Clovis G. Chappell Sermons

Clovis Gillham Chappell was born in January 8, 1882 on a rural farm in Tennessee. He graduated from Webb Prep School and continued his education at Trinity College and Harvard. He held doctorial from Duke, Birmingham Southern College, and Centenary College of Louisiana. Clovis Chappell was ordained as a minister in 1908, which marked the beginning of his 41 yearlong career as a minister.

Clovis Chappell was a minister to fourteen churches. During Clovis Chappell career as a minister, he wrote over 35 books and one book on homiletical theory. His preaching style was had three main characteristics. First, he spoke on humans’ desires and needs, which allowed congregations to connect easily with the message. Second, was the feature of optimism, raising hope and showing people the good in life’s experiences. Lastly, Clovis engaged his audience with questions both rhetorical and literal, which made his audience think and engage in his sermons. Chappell delivered his sermons at a nice pace in the beginning, then gradually increased his speed through the main portion, and reduced the pace at the end. Clovis Chappell ability to speak and relay a message was fundamental to his success in ministry.

Clovis Chappell retired in 1949 at the age of 62. Though he still made speeches and gave lectures during his retirement. Clovis was praised for his preaching ability numerous of times by bishops and other religious authorities.

Chappell died in August of 1972 in his home at the age of 90. His funeral was held at Waverly Methodist Church. He is buried at Richlawn Cemetery in Waverly, TN.

This collection includes sermons of Clovis Chappell, typed, some with handwritten notes on them. The sermons span across numerous issues, topics, and biblical figures covering many ideals. These sermons can date to the early to mid-twentieth century. Meditations are Clovis Chappell’s thoughts on a specific verse, then a small prayer at the end about how to apply that verse to one’s life, also these are typed.

Topical Sermons

Sermons on the Old Testament

Sermons on the New Testament

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