Records, 1914-2001.


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CITATION:  Lakewood Heights United Methodist Church (Atlanta, GA.) records, RG 047, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University.  

Historical Note

Lakewood Heights United Methodist Church had its origins in a Sunday school begun in 1906 by Charles Burge. The church was organized following a revival meeting; on June 23, 1906, the church's five original trustees purchased land on the corner of Lakewood and Wooley Avenues. In November of that year, the North Georgia Conference Extension Board granted $300 for the construction of a church building. The date that construction began and the date of the first service in the new building are unknown. Reverend E.K. Akin was the first pastor.

Church membership grew steadily for several decades; particularly after the establishment of a Woman's Missionary Society. The Methodist Men's Club was organized in conference year 1944-1945, and the Wesleyan Service Guild was founded in 1948. A new church building was completed in 1949. The church purchased a parsonage in 1950, and constructed a new parsonage in 1960.

Lakewood Heights United Methodist Church closed in 2003.

(Source of history: "Church History," Series 2, Box 3, Folder 1.)

Scope and Content Note

The records of Lakewood Heights United Methodist Church document the administration, membership, and history of the church from 1914 through the 1990s. There is, however, no information about the closing of the church in 2003. The records are organized into five series:

Series 1: Administrative Files, 1962-2001. Arranged alphabetically.
This series includes meeting minutes, reports to the annual conference, quarterly conference reports, and charge conference reports. There is one folder containing general correspondence. A few files concern the church building itself; included are an inventory of its contents from 1982 and documents related to insurance.

Series 2: History, 1932-1978. Arranged alphabetically and by format.
Documents and items of historical interest comprise this series. These include narrative histories of the church, an undated guest book, charters for the Methodist Men group, a pulpit Bible given to the church by Dr. S.L. Baldwin in 1932, and a plaque in memory of Dan Scott Williams, dated 1991. (The location of this plaque in the church building is unknown.) There is also one folder of information on Georgia Todd, a longtime member of the church who, at age 96, was the subject of a Wesleyan Christian Advocate profile.

Series 3: Membership Records, 1914-1990. Arranged chronologically and by format.
This series consists of membership registers, which contain lists of members, information on baptism and marriages, and records of individuals who were removed from membership. Several of the registers are oversize and stored separately. There is some overlap in dates between the registers.

Series 4: Photographs and Scrapbooks, 1914-1990. Arranged by format.
The majority of photographs in this series are of Lakewood Heights pastors. The rest of the photographs are uncaptioned and unidentified. Also included is a scrapbook which documents the activities of the Wesleyan Service Guild, a women's organization founded in 1948. The scrapbook contains photographs and memorabilia.

Series 5: Financial Records, 1975-1996. Arranged chronologically.
This series contains ledgers listing the church's income and expenses.

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Container Listing

			Series 1: Administrative Files, 1962-2001
1	1		Annual Conference Reports, 1975-1993
1	2		Charge Conferences, 1980-1982
1	3		Charge Conferences, 1984-1985
1	4		Charge Conferences, 1986-1987
1	5		Charge Conferences, 1988-1989, 1992, 1996-2001
1	6		Correspondence, 1982-1989
1	7		Inventory of Church Contents, 1982
1	8-9		Minutes, 1962-1968		
2	1		Minutes, 1962-1968	
2	2		Minutes, 1988-1990
2	3		Parsonage, 1989
2	4-5		Pastor's Book, 1989-1991		
2	6		Property and Insurance, 1968-1993
2	7-8		Quarterly Conference Reports, 1958-1961
2	9-10		Quarterly Conference Reports, 1965-1970

			Series 2: History, 1932-1978
3	1		Church History, 1965-1967
3	2		Guest Book, n.d.
9	1		Methodist Men Charters, 1947
3	3		Plaque, n.d.
4			Pulpit Bible, 1932
3	4		Todd, Georgia, 1971-1978

			Series 3: Membership Records, 1914-1990
5	1		Membership Register, 1914-1926
5	2		Membership Register, 1929-1947
5	3		Membership Register, 1938-1944
6	1-4		Membership Register, ca. 1940s-1950s
6	5		Membership Register, 1945-1953
5	4		Membership Register, 1953-1967
5	5		Membership Register, 1967-1973
6	6		Membership Transfer Letters, 1989-1990

			Series 4: Photographs and Scrapbooks, 1914-1990
7	1		Photographs, 1949, 1971, n.d. [22 items]
7	2		Photographs, Pastors, 1914-1944 [14 items]
7	3		Photographs, Pastors, 1945-1990 [15 items]
8			Scrapbook, Wesleyan Service Guild, 1948-1953

			Series 5: Financial Records, 1975-1996
9	2		Ledger, 1975-1976
9	3		Ledger, 1977-1979
9	4		Ledger, 1979-1985
9	5		Ledger, 1986-1996

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