Printer's Device of Thomas Anshelm

Book Title: De accentibus, et orthographia, linguae Hebraicae / à Iohanne Reuchlin Phorcensi LL. Doctore ; libri tres Cardinali Adriano dicati.

Author: Reuchlin, Johann, 1455-1522

Image Title: Printer's Device of Thomas Anshelm

Description: The printer's device for Thomas Anshelm Badensis (note the monogram) includes the Hebrew and Greek forms of "Jesus." Here it occurs on the last leaf of the 1518 edition of the great sixteenth-century Christian Hebraist, Johann Reuchlin’s, work on Hebrew accentuation and orthography (dedicated to Cardinal Adrian Florensz Dedal, the future Pope Adrian VI). The device was designed by Hans Baldung Grün, who adapted it from Albrecht Dürer’s 'Three Genii'.

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