Fall of Adam and Eve

Book Title: Figures des histoires de la Saincte Bible, accompagnees de briefs discours : contenans la plus grande partie des histoires sacrées du Vieil & Nouueau Testament, & des oeuures admirables du Dieu viuant, createur de ciel & de la terre, & de Iesu-Christ son fils vnique nostre sauueur & redemteur. : Pour l'exercice ordinaire des ames deuotes & contemplatives. : Le tout dedié au Roy tres-chrestien

Author: Leclerc, Jean, fl. 1573-1627

Image Title: Fall of Adam and Eve

Scripture Reference:

Description: In the foreground of this image, Adam and Eve partake of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. In the background, God confronts Adam and Eve over their disobedience. They are subsequently banished from the Garden of Eden and prevented from returning by the cherubim wielding a flaming sword.

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