Documents of the Tribunal of the Inquisition at Barcelona, 1693-1703 (MSS 009)

This volume of Inquisition records was the property of Juan Antonio Llorente (1756-1823). Llorente was a Spanish historian who studied at the University of Saragossa. He was ordained priest and in 1782 became vicar-general to the bishop of Calahorra. In 1808 Llorente identified with the Bonapartists and engaged in the suppression of the monastic orders and in examining the archives of the Inquisition. He brought this volume, along with other documents, with him to Paris when he was forced to flee from Spain. In 1814 Llorente published his work Historia critica de la inquisicion de Espana. In 1822 he was ordered to quit France. The following year he died in Madrid. The next owner of this volume was the bibliophile Francisco Domecq Victor. Since that time ownership change hands several times.

The original records of the 79 trials signed by the Inquisitors are contained in this volume. In front of the text is an alphabetical register of the accused persons. The text contains their declarations and confessions and the testimonies of witnesses. The alleged crimes include pacts with the devil, sorcery, witchcraft, sodomy, traffic with ghosts, etc. The manuscript is written in Spanish by several hands and bound in vellum

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