1964, undated
4	30		President Ford Visit to Korea, 1974
4	31-32		Religion and Labor, 1965, undated	
4	33		Savings and Investment, undated
4	34		Sinnott, James P, Vicar General of the Roman Catholic Diocese of 
			Inchon, 1975, undated
4	35		Song Shin Cement Company Case, 1970. undated
4	36		South Korea, 1971-1980
4	37-38		South Korea, General Correspondence, 1974-1976
5	1-3		South Korea, Printed Materials, 1974-1977		
5	4-6		Statements, Petitions, and Resolutions: Personal Statements, 
			Declarations of Conscience, 1974-1976
5	7-8		Unification Church, 1970-1978, undated	
5	9		Union Activities, 1963
5	10		Union and Government Relations, undated
5	11		Union Leaders, 1968, undated
5	12		Unions, Nationals, and Federation of Korean Trade Unions, undated
5	13		Vietnam, Notes, undated
5	14		United States Government, Letters to and from re: South Korea, 1974-
5	15		Wages, 1962-1970, undated
5	16		Work Conditions, 1962-1968

			Series 5: Periodicals and News Clippings, 1974-1980, undated	

5	17-21		News Clippings, 1974-1978, undated	
5	22-23		News Clippings in Notebooks, 1973-1974
5	24		News Clippings, Korean Central Intelligence Agency, 1976-1977
5	25-28		News Clippings, South Korea, 1974-1977		
5	29		News Clippings, Troop Withdrawal, 1975-1977
5	30-31		News Clippings and Periodicals, 1976-1981		
6	1-3		News Clippings and Periodicals re: Korea, 1978-1980
6	4		Periodicals, Korea Bulletin, 1975-1976
6	5		Periodicals, Korea Commentary, 1977
6	6		Periodicals, Korea Communique, 1977-1978
6	7		Periodicals, Korea Newsletter, 1975-1976
6	8-10		Periodicals, Korea Week, 1975-1978
6	11-12		Periodicals, Miscellaneous, 1977-1978, undated 			
6	13		Periodicals, Monthly Review of Korean Affairs, 1980
6	14		Periodicals, Quaker International Affairs Program East Asia 
			Newsletter, 1980
6	15		Periodicals, The Voice of the People, 1975-1976
6	16		Periodicals, Voices, 1978-1980
6	17		Table of Contents for Periodicals and Clippings [partial], undated	

			Series 6: Materials in Korean, 1967-1978, undated

6	18-26		Documents and Clippings in Korean, 1967-1968, undated

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