Candler Faculty and Staff Guidelines for Transfer of Records to the Archives

The Archives and Manuscripts Department of Pitts Theology Library is the repository for all non-current, inactive records of the Candler School of Theology which have sufficient value to warrant their preservation. The Archives preserves and makes these documents available for research on the history of the school and on the development of programs and academic disciplines. The following guidelines will assist staff in identifying records that are appropriate for transfer to the Archives.

Records commonly transferred to the Archives include:

Records which should not be transferred but scheduled for disposal after consultation with the Archivist and University Records Manager include:

Items which may be discarded directly from the office when they are no longer needed for administrative purposes include:

Materials should be transferred in the order in which the records were created or maintained. A transmittal form briefly identifying the materials and describing the activity to which they relate should accompany the transfer. This form transfers the legal custody of the records to the Pitts Theology Library Archives and Manuscripts Department, establishes the library's legal right to provide access to the records, and provides the office that transferred the records with documentation on the location of the records in case staff need to access the records at a later date.

This list is intended as a general guide. Exceptions are sometimes made after a review of the conditions under which the documents were generated and their potential usefulness. If there are questions about records not listed here or questions about the retention or disposal of specific records, please contact the Archivist at (404)727-1222.