Faculty Guidelines for Donating Personal Papers to Pitts Theology Library

The Archives and Manuscripts Department of Pitts Theology Library is the repository for the non-current records of the Candler School of Theology and the personal papers of faculty and staff. The Archives preserves and makes these documents available to aid in research on the history of the institution and on the development of programs and academic disciplines. The personal papers of faculty and staff provide a rich source for historical research. The following guidelines will assist faculty and staff in identifying those portions of their files that are appropriate for the Archives.

Items likely to be of historical interest include:

Consult with the Archivist before donating these items:

Materials should be transferred in the order in which you maintained them. A deed of gift identifying the materials and describing the activity to which they relate must accompany the transfer. (The Archivist will provide you with a deed of gift form to complete.)

This list is intended as a general guide. Because personal papers vary widely, you are strongly encouraged to consult with the Archivist to determine how these guidelines apply to your files. For more information, contact the Archivist at (404)727-1222.