Computer Hardware and Software to Check Out

The Pitts Theology Library makes available the following technological tools for checkout. Please review the loan policy below before checking out materials. To checkout these items, see the circulation desk. We lend most computer hardware for a 6-day loan period, and most peripherals for a 3-hour loan period.  Please note that these materials are not intended to replace a need for personal computing hardware/software.  Rather, they are intended to provide you with short-term access (up to 6 days at a time) when you need a computer or peripherals for a short-term need (for example, a personal computer problem, a desire to test out a new computer system, the need to write a paper outside of library hours, or the use of specialized software installed on one of the library's computers). See below for a list of the software installed on computers that you can check out.

Loan Policy:


Six-Day Loans

Three-Day Loans

Three-Hour Loans