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Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta
Records, circa 1831-2008

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Creator:Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta.
Title:Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta records, circa 1831-2008.
Call Number:Records Collection No. 026
Extent:36.4 cubic feet (107 boxes)
Abstract:Contains the records and publications of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta.
Language:Materials entirely in English.
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Historical Note

The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta has its roots in two separate congregations that were established in Atlanta in the late 19th century.  In 1879 Rev. W. C. Bowman established a Universalist congregation that lasted less than a year.  The next attempt was in1893 when Rev. Q. H. Shinn succeeded in organizing a congregation that became the First Universalist Church in 1895.

George Chaney, a northern Unitarian minister and educator who founded the Artisan's Institute, a vocational school that later became Georgia Institute of Technology, conducted the first Unitarian service for a congregation of eight on February 19, 1882.  The following year this congregation established the Church of our Father.  The church experienced growth and decline in its membership and ultimately changed its name to The Unitarian Church of Atlanta on June 9, 1904.  In 1915 the American Unitarian Association (AUA) financed construction of a church building at 669 West Peachtree Street.

On November 14, 1918 the Unitarians merged with the Universalist congregation to form the Liberal Christian Church.  This merger is particularly noteworthy because it occurred 43 years before the national bodies of these two denominations merged.  Under the dynamic leadership of Rev. Clinton Lee Scott from 1926 to 1929, the congregation approved another name change in June 1927 and became the United Liberal Church.  The effects of the Great Depression, however, almost caused the church to close its doors in 1934 but the congregation managed to persevere until the 1940s.

The congregation's position on race almost destroyed the church during the late forties.  In 1944, after the AUA criticized the church's policy on segregation, the congregation broke its ties with the national body.  The ultimate crisis occurred in 1948, however, when the Rev. Isaiah Jonathan Domas resigned after the congregation refused membership to Dr. Thomas Baker Jones, an African-American Unitarian who chaired the Department of Social Work at Atlanta University.  In response to this incident, the American Unitarian Ministers' Association urged its members to boycott the pastorate at the Atlanta church.  The congregation stood its ground and turned to a minister from the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) during part of this struggle.  In 1951 the American Unitarian Association resolved the crisis by selling the church building out from under the congregation.

The AUA provided an opportunity for a fresh start by sending Rev. Glenn O. Canfield to officially reorganize the church in the spring of 1952.  A church building was purchased in 1953 and on January 20, 1954 the new United Liberal Church was officially reestablished.  During the 1950s and 1960s the congregation demonstrated a commitment to the fight for human and civil rights.  Rev. Edward A. Cahill and Rev. Eugene Pickett followed Canfield in providing the leadership the congregation needed during these tumultuous decades.  On February 21, 1965, the congregation adopted a new constitution and changed the name of the church to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta.  That same year construction began on the new church building located on Cliff Valley Way.

The church is governed by a Board of Trustees in accordance with instructions by the congregation and the authority delegated by the congregation through the bylaws and polices.  The Board consists of eighteen members, including the president of the congregation, the chief financial officer and the two additional trustees of finance.  All of these officials are elected by the congregation.  The Executive Committee of the Board consists of the president of the congregation, vice-president of the congregation, chief financial officer of the congregation, and as ex-officio members, the senior minister and church administrator.  This committee attends to details of business that are delegated by the Board of Trustees and reports its recommendations to the Board.  The church's ministry consists of the senior minister, an associate minister and an assistant minister.

Scope and Content

This collection consists of the minutes, correspondence, bulletins, brochures and publications, reports, newsletters, sermons, photographs, and other material that document the history and activities of the congregation.

Of particular importance are the minutes of the Board of Trustees and church committees, the bylaws, and the constitutions.  The collection also contains an almost complete set of bulletins or orders of service and newsletters from 1952-1983.  The sub-series, Publications of UUCA Press, consists of everything produced by the church to announce events and issues, programs of events, and other documents that reveal the activities supported by the congregation.

The collection also contains sermons, student notebooks, and some miscellaneous correspondence that were written by or belonged to George Chaney.   Sermons and lectures, primarily from the 1970s and early 1980s, are also included.  In addition to Chaney, the collection contains sermons or lectures delivered by Ed Cahill, Donald J. Jacobson, Robert Karnan, Delos B. McKown, Glyn Pruce, David O. Rankin, Charles Reinhardt, Carl Scovel, Todd Taylor, and Sydney Wilde-Nugent.

The records also contain clippings and other material documenting the congregation's involvement in and support for the civil rights movement during the 1950s and 1960s.

Container listing headings:

Container Listing

Administrative Files
Board of Trustees:
103 Records of the Church of Our Father: covenant and constitution, member records, records of meetings and doings of the church1883-1914
11United Liberal Church Organization meeting minutes, congregation meeting, budgets1954
12United Liberal Church Board and congregation minutes1955-1957
13Minutes1959 May-December
43Minutes1982 February
652-5Minutes1982 July - 1983
647-8Minutes1987 October - 1989 February
651Minutes1987 October - 1989 February
644-6Minutes1989 March - 1990 May
641-3Minutes1990 January - 1991 October
637-8Minutes1991 November - 1992
623Minutes [loose material]1994
763-4Board Member Notebook1991-1992
1053Administration Binder1981-1985
45-6[includes Board of Trustees agenda and minutes]1968-1969
51-2[includes Board of Trustees minutes]1976-1978
53-4Congregational Identity and Long Range Planning1976-1977
55-6Congregational Identity and Long Range Planning1977 May - 1978 April
657Congregational Identity and Long Range Planning1982
57Committee and council reports1988-1989
61-3[Adult Education ] brochures1966-1979
656[Adult Education ] brochures1980-1982
64Aging and Awareness1974
66Board of Trustees retreats1974-1978
71Communications [Ad hoc]1974-1979
72Public Relations: Thinking P. R. packets1976
73Public Relations: Thinking P. R. packets1977
611-10Endowment Fund, A-C1967-2000
621-9Endowment Fund, C-M1967-2000
741-9Endowment Fund, P-T1967-2000
7410-21Endowment Fund, A-Z2001-2003
74Congregation Identity1977-1978
75-6Long Range Planning1966-1968
77Long Range Planning1977-1987
81Long Range Planning1977-1987
82Long Range Planning1989-1994
83Personal Needs Program1974-1975
84Personal Needs1975-1978
85Public Issues1962
86Public Issues1967-1969
87Religious Education1975-1977
658Religious Education1964-1998
765Religious Education Council Board, Intergenerational Activities1992
91Social Concerns [Social Service Committee]1965-1968
92Social Concerns1977
93Women and Religion [Ad Hoc]1975-1980
94Women's Faire1980-1981
General files:
96Annual meeting1978-1979
97Annual report to UUA1957-1968
534Awards and proclamations1982-1987
98Brochures, Miscellaneous1965-1970
101Brochures on deathcirca 1975
102Building renovation1982
535Candidate biosundated
103Chandler III, Ordination service of Floyd Vernon1976
104Church histories1975-1982
105Church historycirca 1960-1982
661Church history1988
1057Church history: Unitarian Universalists in Atlanta: 100 Years, 1882-19821982
106Cliff Valley School1972
107Congregational meeting1978 Apr
108Congregational Statement of Purpose Surveys1984
109Conscientious objector statementcirca 1965
111Directory of Activities - Organizations1978-1980
112Endowment Fundcirca 1978
113Every Member Canvas1974-1975
766-7Every Member Canvas, Executive Committee1992-1993
771Feasibility Study Final Report1999
114General Assembly1976-1978
662Guide to UUCA1969, 1978
115Guide to UUCA1979-1991
663Guide to UUCA1991, 1996-1998
116Insurance policies1957-1964
117Interfaith program1974-1977
118Intern program1976
119Equipment inventorycirca 1973
1110Legal Advisory Service [Lawyers Referral Service]1979-1980
121Memorials - Ross, Penningroth, Hollums, McDonald1978
122Mid-South District - annual report1982-1983, 1993
123Mid-South District - meeting1977
124Ministerial: Certificate and service of dedicationundated
125Ministerial: Church history for new members1978
126Ministerial: Counseling service formsundated
127Ministerial: New member check list [blank forms]undated
128Ministerial: New member letter from president1962-1983
129Ministerial: New member recognition serviceundated
1210Ministerial: Wedding ceremonies1977
1211Ministerial: Wedding certificatesundated
1212Ministerial: Wedding formsundated
772-3Ministerial Candidates: Associate Minister Candidate's Notebook1989
774-5Ministerial Candidates: Associate Minister Candidate's Notebook1999-2000
776-7Ministerial Candidates: Senior Minister Candidate's Notebook1988
1213Ministerial issues1977-1983
1214Ministerial settlement guidelinescirca 1975
1215Ministers Association, Unitarian Universalist1970-1974
1054Ministers biographies2004
1216Moravian love feast1969-1980
1217Mountain highlands program1980
131Organizational handbook1959-1965
132Other Voices newsletter1976-1978
133Pickett, Eugene O.1969-1980
134Organizational proposal, United Liberal Church1963
135Organizational proposal for the United Liberal Churchundated
778Pledge Reports1991-1992
1311By-Laws1982, 1988
1313By-Laws - revision1969-1970
1314By-Laws and constitution1963-1966
664By-Laws and policies1991
1315Charter, by-laws, policies1952-1978
1316Priorities, budget, miscellaneous1975-1979
1317Use of church building1969-1976
141Pruce, Glyn - Interim minister1974-1975
142Rankin, David O. - installation service1979
781-4REACH Packet1987
785-6REACH Packet1992
72 Register of weddings, dedications and funerals1955-1991
143Reinhardt, Charles A. - resignation1976
791Renovation and Addition Project Manual1999
144Rising Press1989
145SUUSI - Southeastern UU Summer Institute1977-1980
146Southeast Winter Institute of Miami1976-1980
147Star Island Conference brochure1978
792Sunday Attendance Records1989-1994
793Sunday Teacher's Announcements1988-1993
148Sweetser, Terry - Candidate for ministercirca 1983
149Sweetser, Terry - Installation1983
1410Underground Theatre1980
794Unitarian Universalism in the Home1986
1411United Liberal Church1952-1965
1412Ushering procedureundated
1413UUA Unitarian Universalists Association1976-1979
151Vietnamese project (Lap Van Nguyen)1975-1976
795Weddings, Dedications, and Memorial Services1990-2001
152-3Weekly Sunday statistics1968-1979
154You and the UUCA [brochure]1967-1968
796Youth and Parenting Brochurescirca 1960s
Annual Reports
161Annual Report1957-1958
162Annual Report1958-1959
163Annual Report1960-1961
164Annual Report1961-1963
165Annual Report1963-1965
166Annual Report1965-1966
167Annual Report1967
168Annual Report1967-1970
169Annual Report1971-1975
1610Annual Report1975-1978
1611Annual Report1979-1984
665Annual Report1986-1988
666Annual Report1989-1990
1612Annual Report1991-1994
667Annual Report1991-1994
668Annual Report1995-2001
797Annual Report1997
Church Directories
171Church directories [United Liberal Church]1958-1961
669Church directories1961-1964
172Church directories1965-1970
6610Church directories1971
173Church directories1972-1975
174Church directories1976-1979
175Church directories1980
6611Church directories1982
175Church directories1984-1985
176-7Church directories [proof pages]1984-1985
178Church directories1984,1986
6612Church directories1992-1995
6613Church directories1995-1998
6614Church directories1998-2000
6615Church directories2001
6616Church directories2002
Fiscal Records
18 Fiscal records1958-1983
Guest Books
19 Guest books1952-1977
  (Includes Pledge to family of Martin Luther King, Jr.) 
Historical Files
201Chaney, George: Correspondence1885-1890
202Chaney, George: Correspondence - 15 empty envelopescirca 1882-1904
203Chaney, George: Deed for property in Virginia1894
204Chaney, George: Miscellaneous1874-1900
205Chaney, George: Publications on abolition1860-1862
206Chaney, George: Published sermons of the American Unitarian Association Tracts - 1st series #2-#129circa 1831-1838
207Chaney, George: Published sermons of the American Unitarian Association Tracts - 1st series #138-#246circa 1838-1848
208Chaney, George: Published sermons of the American Unitarian Association Tracts - 4th and 5th seriescirca 1878, undated
211Chaney, George: Publications of the American Unitarian Association - Misc.1858-1890
212Chaney, George: Published sermons, programs, and proceedingscirca 1860-1889
213Chaney, George: Student notebooks - Questions on theology1860 Sep
214Chaney, George: Student notebooks - Prof. Folsom1860 Sep
215Chaney, George: Student notebooks - Ecclesiastical history, Prof. Huidekoper1860 Sep
216Chaney, George: Student notebooks - Anthropology1861
221-33Chaney, George: Sermons1861-1871
231-32Chaney, George: Sermons1871-1885
241-19Chaney, George: Sermons1886-1890, undated
272Channing, William E., Self-Culture1838
601First Universalist Church - Board minutes1900-1907
602First Universalist Church - Mission Circle minutes1897-1899
1041King, Coretta Scott, Letter to thank UUCA for contributions to a Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial1968 Oct 31
1042King, Martin Luther, Jr., Letter to thank Rev. Pickett for co-sponsoring an honory dinner for MLK1965 Mar 15
263-4Liberal Christian Church: Minutes of meetings1925-1938
265Liberal Christian Church: Membership directoryundated
266Liberal Christian Church: Sunday School attendance register1919-1925
603Liberal Christian Church: Woman's Union minutes1919-1921
604Liberal Christian Church: Woman's Union minutes1922-1924
605Liberal Christian Church: Woman's Union minutes1924-1926
267Liberal Christian Church: Young People's Christian Union minutes1916-1925
268Liberal Christian Church: Correspondence and bulletins1923-1930
28 Martin, Thomas H. Atlanta and Its Builders: A Comprehensive History of the Gate City of the South, Vol. 21902
271Miscellaneous - Orders of Service from other churches1936-1939
10511Pamphlets: American Unitarian Assocaition1907-1943, undated
1061Pamphlets: First Church in Boston1942, 1944
1062Pamphlets: Post Office Mission (POM)undated
1058Sermons: Henry Wilder Foote1944-1945
1059Sermons: Joseph Barth, Walton E. Cole, A. Powell Davies, John Howland Lathrop1944, undated
6010Teacher training card and exam of Eloise Templeman1927
274Towne, Frances, The Quiet Heart1968
273Unitarian and Universalist literature1925-1937
10510Unitarian and Universalist literature1943-1945, undated
251-6Unitarian Church of Atlanta - Minutes, Book I1884-1909
262Unitarian Church of Atlanta - Minutes, Book II1884-1909
261Unitarian Church of Atlanta - Index to Record Books I & II1884-1909
606United Liberal Church: Women's Union minutes1942-1948
607United Liberal Church: Women's Union minutes1949-1951
269United Liberal Church: Young People's minutes1939
608United Liberal Church: History of Universalism in Atlanta, Ga.1917-1934
609United Liberal Church: Clippings and programs from History of Universalism in Atlanta, Ga. folder1900-1936
2610United Liberal Church1946-1949
103 Records of the Church of Our Father1883-1914
73 Register - "Grand Folly"circa 1950s-1960s
85 New Member Photo Directory1984-1988
1051Membership directories1966-1973
1052Membership directories1974-1977
1055Preceeding Membership Census1964 October - 1977 October
1056Preceeding Membership Census1977 December - 1990 May
Publicity Files
275Clippings from scrapbook1952-1958
277Racial issues1962-1963
278Church building1962-1966
2710Atlanta Magazine1966 August
2711Atlanta Magazine1972 December
Orders of Service and Newsletters
6011ULC Sunday service programs1931-1932
29 ULC Sunday service programs1952-1957
30 ULC Sunday service programs1958-1961
3010includes programs from other Unitarian congregations1961-1964
671ULC newsletters1961 Jan-Jun
31 ULC Sunday service programs and newsletters1962-1965
32 UUCA orders of service and newsletters1965-1968 Feb
33 UUCA orders of service and newsletters1968 Mar-1970 Feb
34 UUCA orders of service and newsletters1970 Mar-1972 Apr
35 UUCA orders of service and newsletters1972 Apr-1974
36 UUCA orders of service and newsletters1975-1976
37 UUCA orders of service and newsletters1977-1979 Mar
38 UUCA orders of service and newsletters1979 Apr-1981
391UUCA orders of service and newsletters1982 Jan-Apr
392UUCA orders of service and newsletters1982 Dec-1983 Jan
393UUCA orders of service and newsletters1983 Feb-Apr
696-7UUCA orders of service1980
698UUCA orders of service1981 Jan-Mar
699UUCA orders of service1982 May-Dec
70 UUCA orders of service1983 May-1986
711-2UUCA orders of service1987
713-5UUCA orders of service1988
716-7UUCA orders of service1989
798UUCA orders of service1990
801UUCA orders of service1990
802-3UUCA orders of service1991
804-5UUCA orders of service1992
806-7UUCA orders of service1993
811-2UUCA orders of service1994
813UUCA orders of service1995
814-5UUCA orders of service1996
816-7UUCA orders of service1997
821-2UUCA orders of service1998
823UUCA orders of service1999
824UUCA orders of service2000
1075-6UUCA orders of service2007
1077UUCA orders of service2008
825-6UUCA orders of service, Children's Sunday worship services1988-1998
831UUCA orders of service, Children's Sunday worship services1988-1998
832-5UUCA orders of service, Wednesday worship services1988-1991
836-8UUCA orders of service, Wednesday worship services1991-1993
672UUCA orders of service, memorial services1986-1991
673-4UUCA newsletters1980
675UUCA newsletters1981 Jan-Apr, 1981 Jul
676UUCA newsletters1982 Apr-Nov
677UUCA newsletters1983 Apr-Dec
678-9UUCA newsletters1984
68 UUCA newsletters1984-1988
691UUCA newsletters1989
1069UUCA newsletters1989 January - 1990 May
10610UUCA newsletters1990 June - 1992 January
692-5UUCA newsletters1993 Sep-1995 Aug
10611UUCA newsletters1996 March - September
1071UUCA newsletters1996 December - 1997 March
1072UUCA newsletters1997 April - August
1073UUCA newsletters2007 May - December
1074UUCA newsletters2008 January - June
841UUCA newsletter, The Cliffhanger1996-1997
842UUCA newsletter, The Cliffhanger1998-1999
843UUCA newsletter, The Cliffhanger2000
Publications of UUCA Press
51 Publications 1961-19641961-1964
50 Publications August 1964 through April 19661964 Aug - 1966 Apr
49 Publications April 1966 through 19681966 Apr - 1968
48 Publications 1698 through February 19701968 - 1970 Feb
47 Publications February 1970 through August 19721970 Feb - 1972 Aug
46 Publications September 1972 through October 19741972 Sep - 1974 Oct
45 Publications October 1974 through August 19761974 Oct - 1976 Aug
44 Publications August 1976 through March 19771976 Aug - 1977 Mar
43 Publications March 1977 through March 19781977 Mar - 1978 Mar
42 Publications March through November 19781978 Mar - Nov
41 Publications November 1978 through July 19791978 Nov - 1979 Jul
40 Publications August 1979 through February 19821979 Aug - 1982 Feb
Sermons and Lectures
521Cahill, Edward A.1957-1958, undated
1063Cahill, Edward A.1958-1961, undated
1064Howlett, Duncan1982-1983
522Jacobson, Donald J.1966-1981
1065Jacobson, Donald J.1977-1987, undated
523Karnan, Robert1978-1981
524McKown, Delos B1978
718Pickett, Eugene1967
525Pruce, Glyn1974-1975
526Rankin, David O.1979-1980
1066Rankin, David O.1979-1982, 1988
527Rankin, David O.1980-1982
528Reinhardt, Charles1975-1978
529Scovel, Carl - Picket lectures1985
1067Sweetser, Terry1985-1987
5210Taylor, Todd1979
531Wilde-Nugent, Sydney1980
1068Guest ministers (Charles Hartshorne, Susan Milnor, Doris Pullen, Todd Taylor, [unnamed])1961, 1978, 1984, 1987, undated
533Service scriptscirca 1977-1978
Audio Sermons
861David Rankin Undated
862David Rankin Undated
863Edward Frost, “Right to Choose” 11/5/89
864Edward Frost, “An Adequate Faith” 1/21/90
865Edward Frost, “What Does a Man Want?” 10/14/90
866Edward Frost, “Selling the Faith” 2/10/91
867Edward Frost, “On Jesus, Part 3” 3/91
868Edward Frost, “Saving and Spending our Souls” 8/25/91
869Edward Frost, “What’s in it for You?” 9/8/91
8610Edward Frost, “Building Your Own Theology” 9/15/91
8611Edward Frost, “Yes” 9/22/91
8612Edward Frost, “The Content of our Character” 9/29/91
8613Edward Frost, “Worship and Bow Down” 10/6/91
8614John MacKay, “Sin and Repentance Among Religious Liberals” 10/13/91
8615Edward Frost, “World of Wonders” 10/20/91
8616Edward Frost, “God Talk” 10/27/91
8617Edward Frost, “Let’s Get Spiritual” 11/3/91
8618Martha Griffith, “And the Home of the Brave” 11/10/91
8619Edward Frost, “Amazing Grace” 11/17/91
8620John Mackey, “Five Kernels of Corn” 11/24/91
8621Edward Frost, “Idea of the Holy” 12/1/91
8622Edward Frost, “Tradition” 12/8/91
8623Edward Frost, “Christmas Stories/Hallelujah Chorus” 12/15/91
8624Edward Frost, “Find out what the Dream Was” 1/5/92
8625Edward Frost, “Living Deliberately” 1/12/92
8626Martha Griffith, “How Can I Help?” 1/26/92
8627Edward Frost, “Reaching In, Reaching Out” 2/2/92
8628Edward Frost, “Enter Wild Men, Beating Drums” 2/10/92
8629Edward Frost, “My Fellow Americans” 2/23/92
8630Marty, “Growing a Soul” 3/1/92
8631Edward Frost, “Epiphanies” 3/8/92
8632Edward Frost, “Bubble Gum” 3/22/92
8633Martha Griffith, “Blues” 4/5/92
8634Edward Frost, “Time Will Take Away my Love” 4/12/92
8635Edward Frost, “The Follower” 4/19/92
8636Edward Frost, “One Good Miracle Deserves Another” 4/26/92
8637Edward Frost, “Miracle Sunday” 4/26/92
8638Edward Frost, “Verdict in Los Angeles” 5/3/92
8639Edward Frost, “Jonah” 5/10/92
8640Edward Frost, “Silences” 5/24/92
8641Martha Griffith “Songs of Zion” 5/31/92
8642Edward Frost, “Father’s Day” 6/21/92
8643Martha Griffith, “Turning Towards the Morning” 6/28/92
8644John Mackey, “Freeing the Captives” 7/5/92
8645John Mackey, “The Importance of Defining your Story” 7/26/92
8646Martha Griffith/Aldridge, “A Gift to the Children” 8/2/92
8647Martha Griffith, “Wisdom from the Edge” 8/16/92
871Edward Frost, “The Eyes Have it” 3/29/92
872Dr. Gloria Wright, Untitled 8/17/92
873Malvina Reynolds, “Music and Story” 8/23/92
874Rev. Suzanne Reynolds, “S’no Joke”, “Cheating” 9/6/92
875Martha Griffith, “The Inherent Worth and Dignity” 9/13/92
876Martha Griffith, “A League of Their Own” 9/20/92
877Martha Griffith, “Rosh Hashana” 9/27/92
878Martha Griffith, “Freedom-Just Another Word?” 9/27/92
879John Mackey, “Many Paths” 10/4/92
8710Edward Frost, “Re-Thinking Columbus” 10/11/92
8711Edward Frost, “Stakeholders” 10/18/92
8712Edward Frost, “A Nation in Despair” 10/25/92
8713John Mackey, “Reflections” 11/1/92
8714Edward Frost, “Don’t Just Do Something” 11/8/92
8715Edward Frost, “The Minister” 11/15/92
8716Martha Griffith, “Praying Without Ceasing” 11/22/92
8717John Mackey, “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” 11/29/92
8718Edward Frost, “The Good Life” 12/6/92
8719Edward Frost, “Rejoice in the Spirit” 12/13/92
8720John Mackey, “Homily” 12/20/92
8721Martha Griffith, “A View From Mkeka” 12/27/92
8722Edward Frost, “Give us this Day” 1/3/93
8723Edward Frost, “When Good People do Bad Things” 1/10/93
8724Edward Frost, “Sacred Places” 1/17/93
8725Edward Frost, “Cradle to the Grave” 1/24/93
8726John Mackey, “We All Need Erasers” 1/31/93
8727Edward Frost, “Only Connect” 2/7/93
8728Edward Frost, “An Appetite, A Feeling, and A Love” 2/14/93
8729John Mackey, “I Do not Wish to Live What is Not Life” 2/21/93
8730Edward Frost, “Who Knows What Evil?” 2/28/93
8731Edward Frost, “Be in the Presence” 3/7/93
8732Edward Frost, “Lies, Truth, and Damned Lies” 3/21/93
8733Edward Frost, “The Size of God” 3/28/93
8734John Mackey, “Learning From Children” 4/4/93
8735Edward Frost, “Halleluia Anyway” 4/11/93
8736Edward Frost, “All in the Family” 4/18/93
8737Martha Griffith. “Earthly Delights” 4/25/93
881Edward Frost, “Community of Memory” 5/2/93
882Edward Frost, “Community of Care” 5/9/93
883Edward Frost, “Community of Commitment” 5/23/93
884Rhett Baird’s Ordination Service 5/23/93
885Edward Frost, “What’s Good Today?” 5/30/93
886John Mackey, “I’m a UU and Darn Proud of it” 6/4/93
887Martha Griffith, “Working for a Living” 6/6/93
888John Mackey, “Being a Critic is Easier than Being a Model” 6/20/93
889Diana Jordan, “Unhappily in Love with God” 7/11/93
8810Thomas Baugh, “Call to Witness: A Reminder to the Church” 7/18/93
8811Rhett Baird, “Somebody knows my Name” 7/25/93
8812Rev. Aldridge, “Reclaiming the Prophetic Imperative” 8/8/93
8813Rhett Baird, “Learning to Dance ” 8/22/93
8814John Mackey, “Wailing Walls” 8/29/93
8815Edward Frost, “Our Field of Dreams” 9/12/93
8816Edward Frost, “Angels we have Heard” 9/18/93
8817Edward Frost, “Here’s Hoping” 9/26/93
8818Edward Frost, “200 Years of Universalism” 10/3/93
8819Edward Frost, “Under Our Umbrella” 10/17/93
8820John Mackey, “Remember the Children” 10/24/93
8821Edward Frost, “Come Fill the Cup” 10/31/93
8822Edward Frost, “Public and Private Religion” 11/8/93
8823Edward Frost, “Simple Thanks” 11/21/93
8824John Mackey, “The Holidays” 11/28/93
8825Edward Frost, “The Terrain of the Soul” 12/5/93
8826Edward Frost, “On Becoming a Neo-Luddite” 12/12/93
8827Edward Frost, “Christmas Present” 12/19/93
8828John Mackey, “New Year, New Resolutions, New You” 1/2/94
8829Edward Frost, “The Inherent Worth and Dignity” 1/9/94
8830Edward Frost, “And a Time to Die” 1/16/94
8831Edward Frost, “A Sermon on Sermons” 1/23/94
8832John Mackey, “Must we all be Yavis” 1/30/94
8833Edward Frost, “To Care is Human” 2/6/94
8834Edward Frost, “Emerson – Part 1” 2/13/94
8835Edward Frost, “Emerson – Part 2” 2/20/94
8836Michelle Bentley, “Deep River” 2/27/94
891Edward Frost, “Forgiving and Forgetting” 3/6/94
892Edward Frost, “Confessions of an INFJ” 3/13/94
893Edward Frost, “Looking at Daffodils ” 3/20/94
894John Mackey, “Moving Toward Freedom” 3/27/94
895Edward Frost, “What do You People Do with Easter?” 4/3/94
896Edward Frost, “Sharing the Ministry” 4/10/94
897Diana Jordan, “Stuck like a Dope on this thing called Hope” 4/17/94
898Edward Frost, “For Martha” 4/24/94
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9018Women’s group Mother’s Day Service 5/14/95
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932Edward Frost, “A Garden to Grow In” 9/21/97
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9323Edward Frost, “What to Tell Auntie” 1/25/98
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947Atlanta Freedom Marching Band 6/7/98
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955Edward Frost, “Great People” 1/17/99
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9524Edward Frost, “Children of Light/Darkness” 5/16/99
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9527Edward Frost, “What’s in it for You?” Undated
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9831Meeting on Death Penalty Moratorium 5/20/01
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999Ray Daily Memorial Service 8/20/01
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10045Last Service in Building Before Renovation 5/19/02
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10060Lay Ministers 9/29/02
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10066Edward Frost, “God on the Brain” 11/10/02
10067Edward Frost, “Deliver us from Evil” 11/17/02
10068Suzanne Meyer, “An American Patchwork Quilt” 11/24/02
10069Suzanne Meyer, “Once Upon a time when Christmas was Illegal” 12/8/02
10070Edward Frost, “Amazing Grace” 12/15/02
10071Edward Frost, “Rejoice in the Spirit” 12/22/02
10072Edward Frost, “Nothing New Under the Sun” 12/29/02
Photographs and Film
54 Photographs1884-1976
55 Slides, 1-199circa 1950s-1960s
56 Slides, 200-399circa 1960s-1970s
57 Slides, 400-503circa 1970s
1078Photo album1979-1988
1079Photo album1986-1996
10710Photo album: The Blessing of the Animals2004 August 21
10711Film: The Phoenix Rising2004
58 Home movie filmundated
59 Scrapbook [oversize]undated

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