Teaching Tools

It has become increasingly necessary to keep up with current trends in pedagogy and digital humanities, but this task often seems insurmountable. Instead of using the same tired Blackboard tools to engage your students, consider incorporating the following free and user-friendly elements into your teaching! Contact Sarah Bogue (sbogue@emory.edu) if you have any questions or would like more information about any of the exciting tools!

voyant image zaption

Voyant is an online tool for text analysis tool that not only supplies statistical data on your text, but also provides impressiv visualization of that data.

Zaption is an online video enhancement tool that allows you to embed text slides or interactive quizzes (open ended and multiple choice) into videos you have found or created. 



Coggle is a collaborative online mind mapping tool, which allows for free form rather than solely linear thinking-- helping you convey structure and information as efficiently as possible. 

Padlet is a flexible and collaborative online workspace, an ideal replacement for the Blackboard discussion feature. Padlet allows users to upload audio and video as well as text and many other file types. 


todays meet

Voice Thread 
Voice Thread is an online dicsussion tool that creates conversations around images, allowing participants to respond with audio, video or text.  

TodaysMeet is a chat room style "backchannel" classroom discussion tool, which allows you to assess student understanding and improve participation. 


cartbodb logo

Populr.me is an online micropublishing tool that helps you package and share information, without the assistance of web designer or developer-- great for online syllabi or course pages. 

CartoDB is a simple web-interfaced GIS mapping system that allows you to input your own geo-tagged data and manipulate it visually. 


tiki toki

Canva is an online template-based design tool, useful for creating web graphics, posters and presentation slides. 

An online tool that helps you build interactive timelines, including images, text and video into your two or three dimensional project.