Jesse Lyman Hurlbut Collection, Palestine Through the Stereoscope

Take a trip to biblical sites in Palestine as they were captured a century ago in this collection, which consists of one bound volume by Jesse Lyman Hurlbut and Charles Foster Kent, Palestine through the Stereoscope (New York and London: Underwood & Underwood, 1914), a stereoscope, and 200 stereoscopic slides. Through the combination of the slides and the book, the user is given a guided tour of places of interest in Palestine. The table below contains a reformatted table of contents with links to jpeg images of the stereoscopic slides. Detailed descriptions of each of the scenes are described in the book, which is available separately on For more information on this collection, please consult the finding aid.

Images of Stereoscope Slides

Part I—A Trip to Jerusalem
1 Jaffa, the Joppa of the Bible times Image
2 The Bazaar of Jaffa on a market day Image [back]
2a The house of Simon the Tanner, Jaffa Image [back]
3 A caravan of camels in the narrow road approaching Jaffa Image [back]
3a Relief map of Palestine by the Palestine Ex. Soc.—vertical scale 3 1/2 times greater than horizontal Image [back]
Plain of Sharon
3b "Roses of Sharon", on the Plain of Sharon Image [back]
4 Plowing in the fertile Plain of Sharon, Lydda Image [back]
4a Lydda, the Old Testament "Lod" Image [back]
4b Gezer from N. W.. site of Canaanite and Maccabean forts Image
4c Modein, the home of Judas Maccabeus, view S. E. toward Jerusalem Image [back]
5 Pass of Upper Beth-horon from S., scene of Hebrew victories Image
5a The village of Am was (Emmaus) Image [back]
5b Kirjath-jearim, long the resting-place of the sacred Ark Image [back]
5c Mizpah from the southwest, an old center of Hebrew history Image
5d From Mizpah, N. over hill of Gibeon to Ramallah Image [back]
6 Looking S. E. from Mizpah to Jerusalem four miles away Image
6a Ain Karim, supposed birthplace of John the Baptist, among hills S. from Jaffa road Image
6b Valley of Rephaim, old Hebrew battleground; Jerusalem at N. E Image
7 Jerusalem from Mount Scopus at the N. E., showing nearly the whole city Image [back]
8 Damascus Gate in N. wall; S. past Church of Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem Image
9 The Jaffa Gate — from outside — Jerusalem Image
10 Jerusalem on the W. — view S. from new tower over the walls Image [back]
10a Gihon cattle market and Jerusalem's west wall, N. E. from the Bethlehem road Image [back]
10b Jerusalem, from across the Valley of Hinnom to Olivet, looking N. E Image [back]
10c The Pool of Siloam — outside Jerusalem Image [back]
11 The Valley of the Kedron and village of Siloam Image [back]
11a Jerusalem, "beautiful for situation", from S. E., showing Temple site Image [back]
12 Tombs of the Prophets, in the King's Dale, Valley of Kedron, Jerusalem Image [back]
13 Garden of Gethsemane and Mount of Olives, from the eastern wall — Jerusalem Image [back]
14 Ancient olive trees, Garden of Gethsemane, near Jerusalem Image [back]
15 "Unclean! Unclean!" Wretched lepers outside Jerusalem Image [back]
16 Jerusalem, the City of the Great King, from Mount of Olives Image [back]
17 Gethsemane road to St. Stephen's Gate, thronged with pilgrims; W. from Olivet to Jerusalem Image [back]
17a St. Stephen's Gate, eastern doorway of Jerusalem — from without Image [back]
18 The Dome of the Rock, site of Solomon's Temple, Jerusalem Image [back]
19 The Sacred Rock, where the Temple Altar stood, Mount Moriah, Jerusalem Image [back]
19a Beautiful Mosque el-Aksa, S. from the Temple area, Jerusalem Image
19b The Pulpit of Omar, Mosque el-Aksa, Jerusalem Image
19c "'Old Temple grounds with Olivet and the Bethany road at the E., Jerusalem Image
20 Pilgrims in the Temple area; N. from el-Aksa to Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem Image [back]
20a Solomon's Temple — the famous Schick model Image [back]
20b Herod's Temple — reproduction of the famous Schick model at Jerusalem Image
20c From the Temple area (S.W.) over modem Jewish quarter of Jerusalem Image
20d Solomon's Stables, Jerusalem Image
21 The Jews' wailing-place, outer wall of Solomon's Temple, Jerusalem Image
22 Inside a Jewish synagogue, showing Holy Place and reader's platform Image
22a The beautiful Church of the Armenian Christians, Jerusalem Image [back]
23 Crowded bazaar and thoroughfare of David Street, view E. to Olivet Image [back]
23a A money changer and his patrons just inside the Jaffa gate at Jerusalem Image
23b Ancient pool of Hezekiah — N. E. to Church of Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem Image [back]
24 Christian Street — motley life in the Holy City's bazaar district, Jerusalem Image [back]
25 Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem Image
25a The Stone of Anointment, Church of the Holy Sepulchre Image
26 The Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem Image
27 Easter procession of Greek Patriarch, entering Church of Holy Sepulchre Image
27a Devout pilgrims carrying a great cross through the Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem Image
28 The "New" Calvary, outside the Damascus Gate, from the northern wall Image [back]
28a Rock-hewn tomb in cliff outside Jerusalem — possible tomb of Jesus Image [back]
29 "The Tomb of our Lord", New Calvary, outside of Jerusalem Image
29a A tomb with the stone rolled away (Tomb of the Kings), Jerusalem Image [back]
30 Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives — E. from the Latin Hospice, Jerusalem Image [back]
Part II—Southern Judea, the Dead Sea and the Jordan
31 Jerusalem, the center of Christian history, seen W. from tower on Olivet Image
32 From Olivet E. over the Wilderness, Jordan Valley and Dead Sea to Moab Image
32a From Olivet S. over Judean hills to Frank Mountain Image
33 Bethany, where our Lord was anointed by Mary — S. from eastern slope of Olivet Image
33a Jerusalem from S., showing Ophel, with Tyropoen and Kedron Valleys Image [back]
33b The traditional tomb of Rachel beside the Jerusalem-Bethlehem highway Image
34 David's City, Bethlehem, S. E. to Frank Mountain Image
34a Hills and fields of Judea, N. from Bethlehem, showing road to Jerusalem Image
34b Main street of Bethlehem, leading from the Church of Nativity, looking N. W. Image
35 Bethlehem of Judea, the birthplace of Jesus — W. from the Church of Nativity Image [back]
36 Church of the Nativity, built where Jesus was born, Bethlehem of Judea Image [back]
36a The spot where the manger stood; grotto below Church of Nativity Image
36b Shepherds in the "Field of the Shepherds" — Bethlehem Image [back]
36c Vineyards and watch-tower, showing Church of Nativity and Bethlehem, N. W. Image
37 Barley harvest near Bethlehem Image [back]
37a Arabs and their tents in Wilderness of Tekoa; outlook E. to Bethlehem Image
38 A shepherd in David's home-country leading flock over Judean hills Image [back]
39 Hebron, the home of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, from the E. Image [back]
40 Mosque Machpelah, the traditional burial-place of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob Image [back]
40a The King's Pool, the ancient reservoir in the heart of Hebron Image
40b Ancient tree traditionally known as Abraham's Oak, near Hebron Image
40c A Bedouin boy and his mother at a camp in the wilderness Image [back]
40d Hill site of ancient Mareshah, S. W. beyond modern Beit Jibrin Image
40e The Shephelah and Philistine plain W. from Tell San-dahannah Image
41 Gaza, lowland stronghold of the Philistines, from the S. E. Image [back]
42 Scene of Goliath's defeat. Valley of Elah (N. W.) Image [back]
43 Sheikh el Rachid and his escort, most famous Bedouins of Palestine Image [back]
Wilderness of Judea
43a The lonely Convent of Mar Saba, Wilderness of Judea Image [back]
43b Picturesque Palestine — the Wilderness of the Scapegoat Image [back]
44 Marvelous gorge of Brook Cherith and old Convent Image [back]
44a Jordan Valley and distant Moab, E. from old Jericho-Jerusalem road Image
45 Plain of the Jordan — S. E. from the ruins of ancient Jericho Image [back]
45a Modern Jericho and its gardens, with traditional Mount of Temptation at N. W. Image [back]
46 Ruins of Jericho, showing buildings Oeft) and city wall (right) Image
46a Fountain of Elisha, miraculously freshened by the prophet, near Jericho Image
The Jordan and The Dead Sea
47 Baptizing in the Jordan Image [back]
47a Coptic pilgrims from Egypt, bathing in the holy waters of the Jordan Image
47b Lower bed of the Jordan, N. W. from Moab cliffs to Judean Highlands Image [back]
48 On the north shore of the Dead Sea looking S. W. Image [back]
48a South from Engedi along the Dead Sea shore to Jebel Usdum (Salt Mountain) Image [back]
48b Wilderness S. of the Dead Sea — N. W. from Ain et Beida to Jebel Usdum Image
East of the Jordan page
48c From lonely Machaerus — John's prison — W. across Dead Sea to Judea Image [back]
49 Mt. Nebo from Wady Ayun Musa, showing road to Jordan, Syria Image
49a The brook Jabbok (Zerka, the blue river) at one of the main fords, Syria Image [back]
49b Es Salt, from the south; a Peraean town still full of homes and business Image [back]
50 Jerash (Gerasa) in eastern Gilead; looking N. over Roman ruins, Syria Image
50a From Ramoth Gilead : N. W. over Jordan valley toward distant Carmel, Palestine Image
Part III—From The Jordan Through Samaria
51 Old road from Jericho to Ai (west), among the hills of Benjamin, Palestine Image
51a Scene of Jonathan's victory at Michmash, Wady es Suweinit, Palestine Image [back]
51b Anathoth, Jeremiah's home town — N.E. toward Jordan and Gilead, Palestine Image
51c Gibeah of Saul, N. from field below the little modern village Image [back]
Ramah and Ramallah
52 From Ramah, traditional home of Samuel, N. E. toward Gilead, Palestine Image [back]
53 Little folks studying at the village school in Samuel's home town, Ramah Image [back]
53a Bridegroom and friends going to fetch the bride, Ramallah Image [back]
54 Women grinding at the mill, Palestine Image
55 Bread-making in the court of a Syrian home, Palestine Image [back]
55a An Oriental feast of rice and lamb at Beeroth, Palestine Image [back]
55b Churning butter in a goatskin, Beeroth, Palestine Image [back]
55c Rocky Bethel and its olive groves, from the south, Palestine Image [back]
56 Gathering tares from wheat, in the stony fields of Bethel, Palestine Image [back]
56a Hill country of Ephraim, from near Bethel, N. W. over Ain Jebrud Image
57 Shiloh, scene of old religious assemblies, from the S. E., Palestine Image
58 Gerizim and hills of southern Samaria; S. from Mount Ebal over Sychar Image [back]
59 Mount Gerizim, where Samaritans worshipped, S. W. from entrance to Jacob's Well, Palestine Image [back]
60 A Samaritan woman at Jacob's well, Palestine Image [back]
61 The Passover, as celebrated by the Samaritans on Mount Gerizim Image [back]
62 Shechem, an early center of Hebrew history, looking S. W. from Mount Ebal Image [back]
62a Shechem, where the Hebrew empire was divided. E. past Mount Ebal Image
63 Samaritan High Priest, and old Pentateuch roll at Shechem, Palestine Image [back]
64 Samaria, once proud and beautiful center of northern kingdom, seen from S., Palestine Image
64a Ancient royal city of Samaria, where Philip preached Christ, looking W. Image [back]
64b Stately stairway approach to Herod's temple of 1900 years ago; Samaria, Palestine Image
65 Samaria's magnificent basilica with apse at farther end, seen from S. W. Image [back]
65a Herod's street of columns — the remains of magnificent Samaria, Palestine Image [back]
66 Fertile plain of Dothan, S. W. from hill where the town stood in Elisha's day, Palestine Image
66a "Joseph's Well" — Dothan, Palestine Image [back]
67 Caesarea, where Paul was tried before Felix, Festus and Agrippa Image
Part IV—Galilee, Mount Lebanon and Damascus
Mount Carmel
68 Haifa and the Bay of Akka, E. from Mount Carmel, Palestine Image
69 Rock of Elijah's altar on Mount Carmel; view over Esdraelon Plain Image [back]
69a River Kishon, where Ehjah slew the prophets of Baal; and Mount Carmel beyond Image
70 The Mound of Megiddo, from the S. E., Samaria, Palestine Image [back]
70a Ruined houses and public buildings recently excavated at old Megiddo Image
71 Four thousand years unchanged — patriarchal life in Palestine to-day Image
Mount Gilboa
71a Mount Gilboa and Valley of Jezreel, the scene of Saul's defeat — from the citadel, Bethshan, Palestine Image
71b "By the side of still waters" — on the Plain of Jezreel, Palestine Image [back]
72 N. from Gilboa over Jezreel Plain to the Sea of Galilee, Palestine Image [back]
73 Gideon's battlefield and Hill of Moreh, N. from Jezreel, Palestine Image [back]
73a Gideon's Spring, Mount Gilboa, Palestine Image
74 Broad, sunny Plain of Esdraelon and Mount Carmel, W. from Mount Gilboa Image
74a Endor, home of the storied witch, and its broad outlook N. W. over Esdraelon Plain, Palestine Image
75 From "Little Hermon", N. W. across Esdraelon Plain to Nazareth, among the hills, Palestine Image
76 Village of Nain, and Mount Tabor, looking N. E., Palestine Image
76a Looking S. from Mount Tabor to the Hill of Moreh, Palestine Image
76b Lower Galilee, N. E. from Mount Tabor, past Horns of Hattin to Upper Galilee Image
77 Beautiful Nazareth; outlook S. from hills above town to historic Esdraelon, Palestine Image
77a Nazareth, the home of the Child Jesus — from the N. E Image [back]
78 Ancient "Fountain of the Virgin", where Mary came for water, Nazareth Image [back]
78a Greek Church, on supposed site of the synagogue where Christ taught, Nazareth Image [back]
78b Carpenter shop at Nazareth Image
79 A threshing floor in the hills of Galilee — the women winnowing Image
80 Cana of Galilee and its well — from the S. — Palestine Image [back]
81 In the court of a village home — Cana of Galilee, Palestine Image
Sea of Galilee
82 Looking N. E. from the Mount of Beatitudes to Sea of Galilee Image [back]
83 The storied Sea of Galilee and its wall of hills; N. over Tiberias, on its W., bank Image
84 Tiberias, a town of Jewish fishermen, Sea of Galilee, Palestine Image
85 Life on the shore of Galilee, at Tiberias Image [back]
85a Inside the court of an Oriental inn, Tiberias Image [back]
86 Fishermen on the Sea of Galilee, and distant hills of the Gadarenes Image [back]
87 Plain of Gennesaret and Sea of Galilee, N. from above Magdala to Upper Galilee Image [back]
88 Tabighah spring and Gennesaret plain; view S. W. to Horns of Hattin Image [back]
89 Traditional Capernaum, Christ's home by the Sea of Galilee Image [back]
89a Shattered remnants of old Chorazin; view S. over Image
Sea of Galilee
90 Fishermen mending nets at Jordan's entrance into Sea of Galilee— (view S.) Image
90a Followers of Peter's old trade emptying nets on shore of Galilee— (S. W.) Image [back]
90b Looking S. E. along the eastern shore of Galilee, where the draught of fishes was taken Image [back]
91 W. over Sea of Galilee, from above Kersa (Gergesa) to Horns of Hattin Image [back]
92 Plain of the upper Jordan, N. from near Lake Huleh to Mount Hermon Image
92a The Jordan's main source — one of the world's largest springs—at Dan Image
92b Roman bridge over Hasbany River, on the Jerusalem-to-Damascus highway Image
Caesarea Philippi
93 Down the upper Jordan valley, S. W. from Caesarea Philippi on Mount Hermon Image [back]
93a Work and play beside leafy booths; Caesarea Philippi, foot of Mount Hermon Image
93b Old Gate to Caesarea Philippi, at the foot of Mount Hermon Image [back]
94 In beautiful Lebanon, E. over upper Jordan valley to Mount Hermon Image [back]
94a The snow-clad summit of Mount Hermon (9166 feet); grandest height in Palestine Image
95 Ruins of ancient Tyre, wonderful fulfilment of prophecy (Ezekiel xxvi-xxvii) Image [back]
95a A poor woman of Zarephath gathering firewood, Palestine Image [back]
96 Ancient citadel in the sea, at Sidon, Syria Image [back]
Mount Lebanon
96a Beyrout, the prosperous Christian seaport, N. E. from harbor toward Lebanon Mountains Image
97 The oldest of the sacred cedars of Lebanon — monarch of the 400 Image
97a Cedars of Lebanon — once mighty groves that supplied wood for Solomon's Temple Image [back]
97b Baalbek and plain between the Lebanons; view N. from town, Syria Image
98 The mightiest building stone ever cut, ruins of Baalbek, Syria Image
98a Colossal remnants of the Sun Temple, grandest of antiquity, Baalbek, Syria Image [back]
99 Damascus and its gardens — from the N. W. — Syria Image [back]
99a The covered street called "Straight" from the east, Damascus, Syria Image [back]
99b Buildings and traffic to-day on the street called "Straight", in Damascus Image [back]
99c Abana River, the sweet waters of Damascus, Syria Image
100 An Oriental room on two levels, where honored guests "go up higher", Damascus Image [back]
100a The inner court of a Damascus home, Syria Image [back]


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