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If you are interested in nonprofit leadership, Candler and the broader community have plenty of resources to offer. Dr. David O. Jenkins teaches a course on Nonprofit Leadership and Management (CC 645), which focuses on practical skills such as grant writing, management, and program planning. You can also look at the many resources available at [...] Read More »

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Featured at Pitts

The Printer's Device: An Exhibit in the Durham Reading Room

The “Printer’s Device” exhibit explores the changing form of the Biblical text in the 15th and 16th centuries, focused particularly on the separation of verses by Robert Estienne (1503-1559; a.k.a. Stephanus). On display are rare items in the Pitts Theology Library’s Special Collections that help to place Estienne’s introduction of verses within the context of the development of the Bible as a critical text in the period of the Protestant Reformation. The separation of verses was a means to larger scholarly and theological ends: the ability to create an “original text,” to translate this text sufficiently, and to interpret the text properly in light of its historical, cultural, and philological context. Looking at Bibles before and during Estienne’s prolific career develops an appreciation for the way in which changes in scholarship and changes in the text mutually enable one another.

To learn more about the exhibit, or to download a Reader's Guide to the exhibit, click here.