Richard C. Kessler Reformation Collection Research Fellow, 2019-2020


The inaugural Richard C. Kessler Reformation Collection Research Fellow is Professor Ulrich Bubenheimer. Prof. Bubenheimer is Professor Emeritus at the Pädagogische Hochschule (University of Education) at Heidelberg. His research interests are in Reformation history, history of Renaissance art, paleography, and the history of libraries. His current projects focus on the paleography of sixteenth century manuscripts, an edition of Andreas Karlstadt’s works and letters, and the early reformation diplomacy of Luther and his Wittenberg colleagues. Professor Bubenheimer and Pitts have worked closely together for several years, beginning with Prof. Bubenheimer’s discovery of Martin Luther’s handwriting on the title page of a Kessler Collection pamphlet.

While in residence with the Kessler Collection, Bubenheimer performed close analysis on manuscripts and annotations in the collection, augmenting catalog records and preparing forthcoming publications that highlight these unique items. He also lectured at several public events, including the 32nd annual Reformation Day at Emory. His lecture, entitled “The Handwriting of Martin Luther and the Luther Manuscripts,” drew upon his deep experience identifying and examining the handwriting of major Reformation figures.


Prof. Bubenheimer also co-curated the Fall 2019 exhibition "A Book More Precious than Gold: Reading the Printed Book Alongside Its Previous Owners and Readers."