Pitts Theology Library Student Research Award

Award Description

This award, established in 2021, is given annually at the Candler Honors Day Ceremony to a Candler student who demonstrates creativity in research, maturity in theological thought, and excellence in using library resources to mount an argument, all demonstrated through a submitted research project. Applicants will submit a single research paper or project, a work completed for Candler coursework in the current academic year. All documents should emailed to pittsresearchaward@emory.edu before the deadline.

Submission Deadline

March 10; All documents should emailed to pittsresearchaward@emory.edu

Student Eligibility

To be eligible to win this award, all applicants must meet the following criteria:

Eligible Types of and Formats of Submissions

All submissions must be significant research projects, though there is no single format dictated. Written papers should be at least 2,500 words, submitted as a single PDF, formatted using the Chicago Manual of Style (17th edition) Notes and Bibliography system. Digital projects should be submitted as a link to a hosted project. All resources used in a digital project should be cited following the Chicago Manual of Style (17th edition). Each submission should be accompanied by a cover letter of no more than 300 words that provides the background or context for the project and briefly addresses the criteria for selection. All submissions should be stripped of any personal-identifying information, as the submission will be judged blindly.

Criteria for Selection

Award submissions will be assessed on the following criteria:

Selection Committee

All submissions will be blindly reviewed by a committee that consists of the following members:

Submissions will be received via a third party (pittsresearchaward@emory.edu), stripped of identifying information, and transmitted to the committee.

Award Prize

The winner will receive a $500 cash prize, funded by the Friends of Pitts Theology Library. In addition, a Pitts special collections item acquired in the current academic year will be named in honor of the winner.